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One With Nature
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by 3391b
Citation:   3391b. "One With Nature: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp109569)". Nov 26, 2016.

  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
  18 g oral Mushrooms (fresh)


To give some context to my experience, I was in the woods in quite a remote part of northern france, it was winter and it was extremely cold, the frost barely melted by midday. I was on my own in the woods as I was meant to hike only a kilometre or so to meet the people I was camping with but ended up what I figured afterwards was at least 9 kilometres away.

I was lost and so set up camp and called my friends who I was camping with and tried to give them the best estimate of where I was, I built a smoky fire so they could find me easier. When I was looking around for wood for the fire I came across a massive patch of liberty caps, and I mean massive, I couldve lay down on them and not covered them. I picked as much as would fit in the pockets of my jacket and went back to camp.

My friends arrived and I they set up their tents, now that all 3 of us were there it was time for the fun to begin. One friend brought some weed and started rolling a joint, we shared the joint and had a couple beers round the campfire. At around 1pm I showed them my find of the shrooms and we decided we'd have some at around 3. We had more weed (about a joint each) and quickly realized it was almost half past 3. We cooked up dinner and ate it fast and then made a tea out of the mushrooms, we had at least 18 grams each (they were fresh shrooms) brewed into a tea. We were still high when we took the mushrooms and they took effect in about 30 mins for me.

I first realised it when the usual disconnect from the world around me, except the thing I was directly focusing on, that I get with being high from weed completely melted away. I got the warmest tingly feeling all over me and I felt warm inside. I suddenly felt connected to the world, more than I had ever been before.
I suddenly felt connected to the world, more than I had ever been before.
This was a a wonderful moment for me as I'm quite a withdrawn and anxious person. I didnt just feel as if I was in this world, or in nature, I felt a part of it. I took a few moments to revel in my new found sense of self, watching the trees steadfast branches.

As I was looking at the trees something amazing happened. Since it was winter the trees were bare, but I saw something and at first wasnt quite sure if I was seeing anything. But then it became apparent to me, very slowly but surely I could see tiny buds forming on the twigs on the branches of the trees, the buds slowly grew larger and greener. The process seemed extremely slow, it seemed like it was at least an hour until they grew into proper leaves, I looked at my watch and it had been 12 minutes. I continued to watch as the leaves grew bigger and then I even began to hear birdsong, and see condensing dew forming on the leaves. I looked down at the ground and could see the forest floor thick with greenery, like it would be in summer, I looked up at the trees again and there was a thick canopy of leaves. As I felt a breeze on my cheek all the leaves started to turn orange and yellow and red again and with a second gust of wind they were blowing away. I was witnessing the seasons unfold before me. I was completely awestruck by what I had just seen, I had seen a year go by in what seemed like a couple of hours, in reality it was only half an hour.

It was around 4 now and the wind was picking up a bit, still just gentle breezes at its worst though. But I was starting to hear the wind talk to me, it wasnt in words or any kind of language, it just sounded like the wind, but I could hear meaning in the sounds, if that makes any sense. I couldn't tell you what the wind was 'saying' other than that I realised things about myself that were indisputably true, I realised my ego slowly collapsing. I no longer had that feeling I always had, and that I think everyone has, that I didnt quite know was there but could still somehow feel was hurting me. The feeling of seeing reality through the lens of my own perceptions, ideas and thoughts. I felt like a massive weight had been taken off my shoulders.

My friends and I hadnt been talking at all until about an hour into my trip, at around half 4,when I started conversation. I said 'what is the wind telling you?'. To which my friend replied, 'hes telling me nothing, hes telling me nothing but maybe thats because he sees no need for me to learn anything new' my other friend joined in by saying 'the wind knows we always need to learn, but what he has to teach you right now, youre not ready for it'. It was an extremely trippy conversation to have and I could still 'hear' the wind telling me things. There was a hazy, colourful pattern that seemed to be printed on to everything and as I looked at a huge great oak, the patterns in the bark became more intense and I began to see a face, the tree was smiling at me with a big long, old looking, type smile with happy relaxed eyes. I smiled back and I said in an incredibly happy tone 'hi how are ya today?' The tree just laughed and the face began to swirl and melt away, I pleaded for it not to go and said to my friend 'can you see old man oak, he's going somewhere' my friend just replied 'I'm sure he'll be back'.

