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Three Different Occasions of Ingesting
Syrian Rue & Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Student of Life
Citation:   Student of Life. "Three Different Occasions of Ingesting: An Experience with Syrian Rue & Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp109856)". May 27, 2019.

  oral Syrian Rue (seeds)
    oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)


Syrian Rue Experiments

This is a experience report of 3 different occasions of ingesting syrian rue, with one of them including psilocybe mushrooms (of the Golden Teacher variety). All of the experiences happened in my home.

Some background: I'm a 29 yo male, healthy, I know my way around with psychedelics, both natural and man-made.

Experience 1:

Substance: Syrian rue seeds 3,65 grams (1 tsp)

Preparation: A teaspoon of syrian rue seeds was ground in a mortar and pestle into a rough mixture. I used a teaspoon measuring cup and a milligram scale to measure the amount of seeds in a level measuring cup, and that amounted to 3,65 grams. The mixture was put into a coffee cup and boiling water was poured onto it. A half teaspoon of fine ascorbic acid (vitamin C) crystals was added into the mix.

Trip report: The mixture was ingested once it was cool enough to drink. Taste was pretty terrible, it was like drinking liquid vomit. I have no idea how much the vitamin C did to improve or worsen the taste but there you go. Sadly, no effects were noted.

Experience 2:

Substance: Syrian rue seeds 7,3 grams (2 tsp)

Preparation: Disappointed by my first exploration into the seeds, I upped the ante and decided to both double the amount and boil the seeds. Again, the seeds were ground. This time the mixture was added into a kettle with about 2-3 deciliters of boiling water, half teaspoon of vitamin C and a splash of lemon juice concentrate. Boiling time for the seeds was 10 minutes, after which the liquid was strained through a coffee filter into a cup. The seed mush was boiled again with vitamin C and lemon juice for another 10 minutes, and then strained. The result was 2 dl of syrian rue/citric acid liquid.

Trip report:

The liquid was ingested once it was cool enough to drink,. Its taste was even more foul than on the first time, but that was kind of to be expected. No effects were noted for about 1-1,5 hours, but then it got interesting.

At t+1:30 I felt really lethargic, not wanting to move at all. Standing up and doing anything gave me a lot of physical discomfort in my stomach, and I could feel vomit creeping up if I dared to move an inch; so I laid on my back on my living floor carpet and let my thoughts flow. They were nothing special, mind you, I think I just thought 'oh man, here we go again, geez' over and over again while I was perfectly content staring at the ceiling.

I didn't do much that evening, but I was in very high spirits. I had a very remarkable conversation with my best friend over Facebook chat, it was as if I could connect with him in a way deeper level than ever before. Words came out effortlessly, I formed longer sentences and more complex thoughts.

Visually the seeds were quite neutral, I could see tracers of my hand and some lights for instance but nothing else. Syrian rue isn't considered very psychedelic or visual on its own so nothing out of the ordinary.

Despite the vomit inducing taste and feeling pretty nauseous all night long I have no regrets. The night was followed by an afterglow that lasted for a few days, so all in all 7,3 grams of seeds was quite a positive experience.

Experience 3:

Substances: Syrian rue seeds 5,5 grams (1,5 tsp), Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Teacher, dried) 2,8 grams

Preparation: Syrian rue seeds were prepared as described in experience 2. Golden Teacher mushrooms were scissored down into small bits, small enough to swallow outright with water. I didn't want to face the threat of hurling again so this time I prepared only 1,5 teaspoons of seeds.

