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I'm a Mind Not a Person
Mushrooms - P. mexicana (sclerotia)
by Shrek333
Citation:   Shrek333. "I'm a Mind Not a Person: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. mexicana (sclerotia) (exp107968)". Feb 24, 2021.

7 g oral Mushrooms - P. mexicana (sclerotia)
  0.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. mexicana (sclerotia)


I had been interested in trying a psychedlic drug for many years, and although I had access to LSD on a few occasions, I decided to wait until I had access to mushrooms. One of my friends, D, was going to buy some off a friend of his, until we relised that they wouldn't be ready by the day we had planned to trip. Therefore, we ordered some Sclerotia (truffles) online, as they often get through customs unnoticed. We were going to trip with one other person, J.

Before this trip, I had tried alcohol, nitrous oxide and smoked cannabis about once a week. I was very open to the idea of tripping so I felt I could handle a decent sized dose, although I didn't want to overdo it. I read a lot of reports for mushrooms, but finding information on Sclerotia, particularly dosage, was difficult. We decided that J and I would take 7g each, and D would take 9, as he took SSRIs for depression, which supposedly decrease the effects of psilocybin. To prepare for the trip, I abstained from all drugs for a week, ate very healthily, meditated, and did not enjoy any sexual pleasure for two days before the trip. There was some anxiety during the week, as the truffles were ordered only the week before the day we planned to take them, so it was unknown if they would arrive on time. Thankfully, they arrived the morning of the trip.

We met at 12.00 on the day of trip. It was a Saturday, the first weekend of a week school holiday. We walked to a near park and munched on the truffles at 12.30, holding them in our mouths for a few minutes with orange juice. We were all very excited and in a good mindset.

We then walked to a woods, about a 15 minute walk from the park. About halfway there, we all said we felt something, almost the same as having a puff on a joint, or a beer. By the time we got to the woods, we all felt slightly drunken, and my body was getting quite heavy which made it difficult to walk.

We planned to set up a base at a particular place in the woods, a 20 minute walk from the entrance. Walking started to become extremely laborious; it felt as if someone had literally tied weights to my body, although mentally, I had lots of energy. We all began laughing and smiling contently for no reason. We stopped at some places, noticing that colours had become brighter, and everything in nature looked exceptionally beautiful. I started having a conversation with D about plants while J stared at ripples in a pond and took some pictures. Looking down at the ground, I noticed it looked odd. I took a closer look, and it started subtly moving, warping. This was something I could achieve while sober, but never this quickly. D and J could both see it too. This made us very excited.

We walked further and the colours of the forest became intensely saturated, far more so than on cannabis. Purples and greens especially stood out. The journey seemed like a manifestation of the trip, and that when we reached our destination, we would be at our peaks. J said that when looking at the ground, everything almost seemed to trail backwards, as if smudged by a paintbrush.

We finally reached our destination at 2.00. I was very relieved at this point. Having time to appreciate the trip, we stared at various things for a few minutes, watching them twist and warp and change size, and explaining to each other what we saw and felt. Over the next few hours, we just talked. About nature, society and how people think. We all shared a similar mindset: a detachment from modern society and the unnatural, injust and immoral things in life. We all commented that our sense of identity as people was greatly diminished, which led to the phrase; 'I'm a mind, not a person'. We recorded these 'quotes' in a diary I brought with me. We all felt a great sense of contentment and fulfillment, as well as apathy towards anything unimportant. I also had a slightly uneasy stomach and no appetite, but it didn't bother me. I ate something just to experience the taste, and it felt great in my mouth, but it felt odd that I was ingesting food, almost as if my own body wasn't a part of me.

J and I then ate about 0.5 grams extra which we brought just in case, as we thought we could easily handle it.

I decided I wanted to make use of the headphones I brought with me, and proceeded to listen to a piece of music I had written. I shut my eyes and buried my head in my lap. I saw various faint shapes, including impossibly tessalated triangles, as well as symbolic looking eyes which were all moving and warping. Although I considered some of the images scary, I found them very interesting and there was never a moment of real fear. After opening my eyes, my vision was flashing like a strobe light. This persisted for a few seconds.

D came over with tears streaming down his face. I asked if he was ok. He replied, he felt so content with life, that he was crying tears of joy. I felt very happy for him. Both D and J used my headphones and experienced their own CEVs.

It started to rain around 4.00 so we packed up and walked to J's house, while listening to music. We were still tripping, and my grey coat looked like it was blue. I was aware I was cold, but it was just a sensation, not unpleasant at all.

After arriving at J's, D decided to go home, because he was sober. J and I were not, and the walls were still moving when I looked at them. J and I then played xbox until about 8.00. I was tired, but sober by this point.

All in all, it was great experience. We all noticed instances where a bad trip could ensue, but no negative feelings were ever felt. We all felt we could handle a stronger trip, but that this was a great introduction to the psychedelic world.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107968
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 24, 2021Views: 723
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Mushrooms - P. mexicana (193) : Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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