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Living in a Nightmare
by melachi
Citation:   melachi. "Living in a Nightmare: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp10957)". Jul 11, 2019.

1.5 g oral Mushrooms (ground / crushed)


After reading alot of 'Mushroom experiences' online and doing some research about the drug, I decided to buy some. I met a dealer who told me he had the best stuff you could get in Sweden, since it was my first time he recommended that I'd take about 0.75 gram. Stupid as I was I decided not to take his advice and bought 2 gram. I had been looking forward to trying the stuff and I didn't want to have a weak trip.

At 00:25 AM
I ate 1.5 gram and left 0.5, the taste was horrible. I was chattin on IRC waiting for the trip to start. About 30 minutes passed and it felt like I got hit by something on the head, my body suddenly felt so light. I smiled and had troubles wiping it off my face. 15 minutes later the lightness of my body and the weird feeling in my head started to increase. I felt trapped in my room and decided to go out on a walk (big mistake). I was going to meet some friends who where out eating diner at some restaurant, I thought I'd walk to their place which was about 2 kilometres away. I didn't think they they were back home yet but that didn't matter.

As I was walking down the street, trees started to grow and look so alive, colours were enhanced and a single green traffic light would light the. The trees scared me, it felt like they were reaching for me.. trying to grab me. Cars were passing by and they looked so alive, like no one was driving them and they were HUGE.

I hadn't noticed it earlier but now the streets seemed to be longer and bigger than they used to be.
It was quite funny at that time. I thought that I was peaking as I was walking down the street with a huge grin on my face. A friend had told me earlier that night that people would look 'cool'. They all looked normal though (for the moment).
I finally got to my friends house knocked on the window but no one was home.

I was feeling very uncomfortable being so far away from home, so I decided to take the subway back home. I hadn't seen any people for about 10-15 minutes and was wondering if they would look 'cool' now. As I walked through the entrance of the subway a girl and her boyfriend was exiting, I looked at the girl then I jumped out of fear as I passed her. Her face had been deformed and was the most horrible thing I had ever seen, it looked like it had been rottening and horns had grown out of her forehead. I can't describe the horror I felt.

Then more people was coming out of the subway since the trains had just arrived. They were all looking at me with their deformed faces and bodies. It felt like they had just come up from hell and I almost pissed in my pants. My heart was beating I walked away from the subway, I wanted to run but I didn't want to attract any attention from 'the deformed'. I was panicking, as I noticed that one of the 'deformed' was behind me.. it felt like he was following me. I tried to relax and calm myself down. Tried to convince myself that he was just a normal person, so I looked back over my shoulder.. his face had turned into the face of demon. I ran as fast as I could over the street to a bus stop just to sit down and try to get a grip of myself.

The wind was blowing hard now and it felt like the ground was shaking, I was scared and was probably at the PEAK of my trip. A taxi car passed and the driver looked at me with his deformed face like he was coming to get me, or that he and his deformed demon friends were plotting something against me. I wanted to run all the way back home but I just couldn't run, that would attract the deformeds attention. They hadn't made a move yet cause they might have thought that I was one of them.

I put my hood on my head and tried to convince myself that I was invisible and all these 'deformed' couldn't see me. I couldn't even walk on the same side of the road as a deformed, even at long distances they were creepy. One of the 'deformed' looked like E.T. And some grew eyes on the back of their heads so they could look at me when their backs were turned against me. I kept on walking not trying to focus on anything cause everything I looked at for more then 2 seconds turned into something that would scare me. When I was waiting to cross a street two DEFORMED walked up next to me, I was almost crying out of fear and turned my back on them. Hoping that they would go away, and they did.. they probably didn't see my normal face and once again the deformed believed I was one of them. I had my cellphone with me, I could have called someone who was in the real world. Cause it felt like I was in another dimension, one of horror. I tried to call for help, maybe find a way to get back into my dimension. My mobile operator had died and there was no connection.

At this point I was convinced that I would stay like this for ages. It felt like a minute was an hour. I knew that this would be over sometime though.

Some of the deformed I saw on the way were talking with each other, but it was all deformed talk and I couldn't comprehend what they were talking about.

03.30 AM
Somehow I managed to get back home, I didn't feel safe at home since I kept hearing noises like door being opened. My computer monitor grew horns. I jumped into bed hiding under the sheets, when I closed my eyes I saw colourful 3D images but I was too scared to enjoy them. Eventually I fell asleep, when I woke up I was so happy to be back in reality. Back from the Nightmare dimension that I will probably never visit again. I just can't imagine how one can have a good trip on this stuff.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10957
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 11, 2019Views: 588
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Mushrooms (39) : First Times (2), Bad Trips (6), Various (28)

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