Very Spiritual Mild and Visually Stunning
by Moop
Citation:   Moop. "Very Spiritual Mild and Visually Stunning: An Experience with Peyote (exp104563)". Feb 20, 2018.

23 buttons oral Peyote  
    oral Peyote (tea)
This is a story of how peyote has helped, therapeutically, in a way that no other psychedelic has based around my first experience.
I have a very large range of experience when it comes to psychedelics; LSD, Mushrooms, ayahuasca. Just about anything else besides some newer RC's (though I have done a lot of them). I do not take any medications and hadn't done a psychedelic for two weeks prior to this.

It all started by getting involved in a peyote church. The owner of the church has about 40 acres of land with a chapel, mountain (200ft bluffs or so), long, deep creek, trails and plots of cleared land for the fires and ceremonies.

So, first peyote ceremony. I didn't exactly know what to expect before I had arrived. I was with a group of friends, one of them being the person who showed me the church. My mindset was perfect. I was very excited, the setting was even better. There were drum circles, didgeridoo's, dances around the fire. It was a legitimate ceremony. The one thing about this specific church is that the leader is very focused around us letting the universe teach us and do what we need to do on his property to have a good time and learn/grow. The leader told us, 'you can eat 15 buttons or 25, it will be the same' which I have come to know is true. However, I needed to 'make sure', so I ate 23 buttons and then drank two glasses of tea that contained 7-10 buttons in each.

The onset took a very, very long time ingested at 8PM, effects started around 9:30-10PM) with lots, and lots of stomach pain. I was lucky and didn't purge like some of the others there (there were about 15 people participating).

Suddenly, I felt as if my head were in a bubble. My friend who had introduced me asks, 'How do you feel man?'. When I told him that I felt weird, it came out as if I had just done a whippet. Very low tone of voice, it was strange and the bubble head thing (which turns into much more) definitely has something to do with it. Everyone sounded like this and were doing funny things with their voices to make it funny.

The visual aspect is hard to explain. Unlike any psychedelic I have tried, although they all are completely different. It looked as if everything was made of these 'organic', fractal puzzle pieces which would interlock every geometry of everything that I looked at. I kept seeing three dimensional 'beings' inside of the trees. They were smiling angels, bright and with halos. I also remember that things would smoothly explode into naked angel babies playing trumpets.

Then the therapy kicked in. Before the ceremony had begun, we were told to all meditate on some things that we wanted out of the experience and have them clear in our heads. Suddenly this happened. I had 5 personal issues that I had narrowed down days before it had even begun. What they were were basically just different demons that I had, attachments, just things that I felt I needed to meditate on in order to progress my life to its fullest extent. One after another, my problems would literally materialize in front of me, the process was: Show the 'problem', show why it is a problem for me, show how it works, show that it is okay (this was a very reassuring thing. Not just a trippy thought, these stuck.), then it'd zip up and get tucked away. On to the next one.

I remember the five thoughts. And ever since, none of those have been an issue for me. The whole process took about 3 hours. These were the three hours where everyone was silent through choice. Not one person spoke for quite some time and it allowed all of us to go through this process or something similar I am sure.

The mind was very loud. When we walked away from the fire, I looked up at the yellow milky-way in the sky. Then all the sudden I heard my friend's voice from a memory of him telling me about a peyote experience, where he said that he saw the infinite fabrications of the universe. I literally heard this thought in my head because my thoughts where loud, I could hear them, make music. Perfectly audible, just from inside my head, not outside. The auditory memory caused my vision field to be about the size of a handheld gameboy. All around it was black, as if I was seeing behind my eyes and my vision was a tiny little screen. There were pretty complex patterns all inside of this void around my vision.

The patterns were forming these hieroglyphic, pink wrenches. These wrenches were collaborating with the patterns and 'putting together' the sky that I was looking at. The ends of these wrenches were the fractals that I had been seeing the entire time. Kind of reminded me of combs. If I moved my eyes, or my head, the wrenches would quickly take apart the fractals that made up my vision and rearrange them to what I was then looking it. That was very different and I was able to tell my friends what was happening while it was happening. I felt completely comfortable that entire time.

Every peyote ceremony has been equally as therapeutic. For me, and the others that participate. Since I have regularly been using peyote, I have become a more whole person. I have sorted out life priorities that I thought were impossible before. It has really helped show me the power of my own mind. In turn that has helped me tremendously with my former depression/anxiety issues.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104563
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 20, 2018Views: 3,093
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