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Decided to Test Cognitive Functions
by Akashik
Citation:   Akashik. "Decided to Test Cognitive Functions: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp106758)". Jan 9, 2020.

1.75 g oral Mushrooms


Mushrooms and Cognitive Functions

It was a rather interesting night, where I had come across a certain fungus while venturing out in the pastures. I recognized something interesting and decided to put it into my field journal.

Is how this starts, but not how it ends. It was around 21:45 when I decided to ingest these little babies. I had been perched in front of a computer cycling through sites containing questions that I didn't even need to answer, but wanted to. I consider myself a polymath, and so decided to test the study of 'mushroom's effect on human cognitive functions'. Something well-documented, though this study was more...detailed.

As someone who loves learning in all forms, I sat at my chair until about 23:15; or full immersion. I found myself seeking sites testing my math skills. Where I didn't fully understand the Greek I was looking at, I sought to learn what it meant. 23:17 I had a full understanding of how Greek is used in mathematics. I did some 15 problems to look at the time and see 23:21. 15 problems solved in under 5 minutes? That can't be right...however, this knowledge was retained post-experience.

I decided to move on to art. I went to my dresser and pulled out a pencil and paper. 23:25. In about 4 minutes I drew something that wasn't fully intelligible, but it was still something. A friend decided it was going into his personal collection the day later. I had been proud, as the shading was abnormal for me. I am by no means a great artist, yet I found that edges, detail, features and all came with natural flowing efficiency.

23:30-23:40, I fight back vomit and manage to do so. Resulted in a different reaction as a result. I'll leave these details out.

23:41, back onto computer reading about networks and how they operate. Come to download a program called 'mantra' and study in great detail how coding works. 00:15 I have a confident working knowledge of Java programming language. This information was not fully retained post-experience.

00:17, I choose to play a few games online. Mostly things on Lumosity. I find myself very apt at everything I attempt, scoring within the top 1% of users on each exercise. It felt like I was playing for hours, yet after 10 minutes I had finished a total brain workout. How much fun!

00:27 I am sitting in thought watching the mild melting of walls and the pinwheels in my eyes dance in a beautiful display of color. I decided that I was going to attempt something truly interesting...

00:31 I take up my guitar and begin to write some music. I can't imagine anything fast to come to mind. I decide to plug into the computer and utilize my musicpro software for it's wide array of effects. I create a loop using the Grateful Dead's Mickey's MIDI drum sequences as a basis and start playing with all my effects until I achieve a sound that seemed to reverberate with my thoughts. I went to space around then.

01:10 I am dead and gone. Physically exhausted, but mentally aware of more than I was before. I had learned a couple college course's teachings in a half an hour, and how to program in Java. How was that? I can't say but what I can say is...

01:30 I step out of my shower (raincloset?) and walk to bed. I see lights as I try to sleep and eventually fall fast asleep in one fell punch. I dream vividly of green grasses stretching to the sky, and waters flowing off the edge of the world. Three suns shine through the grass and in between. I venture to the top of these grasses, and see trees stretching universes away, suns between and far past. I was enthralled and felt like I was at home. With each blink of an eye I was in a new world. This continues for what feels like eternity.

11:45 I wake up feeling mentally refreshed and peaceful. My stomach has some discomfort, which was quickly fixed with some tea and poached egg. I remember my pictures, but don't understand what I was thinking. I recall my dreams. I successfully complete the math problems from the night before. I recall java, just not minor commands and details. I remember my song, and what musical theory I applied to it. My lumosity scores remain impressive, but I am not at all as fast to process information as I was en experience.

So in my conclusion, mushrooms can be used as a tool to increase learning potential with rather great efficiency.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 106758
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jan 9, 2020Views: 381
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Mushrooms (39) : Performance Enhancement (50), General (1), Alone (16)

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