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Didn't Expect That
Citation:   danilo. "Didn't Expect That: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp107754)". Erowid.org. May 6, 2019. erowid.org/exp/107754

7.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
This was early autumn 2014 in sweden. My brother and I had a few months earlier bought 25 grams of mushrooms and tried the 'heroic dose' of 5 grams each. Surprizingly we had very mild trips on that, maybe what you could expect from 1-2 grams. But set and setting werent the best. We had both worked to much and slept to little so maybe that played in, what do I know. Maybe the mushrooms just decided to be nice to the silly monkeys who were in over their heads. :)

Anyways with that in mind. And with set and setting in place this time, we had planned ahead and was going for the rest of the mushrooms in a nice cabin out in the country.

Brother was making the tea and flavoured it with lime. Time was about 19-20.00, we felt ready, wished each aother good trips and drank the tea. I had recently met woman and thought it was a good idea to chat some before the shrooms set in. So I was standing in the only place of the cabin were we had signal chatting.

Did not take more then 5 minutes before I felt it, and it was coming on strong, like having the titanic pushing me on from behind. I remember thinking holy fuck this is gonna be massive... Incredibly powerful. I stopped chatting and went in to the living room where bro was as baffled as I was. He had the same massive feeling I had. We smiled at each other while almost shitting ourselves. Next I felt like I was being told to lay down it was like an order and I could not say no.
I felt like I was being told to lay down it was like an order and I could not say no.
So I'm laying down when I get communicated to me in some way they are going to heal me. I feel subtly small beings or robots are working all over and inside my body but its not unpleasant its kind of ok and friendly. I also got one wish from them which I of course forgot what it was. When finished I get back to reality. Speak to bro who had his own experiences.

I dont know how long it takes before I'm gone again but this time I'm in what I can describe as a desert fortress its all white and its the loneliest place on earth, far far from any living being and I'm just walking around those sad lonely buildings, not knowing what to make of it. I could leave at any time but I felt I should stay around and see if anything happens. But theres nothing, just extreme sadness and loneliness. While contemplating that later I think I was shown the extreme of my own not so social side and I think it helped me be a little more social.

And again back to reality. Brother is laughing while repeating he doesnt know who he is or what he looks like. I say thats what I call a real Life crisis. He finds that hillarious and we both laugh until we almost puke.

Bang. Gone again and this time its not so nice. I'm standing on a platform in a huge cave like a mountain hall from Lord of the Rings, and all around me are beings floating around me. Some dont look very nice at all. Its also very dark but I can see them And they see me. Its like we are all just waiting there. One of the beings, a 3 meter long massively built dragon comes very close and I'm not very comfortable now. I know I dont stand a chance if he wants to hurt me. But I hear myself say to him in some way (maybe I speak dragon or whatever) hey we're all in this together cant we just be friends? I can see hes surprised and he looks suspiciously at me but then I understand hes ok with it. Reeeeelief. Now the Dragon starts rotating, spinning fast as hell while growing and after a while hes as big as 3 football fields together. I'm very glad I choose the friendly approach and I feel I got a friend and protector there. Lesson learned. Be nice to dragons.

In between we talk and share of course but this is so intense we just go to place after place. I find myself walking downhill a beautiful meadow. Colors are so bright and full its amazing. I have no language but I feel like everything is in a communicating state I am everything, I feel everything, its like before time, maybe how animals experience the world. Truly beautiful and harmonious.
I am everything, I feel everything, its like before time, maybe how animals experience the world. Truly beautiful and harmonious.

Then comes the really bad one. I'm going outside cause bro is out talking to whatever hes talking to. :) We are both standing in the grass looking out at the forrest when I see darkness approaching. Its a massive hord of shadows maybe a kilometer away moving in fast. I get the feeling its my own darkness and evil thats coming for me. Its like a stream of shadows maybe 80 meters wide and as long as I can see and they are coming for me. They are going to take me with them or/and kill me I'm sure of it. I have nowhere to run but I'm not panicking I'm preparing to die I think. Not that I want to but it seems I'm fucked. They are really close now. I can see separate beings, ugly twisted shadow demons. While standing there waiting I come to think of karma and out of nowhere I hear myself speak to the shadows. Saying hey you can have me. Just take me. Do whatever you want, but do you know about karma? Whatever you do to me will be done to you later on you know. Now they hesitate and I think we are exchanging some more words but I cant remember what. I know they are having a discussion amongst them about what to do and to my surprise they choose to withdraw. That felt like the biggest win ever.

After that it was calm. I was putting on headphones listening to whatever music. And I heard it like I never heard music before. I could have kissed every musican and songwriter I listened to.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 107754
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 44
Published: May 6, 2019Views: 547
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Mushrooms (39) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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