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Mystical Inner Vision
Psilocybe mexicana (sclerotia)
by EnergyDragon
Citation:   EnergyDragon. "Mystical Inner Vision: An Experience with Psilocybe mexicana (sclerotia) (exp107456)". Jul 18, 2020.

10 g oral Mushrooms - P. mexicana (sclerotia)


We traveled to Amsterdam with one of my friends, and bought the mushrooms [psilocybin Hydra sclerotia truffles] there in a smartshop (it is legal / decriminalized there). We had some free days, and had a few trips; this current report is about the second and strongest trip.

We had a nice, calm apartment that we rented, and I slept a lot (8+ hours) before the trip; these are quite important for the big mushroom doses, if I want to enjoy it. I tried mushrooms before (but smaller doses), so I had some idea what it will be like, but this was the BEST and the DEEPEST, MOST UNIVERSAL trip of my life: I just loved it!!! :-)

I ate the mushrooms slowly, I chewed it thoroughly. I could feel its effect in about 25-30 minutes. At the beginning it just felt like some stimulant, like drinking several coffees. Then I could see some sort of 'spider web' pattern on the walls and on everything around me. It was not scary at all, rather interesting and funny; it looked like everything was made of LEGO cubes. Slowly everything started to change colors, everything started to change like some rainbow: red-yellow-green-blue-purple... It is just totally beautiful, like becoming part of some Disney movie, or some Pink Floyd or Beatles music video. I felt funny, I was laughing a lot.

Then everything started to flow slowly, the parts of the web started to become 'alive': they flew together with the music, with my movement, with my thoughts... We played a lot of different kind of music (from our laptops) during the whole trip: classic trance, psytrance, goa, alternative, Japanese music, German songs, Indian songs, happy hardcore, meditative music, relaxation music...

After a while I saw patterns on the white walls, and on everything. Eyes, mouths, small creatures. Like some kind of 'mini-evolution', as they kept changing constantly. Everything was friendly, happy, funny... I loved it, although I was a little bit afraid, I did not want to lose control totally, I did not want to vomit or anything like this (this was the biggest dose of psilocybin in my life), but luckily everything went very well. Things started to look multi-dimensional: not just 3D, but 4D, 5D, 6D... As they started to move around, change, become fractal like, endless... I was beautiful and totally interesting, thought provoking... I just wanted to check out everything, play with everything and as I moved, the things moved together with me and with the sounds. The items in the room started to look like faces, animals, flowers, little complex buildings, strange supercomplex geometrical forms...

Then later I lied on the bed and even with CLOSED eyes I started to see BEAUTIFUL patterns: endless fractals, small planets, galaxies, eyes, buildings, stars, bright lights... But not just randomly: I CONTROLLED EVERYTHING!!! With my hands, with my thoughts, and together with the music... I felt like I was GOD. I truly was! In my own little Universe - which was basically everything, and it was above this Universe; or rather my Universe included the whole physical reality... And it was really perfect! I was omnipotent and omniscient. I think afterlife must be something like this, if your soul is on a high enough level. When I opened my eyes I still controlled everything: i felt like I was a Bodhisattva, who just chose to come back to Earth. It was fantastic... Total, 100% freedom and happiness. I walked around a bit, spoke to my friend about a lot of funny and interesting stuff, about afterlife, we checked out some songs and funny videos, then I closed my eyes again on the bad. Then I closed my eyes again, and this time it was even DEEPER... I was not only a God, I was ONE WITH THE WHOLE FRACTAL UNIVERSE. Total EGO DEATH... Peace, love, and total annihilation. And still it was alive: the colorful fractal ocean kept waving in front of my closed eyes, and it felt like I have been tripping for an endless time... It could have been millions of years... I just felt like it was timeless, and perfect. Like Nirvana.

Later slowly the effects began to decrease: I came back to my body, everything was still colorful, and happy. I felt sometime like an old dying man, sometime like a small newborn child lying in the crib. Sometime when I looked in the mirror I looked like some jolly alien, sometime like some kind of space wizard. I slowly came down from the trip. It was fantastic and awesome. I got back my life, my body, but I experienced ETERNITY. At the end of the trip I played with my laptop: I choose my favorite songs, wrote down some of my thoughts, the thins that I want to try in my life... I got new ideas, new inspirations, and my emotions became totally recharged. It felt like rebirthing, and I still feel like I got a New Life. It was funny, motivational, mystical and deeply spiritual.

As I mentioned, I think afterlife must be something like this; our current life is important too, but this was just deep and mystical. I could control everything: my body, the Galaxy, Atoms, Space, Time... I will definitely do a trip like this again in the future, maybe in 1-2 years. In the Netherlands this is legal (decriminalized?); so basically in any good smartshop one can buy this substance... :-)

I would NOT do big doses in a party! So a nice, calm flat with a bed is quite important. A lot of different music genres are good for this trip, but I should be able to choose, and change it according to my mood. If I were inexperienced, then I would start only with a small dose, like 1-3 grams maximum. My friend was also very helpful: we tripped together many times so far, so it is quite useful to have people around who also tried the same drug (so they can understand what do I experience during the trip).

I think that is it. We all experience this current life only temporarily, we have to enjoy it. I think psychedelic trips together with meditation, self-analysis, and sharing the experiences with friends are pretty important way to understand our own Life and the whole Universe in a deeper way. Just be careful, and find happiness in every little thing, both in the 'normal life' and during psychedelic trips too. 'DO NOT WORRY, BE HAPPY!' :-)

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107456
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Jul 18, 2020Views: 887
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Mushrooms - P. mexicana (193) : Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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