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My Body Was Made Up of Galaxies & Intelligence
Mushrooms, Syrian Rue, Banisteriopsis caapi & 4-HO-DiPT
Citation:   CallMeGhost. "My Body Was Made Up of Galaxies & Intelligence: An Experience with Mushrooms, Syrian Rue, Banisteriopsis caapi & 4-HO-DiPT (exp110046)". Erowid.org. Aug 15, 2019. erowid.org/exp/110046

T+ 0:00
  oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  T+ 0:00   oral Banisteriopsis caapi (tea)
  T+ 0:55 2.55 g oral Mushrooms  
  T+ 1:05 5 g oral 4-HO-DiPT  
  T+ 25:00   oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  T+ 25:00   oral Banisteriopsis caapi (tea)
  T+ 25:00 2.4 g oral Mushrooms  
  T+ 25:00   oral Syrian Rue (seeds)
  T+ 25:00   smoked Cannabis  
Psilohuasca Tek Included Mushrooms Harmala

I have taken less than 10 grams of mushrooms twice. The first time was a 3.5 gram mushroom trip (my first journey) the second, a 1.5 gram (ape) trip while working. Let's just say I don't trip shrooms at work anymore.

I tried lemontek, with a couple grams of mushrooms, and LSD and DMT, and that was ok (could have been more intense) and that became my chosen ROA, as long as I had lsdmt. Then a friend of mine gave me some Syrian rue, and some B. caapi, and everything changed.

I mentally prepared for the date for about two weeks, posting on shroomery that I was thinking of doing it, and researching as much as I could. I did not eat anything for about six hours before
I did not eat anything for about six hours before
, and a drank noncarbonated unsweetened drink, lemon juice and water with a little lime at the time of the trip.

---------Day one prep---------
I had a small pot, which I filled up with water. I weighed the seeds at 2.550 grams twice, and then added the rue, slowly when the water became hot. I asked that each seed help to strengthen the brew, and that it help bring the mushrooms more strength for both of us, and to give us a smooth trip. I added half a dozen B. caapi sticks and asked that they help give us smooth vibes and good strength, and that it show us love and was teaching. I broke the sticks up with my teeth and tasted it for the first time.

20 minutes of boiling had a few cups boiled into just enough for E and I to share in our glasses. We drank the brown water straight with the seeds as a chaser. The wood was harder to chew but less disgusting. We almost had to draw the line at the seeds, but managed to eat about 2 grams of wet seeds apiece.

We were watching a movie, when right toward the end, we began to notice a strange feeling.

'E. I feel stoned. I know I haven't been smoking this much I can't be this high. I feel like I gotta sit down or something'
'Ghost you are sitting'
Then he tells me he feels it too and we know its time for the shrooms.
We eat the 2.55 grams we each got, about 50-60 minutes after the rue. I look at my pile sadly, hoping E had a decent time (3.5-7 g, usually the low end is his normal dose), I usually take 16-20 grams, maxing at around 22-23 grams.

The movie ends and we proceed to watch the following shows: unsolved murders (a few times), a show on reincarnation and a movie at the end. Each show was one hour and the movie was 2 hours long. Not saying I paid much attention, but it will serve as a timeline, as 11:40-12:10 pm (drank tea) and 12:50 (eat mushrooms) are the last time I distinctly remember, until about 7:00am.

--------The trip--------
I felt the mushrooms ease into me really slowly. I wasn't sure how long it had been from when I had eaten them, but it wasn't long and it wasn't strong. I was lying down, waiting for something to happen as the first movie finished. I put my head under a pillow and enjoyed a few faint CEV, oddly reminiscent of some of the weirder ones I see on 2cx, as well as having letters, mainly 'a, b, e, o'. I looked over at E, who seemed to be enjoying himself, and I waited for it to kick in. About 10 minutes or so from eating the shrooms I added about 5 mg of 4ho dipt.

The 4ho dipt, being related to dipt had a very unique quality it added to the trip. It was a basic and uniform hallucination, so can be summed up within this paragraph. The basic effects felt were extreme auditory hallucinations, buzzing or mechanical beeping, changes in tone/pitch (male characters sounding like a woman talking through a tube at the end of a large auditorium, female characters sounding like cartoon Micky mouse talking through a fan, variants of that) hearing classical or slow tempoed melodic tunes, even when there was silence (or at the very least no music) wild warping of sounds (seeming to start on one sides end on the opposite side, and not really exist at all) simple stuff like that. :wink: happening throughout this report, lasting about 6-7 hours before fading enough to not be much of notice.

