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Transmental in Transkei
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by scab13
Citation:   scab13. "Transmental in Transkei: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp104102)". Jun 24, 2020.

4 oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (fresh)


We were staying at a backpackers in Coffee Bay, The Eastern Cape, South Africa.

We bought some fresh shrooms [Psilocybe Cubensis Transkei] from a guy on a hill, even though I really wanted to pick my own.

So it was decided that C and R would take their shrooms the next day and I would take mine the day after that...their day went off without a hitch, we walked round the area on the hill and beach and they loved it! They even sat in the restaurant area and could handle talking to people! This gave me renewed confidence and I started looking forward to my trip the next day.

The next day C and I went on a 9km hike to hole in the wall. C tried convincing me to take my dose, as she enjoyed the mu + walk experience immensely. R warned that he also did, but that there was a small period where he started feeling crammed in when we walked through some bush... I decided I would wait till after the walk (thank god I did! The walk was pretty heavy at times).

Anyway, so on the way to Hole in the Wall I fulfilled one of my greatest wishes and found some actual boomers in the frakin' wild! Natural growing Psilocybin mushrooms are not all that common in South Africa, except in the Eastern Cape.

~~ the journey begins ~~~

That night I took my dose, but I ate the 4 medium sized samples of my freshly procured guys, instead of the stuff bought 2 days ago.

This was a very difficult experience for me. As have been my experience the last few times I ingested mushroom, I got that overwhelmingly tired and uncomfortable feeling and all I wanted to do was lie down and get comfy (but I just couldn't GET comfortable!)...C and R tried to get me to walk outside, but I just didn't feel like it. I kept on wanting to go to the room...idiot...eventually I did go join them in the kitchen...visuals were going strong now, but also it comes and goes in I'll be feeling coherent for a while and then it'd hit me again...

When they went to the restaurant area (a mere 10m away LOL) to eat I didn't feel strong enough to join them..but I did eventually.. I didn't want to eat..I just sat there, my mind slowly dissolving..the most intense part was when this kid playing pool started talking, but he frakin' sounded like a turkey 'kulu kullu kul kul'! I assumed he was Portuguese or something when I saw what the rest of his family looked like and I got convinced that their people learned their language from the turkeys a long long time ago. I almost puked so much it grossed me out and I just had to get outta there…but...

...the floor was slightly skew...

…we sat in the bar area for a while and in a few seconds of clarity I could actually say something to one of the girls who was on the hike with us...when she asked 'Isn't it scary' I replied 'No, it hasn't been scary yet..' and then her frakin' face changed and twisted and I could see her Swedish genes cuz man she looks like a fish, like the jaw and the big forehead, she's a fish man! This IS a bit scary! And I couldn't talk to her anymore. And just so you know, this girl really does look like some fish woman, I've seen her earlier that day while stone sober!

I could maintain for a while but that urge and need to get somewhere comfy kept nagging me. But not before C lead me through the camping area - she felt it her duty to get me to enjoy the experience you see, that was the deal: yesterday I sat them, today they sit me - but the result was more like me feeling like I'm little dog being dragged everywhere..

So back in the dorm I curl up on the bed...and go insane...insane... I got insights, I got these universal truths...but it's like the part of my brain that completes constructs and ideas is missing…I can't think, I can't follow through..what am I doing?! Am I just laying here trying to wish away the trip? Am I waiting it out?! No! I should just let it go, go with it! Go with what?! Insanity?!!! Arr…I'm gonna throw or give away the shrooms we got left, why do I wanna risk taking it home, I got shrooms at home for frak's sake! And I might just throw that away too! This is crazy.....

I saw some part of german protest movie...there's an intense riot scene that just goes on and on. I didn't go into a 'bad trip', I was calm enough to accept, unpleasant as it is, that that's just the way of the world. Conflict conflict. Even just trying to stop the oppressors just means more conflict. I should've put Astrix and Cleopatra on the other laptop or asked R for his ipod..doh!

Anyway..some few crazy hours later I can feel the clouds lifting..and finally I'm coming down..into the BEST part of the trip for me that night! It felt not unlike the first time I sampled the mu years ago. A clear head, I can finally make sentences!! Oh the joy! No visuals anymore, but the world is still slightly sparkly and my phone still looks like a cyber device, awesome. I finally have the guts to leave the dorm, on my own, and go down to the fire pit so I can look at the glorious stars, oh man! It felt like being stoned, without the confused mental state...just the happy and glowing vibe.

Unfortunately by this time my companions were fast asleep

It took me a very long time to fall asleep, which was nothing new for me this holiday..all the traveling around and unfamiliar beds..

I decide that, I wont give up on the mu just yet, I HAVE had some VERY good times in the past and that last hour or so WAS pleasant...

So am I gonna get back to ENJOYING mushrooms though?? The low doses make me uncomfortable, the high doses make me insane. Perhaps I should try a low low dose.

Though, the question remains, had I taken my dose WITH my companions the day before, would I have joined them in their happiness? C said that she also gets the tired feeling, but when she walked it went away and she got energy. I couldnt get over that first hump.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 104102
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Jun 24, 2020Views: 401
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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