Augmented Emotionality Slight Motivation
Selegeline, Caffeine & Chocolate
Citation:   Neuropharmacologist. "Augmented Emotionality Slight Motivation: An Experience with Selegeline, Caffeine & Chocolate (exp108392)". Apr 27, 2016.

5 mg oral Pharms - Selegeline
    oral Tea
    oral Chocolate
A slow day at the lab, so I decide to take some generic L-deprenyl, drink a cup of black tea (with roiboos), and eat some 70% cacao chocolate.

Thirty minutes after dosing, I feel a bit more lucid and music is more enjoyable. An article about a large recent donation to a major medical school's neuroscience department has elated me, even though my links to the institution are only tenuous. I feel highly motivated, perhaps due to the PEA in the chocolate which would otherwise have been instantly metabolized.

Two hours later: Instead of feeling the speediness of amphetamine or a large dose of caffeine, I'm not infatuated with information or physical movement (though a bit jittery) -- I instead become considerably more emotional. It's like the come-up of a serotonergic psychedelic, MDMA or 5-HTP. Odd, given that these stimulants act more on dopamine and adenosine pathways. Perhaps there is an oxytocin component.

I have been intrigued that L-deprenyl is metabolized to methamphetamine, but does not elicit the same effects. Indeed, L-deprenyl is allegedly neuroprotective against amphetamine and other potentially toxic compounds. This seems at odds with the theory of traditional pharmacology or toxicology.

I expected to become a productivity machine. Instead, my online text-based chats with friends are eliciting a disproportionately strong emotional valence. I can't even go walk around the institute because I am concerned that any bit of bad news or unfavorable emotion would send me into a panicked depression. I feel a bit of nervousness. Normally I am the opposite of anti-social. I will stick with the white or green tea for productivity.

Deprenyl stikes me as a promising lifestyle drug, however, but I have yet to take it alone (typically combined with other nootropics and caffeine, so it is hard to isolate the effect).

Note: Many of the bad experiences with deprenyl have been related to using the TRANSDERMAL patch. Deprenyl undergoes major first pass hepatic metabolism, so the oral dose and the transdermal dose are likely NOT comparable. Always start out with the lowest threshold dose of any compound!

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108392
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Apr 27, 2016Views: 4,214
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Pharms - Selegeline (228), Chocolate (182), Tea (447) : Performance Enhancement (50), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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