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A True Gift
Syrian Rue & DMT
Citation:   moonunit. "A True Gift: An Experience with Syrian Rue & DMT (exp106777)". May 23, 2019.

      Cacao (leaves)
    smoked Syrian Rue (seeds)
    smoked DMT  
I write this having tried smoking crystallised DMT for the first time a few weeks ago - however, having completely forgotten the MAOI inhibitor, it was a rollercoaster that was over in just a few minutes and then forgotten. Intense - but too fast to register.

It was a happy twist of fate that my friend temporarily lost my bag of Banisteriopsis caapi powder, because we then nipped and bought some Wild Rue seeds, which it turns out are the DADDY. I'd read that the theobromine in cocoa can enhance the experience, so my friend and I drank some of my favourite chocolate tea at our place beforehand, which is black tea with sunflower leaves and cocoa husk.

We snacked on pistachios and dark chocolate in the local beer garden near to the chosen park for a pre-chill, having bumped in to a couple of our friends, who we were happy to have watch. I didn't drink any alcohol here, just had another cup of the chocolate tea with me, in which we'd put a few spoons of the Syrian Rue. We munched on a bit of very dark chocolate on the way, and then found a nice patch in the park on top of a hill, overlooking all of the city.

At around 6pm-ish, when it was still light, we bedded the little glass pipe with some of the Syrian Rue seeds, and then topped with the DMT crystals. I'm going to say 3 pinches of it, a pile around the size of my small female thumbnail I have no idea about dosage in mg here :-)

I went in before my friend. Nice and comfy, laid on my front up the hill. Whereas on my first time I was dragged in at 2000mph on the 2nd drag - this time it took until my 3rd drag and I was pulled in...probably at the lesser speed of 1000mph ;-) I now know this was the Syrian Rue stretching out the entry...At this point I was apparently humming/groaning in a quite primal way, although I wasn't aware of this at the time!

All motor function and knowledge of the outside world was lost as my friend took the pipe away and I laid face down with my hands nursing my head. It's the most overwhelming feeling I've ever felt - no choice but to completely surrender as I just saw blackness, with speeding patterns, and a whirlwind of feelings, moving from fear, to apprehension, to intense waves of wanting to sleep forever, then to joy and amazement as I adapted, all with an intense humming/buzzing - and then the time perception - that blows my mind! From the time between my breaths to the flow of electricity in my nerves...all so much more slowed down to me.

It wasn't until one of the group in the real word was giving out 15min call-outs, that I thought, 'Fuck...but I've been out for a lifetime!' ...I had travelled through worlds and learnt so much already. Nothing new, it just revealed what is already there. At this point I was able to choose to hear what was going on in the real world if I wanted...but I kept getting pulled back in.
At this point I was able to choose to hear what was going on in the real world if I wanted...but I kept getting pulled back in.
I remember hearing my friend, who had gone in by now, being very talkative while he was in, and feeling that it was very indicative of our personalities - he very outward, and myself very introspective. He wanted to share his experience with everyone, I wanted to be as still and silent as possible to soak it all up.

I've practiced lucid dreaming for about 5 years now, and had waves of recognition during the trip of the identical, yet stronger than, feeling to being in the dream world.

One of the most profound parts, was the point where it felt like I had reached enlightenment (I wouldn't like to appear arrogant by saying I have) - it was just the most intense feeling of understanding and yet not understanding at the same time. It manifested in a geometric vision of every colour, constantly moving and illuminous, and every time my mind tried to explain to itself what this enlightenment was, it couldn't, and I had my friends' voices in my mind saying 'I know!', until I tried to go back and make sense of it again...and therein was the cycle - that realisation/trying-to-make-sense happened over and over again at high speed to the point where I was frightened that I'd be in a Purgatory, that I was trapped in a never-ending loop of understanding but not understanding, until I realised that it just can't be explained in words, I just had to feel it, and then I broke the cycle...that's the best I can do at explaining it - it can't be explained!

After that 'recognition', it was like my body rewarded me. I could feel the DMT in every last particle of me - not tingling, not buzzing, just there, more like a white, electric current, the most euphoric I could feel. Right at the very last point of my fingertips and toes, in all the nooks and crannies of my spine and the top of my head - nerves that I'd never thought I'd feel or were there. I thought that to anyone else watching me it must look like I was having a seizure, as my body involuntarily convulsed with the 'electricity', feeling my toes and fingers twitching. With every movement it felt like the most blissful stretch in between my joints
With every movement it felt like the most blissful stretch in between my joints
- the most blissful being the wonderful rush of white light moving from the very base of my spine, right to the top of my crown, until it went pop! out of the top!

After a while I was able to manipulate where the wonderful current went - my flow. At this point I heard my friend say I had hit the 45min mark in the real world which seems ridiculous. I could then convince my body that I was flying through the air over a great ocean, to then falling, just like in my dreams...but here, my body actually reacted to the gravity, feeling like it was being lifted and then heavy, being pulled down. I think the DMT was teaching me about control...

I think I may have laid for a few minutes before actually choosing to get up, to try keep as much in my mind as I could. When I did get up, I think I had been out for 50-55mins - I really think this was the Syrian Rue that happily prolonged it so much more than other experiences I've read! I still felt very dopey with my motor function, and walking was difficult, but in a warm, pleasant way. I felt simply lovely.

On the note of the Syrian Rue's prolonging effect - what was really lovely, was that all of the next day I was full of a happiness and energy that I hadn't felt for a while, and I wonder if this is what stretched out the effects. Everything still visually looked different - like I could still dip in between both 'worlds'. I felt so calm and at peace, with the presence still there. I never wanted that to go away. Not going too much in to the personal - but deep-rooted issues that I addressed during the trip...the answers came to me in my quiet state of mind in the day after, seeming so simple.

I look forward very much to revisiting again... It's something to be respected, so I don't want to be greedy - I've been healed in many respects and have a lot to be working with after the new found motivation. So, 3 days on, I've taken to drinking the Rue alone with chocolate tea as a happy little 'reminder' in the meantime :-)

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106777
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: May 23, 2019Views: 989
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Syrian Rue (45), DMT (18), Huasca Combo (269) : Glowing Experiences (4), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Combinations (3), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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