I remember scanning around with my eyes to see if I could find 'old man oak'. Almost instantaneously I started noticing faces all through the forest, in every crack in every tree or wrinkles in bark or gaps in branches faces started to form, they were all smiling and incredibly happy. I remember thinking 'old man oaks brought his friends' and being incredibly happy to the point I started laughing. I laughed for a few minutes and then realised that the sun was slowly setting. I climbed the nearest tree all the way to the top, it was the most majestic feeling from up there, I could feel the wind whipping in my face and I could see the sun setting through what looked like a translucent fluid, the sky became more and more watery and all of a sudden there was stormy ocean all around me, there was a sense of impending doom and I clung to the tree as hard as I could. It was such an intense experience, I could hear waves for a few seconds. In about 20 seconds it was all over.

I felt extremely relieved and came down from the tree. My friends both said we needed to collect some more firewood before it got dark, we went about collecting firewood and I just felt extremely happy, but more important I felt connected. I came across the patch of shrooms again and picked quite a large amount again and headed back to camp with the firewood. It started to get dark and for around 10 minutes I felt normal again, it was around 6 pm. After this short period of feeling sober but slightly buxxed I suddenly crashed into complete confusion. I didnt know what reality was, its extremely hard to explain because most concepts I could use were just gone. I didnt know who I was I didnt even have a concept of 'who' or 'I' or individuality. I just sort of... Was. I could see my friends and they were looking right at me with concern, I was tripping too much to say or do anything when all of a sudden they werent looking at me. They were looking at each other and I was watching them from above. I was confused as to what they were looking at and why they were asking the thin air 'are you alright?' It hit me like a brick wall that I was 'out of body'
It hit me like a brick wall that I was 'out of body'
I walked around a little and then jumped, I could float so I started flying around. It felt amazing until I felt something tug at me like a rope.

I struggled harder and it felt like I was being electrocuted all over and suddenly I was back in my body. I lifted my head and was completely disoriented. I looked at my friends who were worried, although looked quite happy still, and told them I was fine. My friend lit up a joint and we passed it round, I was incredibly relaxed and happy. I checked my watch, it was 7:39 pm. I put my head down and fell asleep.

When I woke up at around 9 the stars were out. We were in a very remote location miles away from any villages or towns and the closest thing that could be considered a city was at least 3 hours away by car, there was hardly any light pollution. The stars looked amazing and I could see the milky way, there were still some patterns and the stars looked vibrant like they were calling meUp to them but it was nowhere near as trippy as before. My friends were both asleep so I woke them up and we shared equally the rest of the shrooms I collected (around 10 grams each) and smoked the rest of our weed. In almost no time I felt like I was up in the stars, I was definetely not on the ground anymore I was completely somewhere else. All reality was gone, I was among the stars and this is when the trippy stuff begins.

I remember traveling through space and arriving on a different planet. There was a vast desert with nothing but a flat expanse of white sand. It quickly became night and instead of looking up at the stars I was looking up... At earth. It loomed over the night sky with an overwhelming presence. I remember standing up and then feeling myself get lighter and lighter, I floated up into the sky, towards the earth getting faster and faster. And then I was in space again, surrounded by stars. I felt incredibly lost and like I needed to get back home. I started 'swimming' through space and was enveloped by starlight, it was kind of like vincent van gogh's starry night. It seemed like I'd been travelling through space and was on that planet looking up at earth for almost and entire day at that point. When I saw earth off in the distance I swam frantically toward it and as I got near I started falling to the ground. I screamed as I fell thinking I'd die and then all of a sudden I was back at the camp.

It was the trippiest and boldest experience I've ever had. It felt like id been out in space for at least a day but when I checked my watch it was 11. It had only been a couple hours. My friends werent too bothered that I just screamed for no reason, they looked like they were in world of their own too. I began to lose my sense of individuality and I couldnt tell if I was me or if I was one of my friends. I remember slowly drifting out of consciousness hearing kind voices telling me I needed rest. I woke up and checked my watch, it was 1 in the morning. I put wood on the fire and sat staring into the flames. I started having visions of little fire people in the flames dancing around. I must have been staring at the fire for at least an hour because when I put more wood on it and checked the time it was already 2. I lay looking at the stars and felt myself getting lighter, I didn't want to go to space because I was afraid I'd get lost in the stars so I quickly grabbed my friend and told him to hold onto me, he was just laughing but after a while it felt safe to let go again.

I tried not to look at the stars and looked at the ground instead within a couple of minutes I felt myself 'growing' into the ground like I had roots and it was the strangest feeling of my soul spreading through the ground. I stayed like that for a while and then suddenly all those feelings were swept away. I still felt extremely euphoric but with none of the wierdness. I just felt content with life. I sat there for around an hour and then fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning there was a slight haze to everything but the sunrise looked beautiful. We camped there another two days and had shrooms each night, although what happened was mainly a similar feeling to smoking weed or just less intense variations on what I just described (being in the stars etc.)

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109569
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Nov 26, 2016Views: 2,030
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