Trip report:

Set and setting: It's Saturday, and I've been to my yoga class and visited my mom, so everything's great basically. I've eaten some porridge and soup earlier today and had a leftover smoothie while the syrian rue seeds were boiling. My last psychedelic experience was about 3-4 weeks ago.

t+0:00: It's 16:35. I've just poured the seed/lemon juice/vitamin C mixture into a cup while bracing myself for its foul, pungent taste. Not wanting to turn back now, I gulped it down and quite a bit of nausea set in immediately. I wasn't happy about this, but whatever, I wasn't planning on swallowing the mushrooms straight away. Instead I pull up my laptop and start writing this report down.

t+0:30: The nausea isn't gone fully but I follow my planned timeline anyway and swallow the hacked up mushrooms along with a few swishes of water. I regret it quite shortly afterwards as my nausea intensifies from the lingering taste of plant matter and I struggle to keep the insides of my stomach from reaching my mouth. I luckily manage to concentrate and all is well again.

t+1:00: Things are getting weird. I get a nice intensifying of colors and the screen of my laptop is beginning to look wavy and, for a lack of better word, goofy. It's as if there's jpg artifacting everywhere, so I'm in anti-high-definition-mode for now. Feeling quite relaxed but a bit sick still. Closed eye visions are beginning to form into some kind of sci-fi imagery of insides of large space ship hulls. Oddly, if I think to myself that they're beautiful, I get a warm, nice positive feeling inside my chest :)

t+1:30: Feeling very virile - man, how I wish there was somebody here to share this with.

t+1:50: I had the terrible idea of putting up a post on a dating board. Even still I gave it a long hard thought. What fascinated me here is that I imagined meeting up with my would-be date and then, what I would say to her. If I were under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms I'd probably go off in a tangent saying that the universe doesn't care about names and they don't actually have an intrinsic meaning; they're just a byproduct of communicating verbally; before verbal language there wouldn't have been much reason, or even a method, to communicate to others about someone not present. This was actually pretty interesting as I just thought all of it up in literally a minute that felt like half an hour. It took a bit longer to put into words, though.

t+2:20: Well I don't know what to say. I've been entertaining myself with a LOT of complex thoughts, more often than not concerning society and human interaction rather than technicality.

t+3:00: I just cried. A lot. I realized how my mother has struggled in her life in the past to find a peaceful home, and how it hurt her to see that her own son is now bringing the same kind of suffering to others as she was once a victim of. Holy shit!

This is something you all should give a long fucking thought about because whatever you do, your mother _never forgets about you_. And they will find a way to make themselves sure that you're doing okay, whatever their circumstances may be.... Those sneaky sons of bitches. Otherwise they just face anxiety before their gullibility for whatever lie they taught themselves to believe to forget.

That makes a lot of sense in a evolutionary way as well, we as children are nothing if only genes passed forward... To seek a better future. My feeling right now: holy.actual.fucking.shit.

t+4:00: I'm eating fruit right now which really reminds me of how our brains actually needs sufficient nutrients to properly function. In fact, obese people are malnourished more often than not, even though they do vastly exceed their caloric intake vs usage. Food for thought, heh.

t+whatever I just cannot literally care anymore :D just wanted to note that while mushrooms are a potent way to figure out important things in each of our lives, mixing syrian rue into this has brought it out into a level that I couldn't dream was possible. I still struggle before the thought that how much my mother had to put others before herself every day to make things better for all involved, Jesus Christ. Even more mindblowing is to think about people who never actually knew who their mothers were and how they're so alone in the world! Goddamn!!

That is a thought that is unbearably painful to witness but somehow you know that goddamn, you really have to think it through instead of pushing it away yet again. The best kind, I think. Mothers. Call them. Please.

I just also had a short conversation with a really important friend. Seeing how much we've ACTUALLY SEEN together is something that is not something that is should be forgotten so easily as I have. If anything, my experience thus far has been nothing if a series of very important lessons that we can all learn a bit from. Totally worth the initial uncomfortable feeling, by an astoundingly huge margin.

I cannot emphasize enough how very very important this is for me. And since you're here, you should also really consider looking into it. I never would change whatever is going inside my head for whatever is out there for you to give. It is something you have to behold yourself to be fully aware of.

Little things often are something that will grow into something way bigger if we don't take care of them. Too bad we're often victims of circumstance and cannot take care of things, and more importantly, people, with the amount of respect they truly deserve. This is at the very root of understanding healing, I believe.

