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Mushrooms - P. subaeruginosa
Citation:   Erebus to Chaos. "Contact: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. subaeruginosa (exp104579)". Sep 12, 2019.

1.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. subaeruginosa (ground / crushed)
  1 cup oral Coffee  
It began with a mellow chilled feeling all over and a feeling or weightlessness. The trip began about 30 minutes after eating the shrooms (1.5g subs ground into a cup of coffee). I was on a hillside with my girlfriend laying down on a blanket on the grass, and looking up at the sky when the sky became a lot brighter in colour and I was able to see the distinct levels of colours of the sunset. Being my first trip, I was open to any experiences that were to come my way
Being my first trip, I was open to any experiences that were to come my way
and was quite relaxed being away for the weekend.

After this I started to notice a massive iridescent light blue and silvery spiral right above me in the sky with a tentacle star kinda waving around in a breathing vibration with the rhythm of the earth. There was also a hum that would get louder then softer but in a constant rhythm which was the vibrational breathing of the earth. There was the distinct feeling that we are part of a collective consciousness. There were iridescent ribbons of the same colors as the spirals flowing back and forth in the sky above and below the spiral. There were bright silver-white flashes of light at times (mostly in my peripheral vision) but were also their own distinct patterns. These were fairly constant throughout the duration of the trip.

At one stage while staring up, I suddenly saw two huge faces alien-like in appearance that were the same iridescent silvery blue of the spiral. One face was serious and had messages to pass on while the other laughed quite vigorously at me from above, but at no time was it uncomfortable or scary. One of the messages was that animals see in this vision/scape all of the time. I also got the feeling that it is very important in life to have humour and not take things too seriously. Going back to being part of the collective consciousness, I felt my whole body breathe with the earth at one stage and felt myself almost leave my body and take off into the blue, with the inhalation of the planet. This felt exhilarating, almost like skydiving but weightless and even better again. I also got personal messages that helped me to release certain ideas or thoughts that no longer serve me. Some messages were to help me artistically in the future as Iím a musician; others were to do with my life path and personal being.

As the night fell I was able to see the distinct colours of the stars but still feel the breathing of the earth. I could see the milky way and I knew everything at that time was in harmony.

This was my first trip but it has already had profound impact on my life inspiring me and helping me to be more at peace.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104579
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37
Published: Sep 12, 2019Views: 1,030
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