Shrooms The Experience
Mushrooms, Cannabis & Tobacco
by Anzz
Citation:   Anzz. "Shrooms The Experience: An Experience with Mushrooms, Cannabis & Tobacco (exp106424)". Mar 31, 2023.

7 g oral Mushrooms  
  Some joints/cigs smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  Some joints/cigs smoked Tobacco (leaves)

This was my fifth time doing shrooms so far. All my other times before have been successful, happy, and psychedelic experiences. This was the first bad trip Iíve had, and this is how my mind evolved through my experiences and I travel to the void of consciousness. My first trip I took 2 grams of Cali Gold Caps with my sister and aunt. It was an incredible body high that made me feel great. My mind was enlightened to the knowledge of the universe. I felt as if I understood everything that we as people do and how meaningless and irrelevant it is to actual survival, yet we do these things because we believe that they matter when really in the end, they have no real significance. I can remember just laughing so hard when we were tripping. It was quite an experience indeed. It also opened my eyes to the reality that hallucination and tripping is not ďseeing thingsĒ. It is simply just viewing another plane of reality that isnít usually revealed to a sober mind. You only see what is there, just differently. After gathering this knowledge about shrooms, I set off to explore and understand more of what shrooms has to offer.

My second time tripping was with six other friends. Me, a friend named K, K2, and K3. We bought 8 grams of shrooms to split between all three of us. We bought it all at once and had to eyeball the shrooms to make an even split, but I had other plans. I wanted a bigger trip than last time, so I put a little bit more into my pile and downed it all. K3 had his own shrooms that was brought for him from another friend, C, who later reveals she was tripping too. Another friend, J was there, but he didnít trip. I sat down waiting for the shrooms to kick in.

Shortly after sitting down I began to feel the stomach ache, and needed to get out of the room, for the walls were moving back and forth and contracting in a breathing rhythm. I needed to get out. So I, C, and K leave for a walk. We decided to go to Kís other house to feed his cat, which was down the street. By the time we were walking, colors began to pop, and were very vibrant with beautiful contrast. I canít stop smiling, and Iím very talkative. Itís evident Iím in a happy mood. As I talk to C and K they agree and say they are feeling the same way. By the time we reach Kís other house, plants and objects appear to look different than usual, more detailed and defined, but also alive in a way. I ignore this and walk into his house. We arenít supposed to be there, but Kís dad is gone away at work for a few days.

We chill around for a little bit, and I remember how slanted it looked in his house. The walls looked slanted backward and sideways. It felt awkward in his house, but it was cool to me. Time goes by and Kís neighbor knocks on the door to check up on him and this snaps us to reality. So K, C, and I all leave. When we get back to Kís motherís house, K2 and K3 have been having a horrible time sitting around watching a movie. I decide I donít want to be inside again so I head to the backyard. C, K3, a new friend H, and J start burning a blunt in rotation. I and K2 agreed to wait for the full shroom effects before we smoke. I succumbed soon and K2 followed and we ended up smoking a little bit.

I decided to look at the nature in Kís backyard and K2 accompanied me. We soon became baffled at how slow time is going. What felt like 3 hours was really only 1 hour. It was a serious mindfuck and K2 kept looking at his phone, just dumbstruck. Then I start to notice the nature around me. This is where the trippy things began. There was a tree in the center of Kís backyard with a branch scab that looked eerily like an eye. Whenever I looked at it, I could see the background plants that creeped over Kís back fence slowly creeping towards me. When I looked away, they creeped back to where they came. Until I began to stare at them. All of a sudden they began to all puff up and slowly lurch over to me, but they never reach me, just lost in an endless loop.

Then I looked at the grass, and reality shattered. The grass was slowly rising up and glowing in another trippy loop. It slowly spread like flames and all the grass illuminated a neon green as they reached up, intertwining with each blade. The wind gave animation to the trees, which gave them humanlike movements. The trees sprang to life as tree men, trapped to their root posts but made deadly threats in their movements.
The wind gave animation to the trees, which gave them humanlike movements. The trees sprang to life as tree men, trapped to their root posts but made deadly threats in their movements.
I was aware they were restricted, and told K2 and K who happened to join in while we sit and trip balls in the backyard. As I looked around, the trees were waving at me, or making gestures at me. They were faceless, and formless, but could distort for seconds into humanlike figures.

