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Perfect Anxiolytic for Tripping
by EthericBubble
Citation:   EthericBubble. "Perfect Anxiolytic for Tripping: An Experience with Clonazolam (exp106955)". Sep 3, 2015.

T+ 0:00
125 ug oral Clonazolam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 125 ug oral Clonazolam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:10 750 mg oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 3:30 200 ug oral Clonazolam (pill / tablet)


I'll try keep it short and simple, but go into detail where I feel may be beneficial as possible for people reading for harm reduction and research.

I'm in good health, drink once or twice a week (beer or glass of wine after work, which is 9-5 Mon-Fri) and never get slaughtered on alcohol. I'm a regular (every 2-3 months) user of MDMA, no regular user of anything else, I enjoy benzos for comedowns and I rarely use any other drugs - I've tried the standard psychedelics over the last few years of my life though, also cocaine, DMT and a few others not worth noting down. I haven't used anything for about a month prior to this experience though.

Anyway, decided to order some Clonazolam as I haven't used benzos for 2 months aside from after an MDMA roll, and wanted to try Clonaz due to the pretty positive reports I've heard.

I'm not one to get hooked to these little fuckers (take it easy with benzos, try not to use more than once every 2-3 weeks), so I just ordered 5x 0.5mg (500 microgram) pellets which should last me about half a year at least, as 0.25mg (250 micrograms) of Clonazolam is supposed to be rather beneficial for a mild but decent benzo experience and I rarely use.

12:20 PM - I've not eaten anything since 10am (light bowl of cereal). I eat quarter of the pink pellet, approx 125mcg.

12:25 PM - Feel an odd, mild sensation of warmth in my chest and part of my face, also feel a little more sociable in a funny way, not in a stimulant way. Can't put it down to anything else.. Maybe a placebo as it's only been 5 minutes, but it's certainly interesting me.. There's something not so placebo about it.

12:45 PM - No noticeable increase in effects, but decide to wait due to reading other people's stories of it taking sometimes an hour to start working- however I'm obviously not expecting too much from 125mics, most people report 250 to be the dose where it hits a little harder.

1:15 PM - It's been almost an hour after ingestion and I'm feeling a very light, mild relaxation and general chilled attitude. *Slight* slurring of words which my friends notice but they don't tease me that much about it. They're playing xbox, assassins creed, and the environment is very relaxed. I feel comfortable with everyone here and it feels like I've just had one or 2 drinks, without the dizziness or messiness- just an all over light numbing sensation, it feels very clean and smooth. I'm a little hungry so I ate a banana and take a multivitamin+minerals tablet (I always take one a day).

1:20 PM - It's been an hour now, so I take another 125mcg (.25mg altogether now, half a pellet).

1:35 PM - Feeling a slight increase, very likely from the second part starting to work in combination, a bit more relaxation, not too euphoric but definitely a slight mood lift and general decrease in inhibitions, like a couple of medium beers. Speech is still mostly fine but a growing head-heaviness is making itself apparent, which is rather pleasing, feels nice and relaxed in my face, and when I look round, even slowly, I get a pleasurable smooth feeling throughout my head. It's odd, mild, but enjoyable. No anxious thoughts whatsoever… I don't suffer from anxiety, but I definitely have the typical 'not give a crap' attitude which feels pretty good- would be fantastic taking 0.25mg an hour before tripping if you're prone to anxiety :) I'm wanting to talk a bit more and join in conversations which feels good, feels flowy and enjoyable to communicate. I feel like some music would be pretty nice right now. Time maybe going a little faster than usual? Interesting. A-OK so far.

2 PM - Slight increase from the chilled out effect, body and mind feels nice and slow but in a very functional way. Getting up is a little bit of an effort but nothing noticeable by others- and walking is quite “ploddy”, a tad wavy, nice and enjoyable.

2:30 PM - No increase yet. Still chill, a little quiet but in a relaxed way, talking is nice but I feel more chilled now instead.

3:30 PM - Me and my friend eat the dried 0.75g of shrooms (Psilocybin Cubensis) we were saving for today. I feel like the Clonazolam is going to work really well in comparison to the Nifoxipam I tried a couple of months ago (Nixofipam's not bad, but this Clonazolam has a little mood-lift of it's own too). We walk up to our local forest which we know how to navigate round very well, and within 20 minutes the shrooms start to work.

4 PM - 0.25mg of Clonazolam still working well, I don't have the desire to take anymore as the shrooms start working. It's quite a light dose, but I'm a bit of a lightweight with edible psychedelics, so I'm glad that the Clonazolam is working to my expectations. No worrying thoughts whatsoever, even if I try I can't push myself onto a negative train of thought :)

5 PM - Shrooms have ramped up a little, and it's been a few hours since my last dose of Clonazolam, so I take nearly the entire other half of the pill (about 200 out of 250mcg). In retrospect, a tad strong, but I was still fully functional, just ploddy and giggly.

7 PM - Shrooms have peaked hours ago and are starting to gently decline, throughout this experience I've noticed that the Clonazolam has numbed some of the spiritual feelings you often get from shrooms, which is quite a shame- but for somebody who is prone to bad trips, it's a life-saver- I've been able to enjoy all of the visuals and slight connectivity/oneness feeling without worry. The visuals have been very interesting as always, being in nature was fantastic, and the walk home was pretty cool due to the roads slightly twisting/turning and looking different than usual. Very odd and mind-expanding.

8 PM - We get home, I'm feeling a little tired probably due to the Clonaz, we do some painting and chill, eat some light food before heading to bed at around midnight.

Next day, slightly tired feeling, no dreams out of the ordinary last night just a really good sleep! Which I'm thankful for.

Overall, I recommend Clonazolam to people who have one off anxiety attacks, or want to enjoy a psychedelic experience without worry. I'd recommend taking some a few hours beforehand, lightly increasing your dose, so you can get a feel for the chemical, and so that it's working while the psychedelics start to take hold. Also keep some more for a redose during the middle of the trip, as it may start to wear off. Peace and stay safe please :)

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106955
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 3, 2015Views: 14,551
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