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Whether the Smaller Ones Are as Strong
Mushrooms & Nitrous Oxide
by SamIYam
Citation:   SamIYam. "Whether the Smaller Ones Are as Strong: An Experience with Mushrooms & Nitrous Oxide (exp104035)". Sep 19, 2019.

T+ 0:00
3 g inhaled Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 4:30 3 g inhaled Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:00   repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide  


Experimentation of Effects of Smaller Shrooms

T 0:00 Ingested what my new scales measured was 3 grams of locally obtained mushrooms of a cambodian strain of cubensis. It seems like a lot of nasty fungus to choke down. My experiment is to determine whether the smaller ones gathered are as strong as the larger ones. It doesnít seem like a lot. Iím bored and sick with bronchitis and Iím kind of stir crazy. If I canít go out of the house I figure Iíd just as well go out of my mind. I love mushrooms in general, I only wish they lasted as long as LSD. I always combine Nitrous Oxide with other psychedelics because of the outstanding open eye visuals and auditory hallucinations. One thing Iíve noticed about mushrooms is that they greatly enhance my empathic abilities
One thing Iíve noticed about mushrooms is that they greatly enhance my empathic abilities
so I usually try to take them alone because the experience of feeling so many people, especially strangers, can be overwhelming and I turn into something of a hermit when surrounded by people.
Iím sweating profusely from the local humidity, but itís not hot, at least compared to where Iíve lived before.

T+0:30 Started a googledoc while noticing the first onset of effects. Uncontrollable yawning, some chills and tingles. Classic symptoms for me, especially the yawning.
T+0:31 Noticed enhanced visuals in a circular pattern around the ďcrackerĒ while doing NO2. As if the racetrack pattern on the cracker is moving rapidly in a circle.
T+0:46 Marked colors. Rainbow visuals like a prism out of the corner of my eye in 1920ís window glass. Marked auditory hallucinations from NO2 after they normally should vanish when breathing :) This is how I know itís full on.
T+0:51 Bricks in the fireplace start to breathe. So do the walls.
T+1:10 Noted time dilation when doing a shot of nitrous as marked by hearing the fan on my dehumidifier. Hard to type because of rainbow visuals and the fact that it looks like I have about 20 fingers typing. Some tracers and other usual visual effects.
T+1:20 Remember or notice how much mushrooms enhances my empathy. Spend time thinking about it and realizing which of my friends have empathic abilities, whether theyíre aware of it or not. I make a note of it to follow up
T+1:25 Time dilation in one hit of NO2. Marked oev. Very marked. Rainbow effect from the lcd on my screen. Makes it hard to concentrate. Very vivid color oev interaction with nitrous.
T+2:00 I have to contain myself from telling anyone that Iím fucked up on shrooms, especially my hot but straight-laced neighbor. Theyíre still illegal!
T+2:30 seems to come down quite a bit from peaking. Still some oev and some geometric cev.
T+3:30 Realized Iíve had some loss of time perception. forgot to update this log. Hope to do better next time.
Overall: somewhat visual, but short lasting. Should have taken more.

T+4:30 disappointed by the short duration, so I took another 3 grams, larger ones with caps and stems.
T+5:00 start to feel some tingling again
T+5:20 small amounts of enhanced light perception
T+5:30 more tingly sensation, getting a little clumsy again, antsy but not anxious
lack of interaction with the nitrous is a bit disappointing.
T+5:35 some image shifting. a warm and kind of itchy feeling
T+5:45 and yeah it all happens at once. Again, vivid time dilation sound distortion and oev colors and paisley type interactions with a town house cracker box. I get all giddy with the psychedelic interaction. Then, my dog is barking at the neighborhood racoon again and I snap out of it.
t+5:50 shit all the barking made me lose it. not sure why
T+6:10 light distortion. Rainbow prism effect. It appears that my lamp is intermittently dimming
T+6:20 And itís gone.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104035
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 39 
Published: Sep 19, 2019Views: 542
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Mushrooms (39) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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