I look over to the tall grass in a portion of Kís backyard and see a ballroom dance between the blades. The tips of the blades looked like little heads and the pairs of tall grass were dancing, all conjoined in a beautiful pattern that symbolized love and grace. It was truly an amazing experience, and therefore on in the night I slowly came off of the shrooms. Soon later that night a party formed with drinks and weed. I was so tired out that I fell asleep and everyone just kept partying on. This was quite a new level for me, I began to understand that shrooms can be different every time, and each experience can be something more to learn. This furthered my eagerness to shroom again.

My third time taking shrooms was with my friend K from last time. We both decided to buy an eighth each and have a good time. He got his shrooms a week before me and we both took them at around 7pm on the first free Friday I had from work. We decided to park his car near our school at the tennis courts behind it. We got out and walked around, onto our school campus. We went to the football field and on the walk there I began to feel the stomach ache. I knew Iíd be tripping soon.

Time passes by and we explore around this walking area that perimeters the track. K has to poop so he uses the portapotty near the walkway. Thatís when it hit me. I was staring at the cement walkway, into a spilled liquid that stained the area. Thatís when the stain began to move around ominously, like a fog or mist along the ground. It was trippy and I was getting lost into it. It felt like I was the only person in the world until K got out of the portapotty.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
We walked onto the football field and stared into the sky, into the stars. It was a beautiful sight to see, and I was getting sucked into the mystery and shadow of the vacuum of space. This made me think of the universe and my place in it. How we all fit in, what we are meant to do versus what we really do. The meaning of life and various other ideas flood our brains as we make our way to Kís car. We decide to cruise around and listen to music, and it was so amazingly trippy. Everything had a magical aura about it that reminded me of a magical forest. There are many trees where I live, and they become animated and lively and beautiful.

We park near a park and pass by people who are standing in a circle, and theyíre staring at us hard. I crack up laughing because I was in a total giggly mood at that point and just pure happy. The body high had me locked in his car seat, and I felt comfortable and relaxed. We played Pink Floydís The Dark Side of the Moon and it seemed to last hours, but it was so beautiful. The music matched the high so beautifully that the trip became so much more peaceful. Topics like time, money, society, people, and life in general were discussed and broken down, understood completely in the end. As the night went on this beautiful magical world began to fade, and K had to go home. He dropped me off at 11pm and we parted ways. I went home and fell asleep, with very vivid dreams and some CEVs. Once again an amazing experience and I couldnít wait for the next time doing shrooms.

The fourth trip me and K took an eighth of shrooms. It was the day of the Manny Pacquiao v Floyd Mayweather fight so we took the shrooms before the fight and watched it with all my other friends. It was a good fight but I felt like it was very long and I wasted the trip watching the fight. Afterward visuals were pretty much gone. The only good thing was I kept laughing and was in a pretty good mood having spent an overall good day.

It wasnít until a week later in the locker room that K proposed the next time we shroom to do 7 grams. I didnít know what I was getting in to, but after taking eighths I wanted to really trip balls. This was my fifth time shrooming and I wanted to have an eye-opening experience. Over the time of shrooming, me and K had concluded that shrooms is not a drug, but more so an experienceóThe Experience. The day comes on Senior Ditch Day, even though we were both Juniors we ditched. Along with our drug-free friends, D, R, and J. We have both 7 grams of shrooms in our possession and we all decide to go to this bridge.

We leave around 10am and donít actually make it there until 2:45-ish. The whole journey there had pissed off both K and J, and I was pretty irritated as well. Me and K both had 2 blunts for ourselves and we had been sober all day. By the time we reached the point we chilled and set up in this rocky area near the river and bridge. It was the true forest, with trees everywhere. It was simply beautiful outside. The perfect environment to trip balls, I thought. We all bring our chairs and settle down, play some music, smoke our blunts, and everyone begins to eat except for me. I hadnít eaten all day but I wanted to take these shrooms already.

I plug my nose (because shrooms are horribly disgusting to me) and eat the whole 7 grams. I chase it with Orange Juice and prepare myself for a hard trip. I was already pretty high from the two blunts and couldnít tell how fast the shrooms were hitting me. I stood up to look at the trees and my environment. It was simply beautiful all around, smack dab in the middle of spring; so many trees had different colored leaves. Suddenly the thick forest of trees and colors began to swing left and right, like each individual tree were doing so in unison. It was a crazy thing to see, and the colors began to blend, and the trees became one, but were still moving.

