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Inside the Jade Throne
Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (sclerotia)
by Bobo
Citation:   Bobo. "Inside the Jade Throne: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (sclerotia) (exp104658)". Jan 23, 2021.

  oral Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (sclerotia)

The following is a Timeline from a trip on the Psyilocybe Tampanensis truffles. This trip was approximately a 3 gram first time experience. Ingestion at approx. 22.50 To 22.55 after last meal at 5.00PM – A nutty taste but quite sweet. Chewed well and water did little to suppress the sweetness.

23.15 – Lie down for a while but noticeable effects so far. A slight creeping stomach discomfort which I credit to the nausea. Honestly not that bad at all and no urges to vomit.

23.15 To 23.30 – Trying to ignore the slight discomforting effect by scanning YouTube on the tablet. I had woken early and felt tired and hungry having not eaten for four hours.

11.30 To 00.00 – Decided to occupy myself with a classic episode of The Simpsons while waiting. This is when the effects began to take their hold in a notable fashion. Around half way through the episode I began to see brief flashing pink and blue colours on the outlines of characters and I was giggling at every line of dialogue each character spoke. They all seemed to be telling me a subtle joke.

00.00 To 00.15 – The effects are really kicking in now and times become sketchy from this point onwards. Nausea has passed and tiredness is gone, as is the hunger. I open Spotify on the tablet and start with Meteorology by Frivolous to compliment with my come-up. I get off my bed and immediately notice motor function has gone out the window. I am wobbling like I’ve spent the last hour downing shots and can just about stagger to the trash can by my desk at the other side of the room. I feel the tingles and vibrations, perhaps amplified by the fact I was sitting cross legged for the last 40 minutes. When I reach the trash I bend down and throw in a piece of tissue, I close my eyes and as I do so I witness the most incredible vortex of coloured triangles, all linking perfectly and stretching endlessly. I found myself hunched over and slack jawed for a few seconds. It appeared just like the stereotypical psychedelic or trippy collages you would find on Google Images.

I return to the bed and enable the torch feature on the tablet, using it as a light source as I take the pen and journal placed on the window ledge close by. I notice that my handwriting has devolved into a toddler’s scrawl or an elderly man’s tremor, but I was not shaking at all. My mind was racing with thoughts, ideas and feelings. I kept thinking that I was writing it all down but soon realised my hand was operating about two lines behind my brain. My hand itself was proving to be quite a distraction as well when it began to give the illusion of melting like candle wax; it always appeared to have a certain glossy texture in my peripheral vision.

The peak was approaching and I was eager to submit myself to the experience. I was being hit with waves of euphoria and in the darkness of my room I could make out small speckles of reds, greens and blues, all sporadically appearing then disappearing again after a fleeting glimpse. I began to feel immense joy, as if I had waited my entire life for this initiation, as if a powerful force was opening itself up and welcoming me in to my reserved placement. I was handling the trip well so far. I felt no sickness or anxiety. I was ready.

I set aside the pen and journal, pulled across my curtains and blew out the candle by my bed before switching to Hydroponic Garden by Carbon Based Lifeforms as my album of choice. I had prepared a three hour playlist but now as I approached the peak I was not feeling it at all. I needed something that flowed perfectly and CBL met the criteria.

I settled in for my journey by lying flat on my back with my headphones on and eyes closed, consumed in total darkness. The visions hit almost instantly and I could see bright white lights in the corners of my mind and a fully realised 3D cone being sucked into the darkness.

It took some time before I could find my balance in this trip. My sense of time was completely shattered, with the first 8 minute song on Hydroponic Garden feeling more like an hour. But before long I had found my feet and let the album carry me to parts unknown. This album which I had listened to countless times before took on a new form, it was reborn in the form of an aquatic dream and through the course of the trip it was only select sequences within each song that reminded me of what I was actually listening to.

