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I Am Meeting the Kosmos Rewritten
Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Ginger & Cannabis
Citation:   camisraving. "I Am Meeting the Kosmos Rewritten: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Ginger & Cannabis (exp104936)". Erowid.org. Nov 22, 2022. erowid.org/exp/104936

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (tea)
  T+ 0:00 1 tsp oral Ginger (tea)
  T+ 0:10 Repeated hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
Well, my friend that I'll call J and I were supposed to take some shrooms together for quite a long time cause our friend offered us his rest of powdered caps of cubes in a bag (approx. 2gs) and we bought it right away, because I knew we didn't need a lot. It was in my intention to prepare some shroom tea. We had to wait more than a month to consume the mushrooms, we couldn't seem to find just the right moment to have that trip. For me, the set and the setting are very important, when taking a drug I want everything to be just perfect, I research a lot about the substance I am about to ingest and its effects on my mind and body. I also like to read a lot of trip reports to see how other people react to it.

The last time I have shroomed it was the first time I tried the tea and with only 1,2g , boiling water, ginger and honey I was tripping hard. So, that Friday night, at around 8:15pm, I started preparing the same recipe. I put two cups of water to boil, and put the powdered shroom in two different cups. I poured the boiling water over the shrooms and added a teaspoon of ginger by cups. Then, we waited 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, for the psilocybin to be dissolved in the tea. I filtered the tea to remove the shrooms and added honey to mask the mushroom taste. Perfect!

We were at my mother's home while she was away for the night and we were with J's boyfriend T and one of J's friend that I did not knew very well P. It was the first time I was hanging out at my mother's house, rather than at my father's (where epic parties already happened) and she mustn't notice that we ever came here. I am a rather anxious person and while I have experienced many drugs : Cannabis, Salvia, MDMA, ecstasy pills, speed, cocaine, MDA, oxycodone, codeine, nitrous oxide, 25i-NBOme, Ketamime, psilocybin shrooms, 2C-B, DXM.. well a lot I guess ... Psychedelics seem to stress me a bit, I think I have the profound fear of a badtrip, even though I can usually avoid to think about that when I trip (that's why my experiences often turn out to be positive). So, beforehand,I was rather anxious and J was really enthusiast!

T+0:00 : J and I both start to drink our cup of ginger/honey/shroom tea slowly. It tastes like ginger and honey only no shroom taste at all! (And ginger is good for nausea)

T+0:10 : We are still drinking our cup , which are half empty, but, surprisingly I am already starting to feel a little something creepin in. Like, my head feels a little lighter. We each smoke quite some hits of our bongs (including T and P) waiting for it to kick in.

T+0:20 : We both finished our tea, I feel like my vision is becoming a little bit blurry. I feel that my headspace is getting bigger and I am really absorbed by, say it, anything hahah. I feel really lunatic at this moment. We decide to put on some music cause we are some ravers and shufflers so we always listen to electronic music ahahah anyways we start with some melbourne bounce which I'm not really sure I like, but the song has a happy melody so it's okay. I can notice that my hands are sweaty and tingling a bit, while J reports she is getting cold and starting to shiver.

T+0:30 : I start shuffling a bit, and my feet feel really weird, they are lighter and a bit numb and while I dance , I'm starting to really feel that trippy feeling I don't know how to explain. At that point, there is intense yawning, and increase in yawning means that my high will kick in soon (I can notice yawning at the beginning of almost all my trips). I can no longer listen to melbourne bounce, please let me put on some psytrance!

T+0:40-1:00 : I feel it quite strongly now, I don't have many open eyed visuals for now, but when I sit down and close my eyes, I see the most psychedelic patterns I've ever seen (for now), intricate designs and it's so beautiful and overwhelming (in a positive way because I'm so euphoric) with the psytrance beat, if I keep my eyes close I can completely dissolve into those patterns, and when I open my eyes and see myself and my body, it doesn't feel like me, like my arms and my legs are not at the right place. It's really weird, but I just think it's funny so I stand up and try to dance. It's so liberating!! I keep saying that I'd like to be in a psytrance rave. I just don't want to concentrate on the movements of my feet; I stop the shuffle, I just jump around and turn around and let my mind play. Because that's what it feels like, like my headspace has become so big my mind is in a playground! One minute I sit with my eyes closed, enjoying the mental psychedelic ride, and one minute I dance like a hippie on shrooms in a psytrance rave.

T+1:20 I just dance on psytrance! It's crazy! So amazing! I feel free whooooaa! I have a constant grin on my face. And then I sit again, I'm out of breath, I look at the wooden floor and the wood makes a star-like pattern, with multiple branches, but turning and vibrating beautifully in all senses! I notice that J is laying on the couch, she looks well, so comfortable, like she is laying on a cloud (and she later told me she had a lot of visuals actually) !

Oh my god I think so much things simultaneously, or I can think so rapidly, I don't know but there are so much things in my head, I feel really well that energy of the shrooms circulating in me! And the psytrance music, like the name says, just puts me in a trance and helps guiding that energy circulating through me, it kind of guides the track of my thoughts! I perceive the 'vibe' or 'energy' of psychedelics to be quite wild and intense, and can sometimes be overwhelming. For me, listening to music that is basically designed for psychedelic trances, helps maintain a positive atmosphere in my experience.

It is so amazing to just turn around, I feel like if I keep on doing that I just follow the physics and cosmos laws so I feel like I fit in the universe, like I am part of it and what I am in the universe feels like both nothing and everything at the same time, I really feel like in a natural state, a cosmic state!
It is so amazing to just turn around, I feel like if I keep on doing that I just follow the physics and cosmos laws so I feel like I fit in the universe, like I am part of it and what I am in the universe feels like both nothing and everything at the same time, I really feel like in a natural state, a cosmic state!
When I spin around, I can see hundreds of little red, green and white lights enveloping me. And my thinking flows so easily I realize a lot of things, and many of them are personal, but very enlightening for me! I think about a lot of philosophical things, about the meaning of life and of the universe and about society.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I see intense pupil dilation, I can almost see no green in my eyes. And, at that sight, I think: 'That's the gaze of someone whose eyes are opened to the universe and have a deeper understanding of things'.

I come down around 3:30 hours after the first effects I felt, around midnight and I can sleep like a baby. I danced so much that my body was pretty tired! I really feel like that trip has changed me for good, I don't know how it can happen, but I feel more confident with myself and the fact that I am unique and a weirdo hahah. I really have a bigger sense of inner peace when I think about my place in the universe, and I was anxious with that before!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104936
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Nov 22, 2022Views: 905
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