I had the stomach ache and K and D decided to take a drive around to explore. As I looked out the window of Kís car, which D was driving for safety purposes, the trees became like a colorful flowing fur of a giant animal. It seemed as if we were tiny creatures driving on the body of a red, yellow, orange, green, and pink animal thatís fur was flowing in the wind. The colors blended more powerfully and I began to feel nauseous and motion sickness was aiding the stomach ache. I feel it coming so I puke into my backpack. It was a violent vomiting, and it rattles me. When I look up from throwing up, everything had changed. It was if I was in a car with the same two people, but they looked distorted and awkward. The whole time I was describing my trip to D, with K agreeing on some parts.

After throwing up I leaned on the side of Kís car, trying to regain control of my body. Then I lose all control. I canít remember what happened but remember portions of it. I was going crazy kicking around in the car, trying to get out. We were on the highway and I was screaming and kicked D in the head while he was driving. I had no control of my actions; it was if I were a trapped animal struggling to break free of the car. Then I blacked out again. I could feel my body being throttled and thrown into a part of Kís car. At that point it was an allĖwhite void. I didnít understand where I was. I thought to myself be this death? Am I in heaven? Where have these shrooms taken me?

I was trapped in an endless loop, given small chances to awaken from it just to be dragged back into the void. I felt all alone, like I had left my lifeless body in that car and was ascending to a new plane of reality.
I was trapped in an endless loop, given small chances to awaken from it just to be dragged back into the void. I felt all alone, like I had left my lifeless body in that car and was ascending to a new plane of reality.
I could hear D, Kís, and Jís voices, just talking about what they have to do with me. This scared me because I thought they were talking about telling people I had died. I wanted to scream and tell them Iím not dead, and I wanted to be free. While I was blacked out I kept mumbling the names of people I care about. My friends, my ex, my mom, my sisters.

Hours pass and I slowly begin to think I understand the process after death. I could still hear and partially see whatís going on around my body, but I couldn't do anything but hear, in this white void. I saw it all as a process, and my soul was being freed from the void. I gained consciousness and woke up. D, J, and K approach me and begin to talk to me. Iím humbled by my experience in this void and question them on who they are, where I am, what time it is. I ask how my friend K3 is from a while ago. I question them the meaning of life, which D replies with ď42Ē every time. I asked K if I had ruined my life and he told me Iíll be alright. Thatís what I liked to hear.

I felt myself gripping control of reality once again becoming myself again. I needed to get out of the car but they wouldnít let me. I had thrown up a second time while in the void and the back of Kís car was disgusting. I was even worse. I was covered in snot and vomit. My glasses broke in the process and I had my shoe off. This made me realize that I was ill-prepared to shroom with 7 grams. Word spreads to all my fellow Hippies and Stoners that I had a bad trip. As K and D take me to K3ís home, I tell them not to and just take me home. We turn around and go home. They help me to my door, and I look like a mess. I walk inside and go to the bathroom. I then shower and fall asleep on the bathroom floor.

I wake up to hear a lot of commotion and noise. There is a huge fire on the bush outside my apartment. I throw something on to see what is going on. Apparently my younger sister had thrown something in the bush that was hot, and it caught fire with some alcohol that was thrown into the bush some time before. After walking out, everything was like on a boat; everything was rocking back and forth, and had that magical appearance that shrooms gives off. The world was spinning, and everyone was moving quickly to fight this fire, while I just stood there, staring.

I never thought Iíd have a bad trip, but after having one it made me realize there are two sides to shrooming. I later learn on Monday the 18th that D and K captured my blackout on Snapchat. When I see the videos Iím saying things and doing things I have no memory of whatsoever. Lots of people see the Snapchats and tell me theyíve seen it, of course asking what it was like.

Mushrooms are a good way to explore the edge of consciousness, and to have a spiritual experience. My life is forever changed by my experiences with mushrooms. I have shroomed again, with 4 grams and had an amazing experience once again, but thatís a different story.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106424
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Mar 31, 2023Views: 759
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