After the outro to the first song I was in full swing. I found myself in total darkness on a Native American raft illuminated only by a dim blue lantern at the front. I was in the presence of something ancient that slowly revealed itself to me in its fullest form; towering and unwavering, and clad in black, so much so that I could not tell where it began and the darkness surrounding the boat ended. It had a face white as chalk with sunken features and no expression. Not once did the sunken eyes look at me, nor did the deep wrinkled brow form a frown or relax into a smile. Who was this primordial entity? And why, despite its imposing appearance did I feel so completely relaxed in its presence? Whatever the reason, my raft continued onwards into the black abyss and the figure lurched forward overhead and began pulling back layers of thin grey veils out of seemingly nothing. I can only assume now that he provided me with free passage to continue on with my journey.

The album carried my adventure and dictated the pace. Intensity peaked when a song crescendo’s and transitions gave momentary respite in the dark void. I soon found myself following a new figure, hunched over and faceless but also draped in a black shawl. From his back came four arachnid-like limbs, one of which carried a torch that cast the familiar blue light that I had found on my raft. The figure led me through a mossy stone tunnel until we stopped before steps that descended into dark water. He beckoned towards the faint red light emitting from the water and said nothing.

I cannot remember descending but I do recall emerging into a vast cavern filled with dark water and seeing an intricate network of pipes filtering water into the dank grotto. I continued to follow the source of the red lights which now appeared clearer underwater by swimming down into the deep. It was there that I gazed upon a small village and architecture that I could not make out clearly, for it was surrounded by a pink and orange membrane, looking almost like a jellyfish. It appeared to vibrate, inhaling and exhaling as a living creature would, but I ventured no further before I was darted away.

During the course of this trip I had seen tentacles and eyes occasionally; randomly interspersed through the journey. I acknowledged them only briefly but did not allow them to deter me from the expedition at hand. It was in my final location that I appeared to find the source of them, a slithering entity that did not scare me or threaten me, but did emit a particularly malevolent vibe.

I found myself entering a long hall of Jade crystal and marble, varying shades of green complimented with a blood red carpet that stretched down the long hall and up a flight of stairs that leads me to an open atrium. I see a throne at the far side but its shape is unorthodox. It has numerous ridges and an intricate seal in its centre. Then I see it from my peripheral, a figure emerges from my right hand side and ignores me, heading towards the throne. I know right away the throne belongs to this entity and I keep my distance, merely observing its actions.

Clad in white robes that are embroidered with traces of what appeared to be golden silk, the figure moved with a certain grace, which was when I realised it had no legs, merely three pale tentacles, a mixture of white and purple. They glistened in the light of the hall and left a glossy trail upon the floor leading up to the throne where the entity whose face I could not see tampered with the seal, opening a small passage inside the throne.

The opening descended into the throne itself, to where I do not know as I could see only darkness from the distance I stood watching. The creature proceeded to slither inside, fitting with ease through the opening like an octopus squeezing through a jar. It was then that I conjured a vivid image of the inside, it was a dark chamber filled knee high with water and it was here that the creature came to lock itself away and meditate for days on end undisturbed. With this closure I found my mind drifted away from this area.

I had seen so much during this trip, and had only stopped and soaked in a fraction. Who were these strange beings? Did they all share a common bond in me or had I intruded upon their distinct realms and planes of existence? Whatever the case, I was grateful I had seen their secrets and came out unscathed.

I began to sit up from the bed, my feather body jolting with life once again and my eyes slowly adjusting to the dark room around me. I flicked on the tablet and checked the time, 02.10 A.M. I did not question the time, for it all seemed to sudden yet so prolonged at the same time. I had whizzed past hundreds of thoughts and visions in what felt like minutes, but dwelled on specific ones for what seemed to be years.

The past two hours had been an intense trial that I emerged from better off. I felt an immense pride in myself, as if an initiation had been successful and I had earned my stripes. The album had long ended and looped again to the first song before I turned it off and spent the next 90 minutes lost in thought. The peak had ended but I was still clearly tripping and coming down in slow waves. For the most part I remained transfixed on my ceiling lights, which appeared to slowly swirl and blink like a wild eye that was evaluating me now that I had emerged on the other side.

It’s safe to say that I went to sleep with a huge grin on my face that night. I had built up a great deal of confidence and done my research for this event, and when it came time to take the plunge, the voyage proved fruitful beyond my wildest dreams and I was rewarded handsomely with that which I had searched for, a renewed spark of inspiration.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104658
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jan 23, 2021Views: 926
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Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (133) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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