Another thing: while all of this was beginning to form into what it is I had a lot of imagery of letters and common typographical symbols just appearing in a random mess. Somehow I began to think that maybe this is something that is behind all of our ideas: to make them real we have to communicate them to each other, and the first step is to figure out a common language. Which is also funnily in essence why we're writing experience reports in the first place. We're sharing with the tools we have in our hands. Spoken and written language is a incredibly huge miracle in fact that has allowed our species to grow beyond anything that has only been in existence for nothing more than their generation. It's our way to pass on knowledge for the people yet to come.

I was reminded of this originally when I drank water, as soon as H20 passed my lips I was flooded with imagery of the alphabet yet again. Remember to stay hydrated!

Right about now, just when I was starting to think I was feeling a bit tired I suddenly got a feeling that something wants to take over. Something beyond words again, maybe it'll be something I'll be able to describe once I'm through with it. Drinking water brought this thing out. Maybe something to do with melatonin, perhaps, it's past midnight anyways.

I kind of started to think that psychedelics are a remarkable doorway between our sleep states and our awake selves. It's unimaginable to be aware of what we're going through when we're in a dream. But maybe that gives us a glimpse of our ideal lives? Just do what seems right in the moment and not really care about how things actually get sorted out.

Well, that, and water is actually essential in the process of having tryptophan converted to serotonin and then again into melatonin. Hmm. Somehow I get the feeling that my body wants to go to sleep but my mind cannot let the thought be, so in I go into something that is between dreamland and wakefulness. Water does lubricate this a lot, as does getting up and doing something which is kind of pointless as I want to just lie down. Who knows?

Been talking to that same friend from earlier. I guess the conversation never was so short after all :)

I get mixed bodily feelings. It's as if water is a catalyst for something that's going on in my stomach and it wants to get out. The purge, then. Well, considering there's a lot of new information that has been put in all the processed, unnecessary junk needs to be discarded, so I kind of accept my fate. I try to play it smooth, though. Just breathing through my mouth helps a lot, seems to me that whatever's going on in there needs sufficient water and oxygen.

Well, anyhow, our bodies are a pretty good measuring stick against how well we feed it and how we give it fertile enough ground for new ideas, we just need to figure out how to listen to ourselves.

I just vomited. No point in trying to fight it anymore. I'm glad I did, because now I'm feeling extremely light, blissful, more concerned about putting things into my body instead of worrying about something getting out. Very positive, to say the least. Time to relax I think.

It's still beyond comprehension to think about how lucky I am with being blessed by such a caring mother. I'm so glad that she's found a peaceful home for herself so she can take care of herself and others, and now everything she has worked for and deserves is taking place.

I'd also like to remind all of you that it's never too late to turn around and make a positive change. When nobody believes in you is when you need your integrity the most. That's what integrity is basically. Funny, yet ironic to think about.

After that I just went to bed. My mind was obviously pretty restless and interrupted my attempts at sleep, but in a good way. The last time I checked the clock before passing out was at about 3:30 in the morning, and I slept until about 10:30.

Remember how I told you to call your mothers? Well I did. It ended up being a very important discussion. But that's enough about that, after the conversation I sat down to review this report and jot down my last thoughts.

All in all, what I really gained from here was insight into what children actually are, how language is such an unimaginably huge thing that's still beyond our comprehension and how philosophy is just accepting that everything is chaos, more or less, and to gain something out of it we must strip ourselves of all prejudice and seek to find the truth. It's something that can be grasped by all of us but requires a certain attitude to pursue fully.

And yes, psychedelics are a powerful tool to explore our minds and help us see things for what they really are, and to realize their potential fully we need to give them the rapport that they need by exercising, eating well, living fruitful lives and surrounding ourselves with constructive ideas. I'd imagine that if everybody was living in the ideal place there would not be any need for psychedelic substances, but then again our world cannot support such a population. Heck, what a huge tragedy that is.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109856
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: May 27, 2019Views: 2,066
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Syrian Rue (45), Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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