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Unexpectedly Hard Tripping... All Good, Too
Mushrooms (sclerotia) & Cannabis
by B Up
Citation:   B Up. "Unexpectedly Hard Tripping... All Good, Too: An Experience with Mushrooms (sclerotia) & Cannabis (exp108919)". Jul 7, 2021.

45 mg oral Pharms - Mirtazapine (daily)
  7.5 g oral Mushrooms (sclerotia)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  


To start with I shall just give a brief history of my history of drug use and experience. Was a typical daily stoner (never liked the tag but it was accurate), from the age of 16 to 26. Had plenty of other drugs during that time, plenty of : mdma/pills, speed (amphetamine), coke, ketamine and mushrooms. I can't really say I have I have ever had a bad time, ketamine was the only one I did not like. I only had mushrooms a few times (the last time was probably 14 years ago!), from memory it was always similar to an e experience to me but softer.

I gave all of that up at 26 but became an alcoholic within a year, until January this year when I did a detox and have been 'sober' since. Struggled with depression/anxiety since, so started cannabis daily again in March and finding it really helps. Started using the same dealer again and his flower is still the same awesome stuff from back when I used to smoke, heavy potent stuff. I am also daily on Campral (x6), Antabuse (1) and Mirtazipine (45mg). I do not believe these affected my experience but don't know how it would have altered without the medications.

After a long nervous wait, my package of Magic truffles sclerotia Mexicana from Amsterdam had finally arrived at my house in the UK. This was yesterday. I had a 'sorry we missed you card' from the courier on the Thursday so I knew I could do them Friday night. I work Monday to Friday. I wanted to just do them on my own and enjoy music at home, being off the next day. I got in from work around 5, already prepared for what I intended on doing by having not eaten for 6/7 hours to start with. I got a family phone call out of the way so I knew I would not be disturbed later and could relax.

I ate 7.5g of Mexicana out of the 30g I bought, I got 15g of Pajaritos too. They were like an odd nut to eat and quite a pleasant experience really. Went outside for a joint (I live in a non smoking shared house) and could already feel some effects starting from 10 minutes on. I was feeling excited watching The Pogues live dvd. I started 'coming up' more and more, I got a couple of more joints down me over the next half hour or so whilst I was sure I could still function enough to go outside! When I got in I was dancing to Liquid Swords by Rustie and feeling great! It was getting so intense I vomited a tiny bit but it was not unpleasant. As I threw up though I had strong visual hallucinations, like I was falling into the bin and it was deep, a bit like when they go to warp speed in Star Trek is the best description I could give it.

The 2 hours that followed were intense tripping like I have never experienced before in my life.

It is too hard to put all the insane visual stuff across with words, if you have experienced hallucinogenics you will have an idea. Watching the the Work video by Tim Erem for Rhianna was a bit like watching the Gaspar Noe film about DMT 'Enter the Void'. I fell in love with her too in the moment. Time distortion was insane, a few minutes seemed like so long. Space (distance) was so warped in this unusual drugged reality I was living, that the corner of my room seemed a mile away. I remember at one point considering getting a drink from the fridge downstairs, it seems like it would be a hard journey though that needing packing for and was probably too much effort. I listened to Wu Tang and various other things, tripping like crazy the whole time. I had very short memory cycles and wild thoughts, it was hard to focus on simple intentions, so it was better to just to give in to it and let it wash over me totally.

The strange thing was as really messed up as I was (in a good way), if I ever did brave standing up to change a cd or go to use the toilet etc I could just concentrate enough to do what I needed, then my brain would melt again. I guess it is the typical waves of feeling more normal briefly then it hitting harder again. It was mildly uncomfortable at points due to being so intense, but never negative. If any hint of negative thoughts remotely appeared in my head it was like they literally got knocked away, similar to the arms in a pinball machine striking away the ball. Eventually I sat in the room quietly as I needed less stimulation.

These are supposed to be the mildest truffles you can get and it was only a standard dose!

After I had peaked during the trip and eventually things started easing of slightly, I managed to stumble out for a few more joints. After the 2 hours, I soon just felt very stoned and normal and it was not long before I slept.

I woke up fine today, got out of bed and had a joint, as usual on the weekend. I also remember I cried throughout the entire trip, not sad just flowing tears the whole time. I was at a CBT therapy session the night before and cried heavily, and the lady reminded me tears wash away cortisol so could help relax me. I feel very calm today so maybe I can thank the tears! I feel better than average today so it is probably the after glow, who knows though maybe the trip was therapeutic?

Doing more again tonight, with a friend or two this time.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108919
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Jul 7, 2021Views: 247
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Cannabis (1), Mushrooms (39) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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