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30g Fresh Truffles
Mushrooms (sclerotia)
by max the warrior
Citation:   max the warrior. "30g Fresh Truffles: An Experience with Mushrooms (sclerotia) (exp105505)". May 20, 2020.

30 g oral Mushrooms (sclerotia)


So me a and a friend decided we were gonna eat 30g of fresh truffles. A hell of a dose, let me tell you. I've done truffles before, 15g doses and I was seeing the door that leads to 'the place'. I felt I was ready to enter and doubled the dose to make sure I will break through reality, and god knows I did, hahahaha. Here are some facts:

-I've had about 6 shroom trips before this

-4 lsd trip (average dose)

-2 times mdma experience 1 of them was a .5g dose+cocaine(yes its was amazing)

-I've had 2 bad trips (1shroom,1lsd) truly horrible things in my head but I came out stronger than before.

-I find sports and good health reduce risk of bad trips

So here we go yummy yummy and they are in. A fat joint to get rid of the shitty taste and the fun begins. 30 mins later it kicks in. The come up felt pretty normal at first, but then I noticed its getting heavier and heavier and its not stopping. Holy shit, this is the shit. I started to get visuals. Stronger, stronger and stronger. When we hit the peak, where we stayed for 2 hours, we were just gone. Disappeared into endless visuals. The most amazing visuals I've ever seen in my life. These were the creations of god and the moment of peaking I was a 100% sure I was god himself. Dissolved into rivers of energy that lead to places more beautiful than paradise. Death did not exist, I was already beyond death. I looked god in the face and felt equal with him. 2 hours of not existing while existing for the very first time. Its felt like days but after the peak it felt like seconds.

After the peak, the mind started to function again... I'm back, but I would have rather stayed in heaven. Scary thought, but those who know, know. Anyway, during the second part (3-4hrs) it was allot of bla bla and thinking until the head explodes, the usual trippy shit. But those 2 hours of paradise were the most amazing shit in my mortal life so far.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105505
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: May 20, 2020Views: 588
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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