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First Encounter with Mbi Dibi
Citation:   Murple. "First Encounter with Mbi Dibi: An Experience with MBDB (exp10514)". Nov 13, 2001.

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T+ 0:00
180 mg oral MBDB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00     Kava  
The opportunity finally presented itself for me to pay a visit to the shrine of the little known African deity Mbi Dibi. I've had plenty of experience with the MDMA family of entheogens, but I'd never knowingly taken MBDB. This is one that's always intrigued me, as it supposedly has neither hallucinogenic nor dopaminergic qualities.

180mg of MBDB down the hatch!

A little bit of a tingle? Maybe so...

Definitely feeling warm now, similar to but not identical to the MDMA come-up. My stomach is mildly unhappy, but I suspect this is due to the steak I ate for dinner... no different than I'd expect from taking MDMA after a heavy meal. This stuff seems to be kicking in faster than I'd expect from MDMA, but it's not dramatically different otherwise.

Feeling quite warm, and my pulse has increased quite a bit. This still feels quite similar to MDMA, but it's definitely got a different character. What exactly that is, I can't say yet. The warmth feels more on my skin than internal, but its still generally the same sort of warmth as from MDMA. Maybe a little bit warmer than the MDMA warmth.

There's been a very mild nausea for the past couple minutes, but no worse than I've gotten from MDMA on occasion. Vomiting definitely isn't a concern. The warm rush seems to be leveling out. There's some mild nystagmus. Feels good to close my eyes and lay back.

The rush has definitely leveled out, maybe even toned down a little. The nystagmus is very strong, like from a large MDMA dose. I like the fluttervision of MDMA, so this is a good thing. Some pretty bad jaw clench, worse than I get from MDMA (though in fairness, I don't get the bad jaw clench that many people report from MDMA).

The urge to lie back and close my eyes is very strong. This is not party stuff, that's for sure... unless your idea of a party is to curl up in a corner somewhere with your eyes closed. I don't think I could sleep on this stuff, but it does have a very powerful sedating quality, almost narcotic. I've had this same sort of effect before from pills which were alleged to be MDEA, but not quite to this extent!

The warmth is quite strong. At times I do motivate myself to get up and go open the door. It's a little above freezing outside, and the blast of cold air feels refreshing. This stuff causes much more of a warm feeling than MDMA, which is good now... but I have the feeling that taking MBDB on a hot summer day might be uncomfortable. As I mentioned before, the warmth feels to be more on my skin surface than the internal warmth from MDMA. It also doesn't seem to cause the sometimes profuse sweating MDMA does.

The effects are definitely decreasing slowly. This is a very drowsy MDMA-type experience. Its very comfortable, almost irresistably so, to curl up, close my eyes, and just think. Pupils are very dilated. I'm still getting a good deal of nystagmus. The warmth is fading though. I've got some kava I made earlier in the fridge that I think I'll drink soon.

Time for that kava I think...
This is an odd drug. It's very much like MDMA, but without the energetic stimulant effect. It's introspective & contemplative feeling (and I do feel I had some significant insights on the trip), though again not in the same manner as MDMA. It's much calmer feeling. I think it would be even harder to have a bad trip on MBDB than on MDMA.

Quite far down from the MBDB.
Still have some pretty bad jaw clenching & grinding. The kava is taking care of that nicely though. There's still some mild nystagmus, and colors all look much more vivid than normal. For a drug designed to eliminate the 'hallucinogenic' qualities of MDMA, it seems to produce more visual phenomena than MDMA.

Paradoxically, I'm feeling much more energetic now that I've drank kava. I don't feel the urge to curl up and close my eyes anymore. It says much about the sedating qualities of MBDB that drinking kava actually gives you more energy! Feels quite comfortable though. I like where I am very much.

Effects dramatically lower. Still increased color awareness, still a nice MBDB+kava body buzz... still some jaw trouble. A little drowsy, but I doubt I could sleep.

Pretty much down... as much as possible without sleep I think.

The next day, I experienced some very significant hangover effects. This took me by surprise, as MDMA type drugs almost never give me any negative aftereffects (and when they do, they're clearly attributable to insufficient sleep afterwards). Usually, MDMA type drugs leave me feeling a very positive happy glow for several days. Not MBDB!

First, I had a quite annoying headache for most of the day. From the location and type of pain, this was obviously due to the severe jaw clenching I had. If I do MBDB again, I will need to take precautions to prevent or minimize the jaw clenching effect.

Second, I had a drained, dull, chewed-up feeling all day. This was nothing like the tired but pleasant afterglow I get from MDMA. It sucked.

Last, and most unusual, I experienced some stomach effects. I had some mild diarrhea as well as recurring waves of mild nausea for most of the day. I've certainly never experienced this from MDMA nor heard of people having next-day nausea from such drugs. This makes me wonder if perhaps there was more at play than just a hangover... perhaps I managed to get a stomach flu or something, and that this was responsible for some of what I thought was a hangover.

By late evening, I was tired enough of the headache and the stomach problems to resort to some opiates. I obtained some poppy pods and made a tea, and this cleared up the headache and stomach problems fairly quickly. They didn't return, which probably rules out the stomach flu theory.

In summary, I found the MBDB experience to be enjoyable. I also found it to be insightful, but not nearly so much as MDMA... but then I don't think I took a big enough dose to get the full effects. Another 10-20mg would probably make this a much more rewarding drug for me. The next day effects pose a problem though... if what I experienced this time is the norm, it would probably prevent me from using MBDB again. The trip was not rewarding enough to compensate for that kind of hangover. However, due to the possibility that what I experienced was an abnormal reaction or a coincidental virus of some kind, I would give MBDB another try if the opportunity presented itself. I'd probably take a slightly higher dose, maybe 200mg. For now, I think the jury is still out on MBDB's value.

PostScript: I did, in fact, come down with a flu the next day and some of the after effects I experienced were very probably related to just being on the brink of getting sick.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10514
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 13, 2001Views: 30,506
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