I finally realized that I had no need to wait for the trip, I felt a really shroomy zing to my body, and realized I had been feeling that way for 5 minutes? 20 minutes? What's a minute?

As I got that thought in my head, I raised my hand to the ceiling and looked through it to determine how hard I was tripping. Instead of the usual acid-like visuals of my skin becoming transparent, a whole new theme was playing out. I felt the individual molecules and cells on my arm pop out and evaporate into the air. As that happened, each one took on a different color until it swirled out into darkness. The shrooms and harmalas began to explain things to me. How we are all energy, and the slower energy will be more purple and the faster ones more red. How matter became physical instead of energy. Each color swirled into a little black hole, and as I looked around the room, everything was doing that. I could see the glow of the TV, but everything else was the swirling dots of colors turning into blackness. I began to feel the story of the mushrooms and they told me they came from out of this solar system. They came here on an asteroid, which I saw in some weird messed up visuals. It was very strange because I felt like I was reliving a memory, as opposed to visually seeing something.
I felt like I was reliving a memory, as opposed to visually seeing something.

Everything I saw was about 6-8 feet from my face at the furthest, getting blurry and turning normal completely around 10 feet or so. Everything close up to my face was really distorted and large. I could see individual hairs on the dog in my lap in semi darkness, but I couldn't tell you which famous actor was advertising insurance. If I wore my glasses it became extremely difficult to see. If I took them off, it became extremely distracting. Like glasses off I saw too much, I was having OEV looking at the space between spaces, but if I put my glasses on, I could only focus beyond that, and so I knew I couldn't see everything. There was just way too many things to look at. After I had the 'memory' of shrooms, I entered a realm where literally everything, even the light was a living moving thing. And they were made up of conscious matter.

I felt the light waves (one small lamp) enter my body, and felt them physically interact with my skin, kind of like photosynthesis for a plant.

I saw myself with the shrooms encounter a bush and a vine, and when this happened, I felt the shrooms put down some kind of psychedelic mycelium in my brain, the Bush grew roots and rooted my feet, and the vine grew and wrapped around me. I couldn't move because of this feeling, but I was comfortable with it. I understood the meaning of life, and our existence, I was shown a god-like consciousness, and a human matrix, which we are all tapped into. I was shown other forms of intelligence we may encounter, and other plants that give natural entheogens. I was shown several alien plants which contain LSD and other undiscovered entheogens as well, which do not exist here on earth but only on other planets where life conditions are different. I was shown so many things, I feel like you would consider me insane if I wrote about them. I was no longer inside the room, I was in a space trillions of light years across, and I saw how the galaxies were formed and different humanoid living beings. Some had dog shaped heads some were bird headed, some were weirder. It was almost like being at Chtulhu's high school reunion, except with malevolent Dr. Suess like beings. I realized why we had certain levels of consciousness and what happens after we die.

I felt so much love, from the combination, and it was so gentle. After the weird fourth dimensional beings showed me around, I was bathed in an extremely vibrant light, and I could see the white beams slow down and change colors. As the light slowed down, it turned into solid objects, which eventually made up the room around me. The show unsolved murders was on TV. We had been watching a few episodes which turned into 'unexplained: reincarnation' which was putting me into a samsara loop, as I gained knowledge of experience that consciousness has gone through before. There was so much information and knowledge being shared it was difficult paying attention to all of it, and when that became apparent, the shrooms told me they would keep on doing it even if I couldn't pay attention to all of it. I lay back and relaxed on the couch, letting my whole body evaporate again. It was like being in a room with the TV on, then realizing you're not inside the room physically. The TV shows became more comical, and not so humorous scenes became extremely funny, and some humorous scenes became extremely serious.

I remember each scene of death was felt with a feeling of here he goes again, or something to that effect. I remember feeling as if I were some extreme consciousness, and they would join me when they died and then be reborn.

I was feeling extremely dehydrated (drank the lemonade, and a 32oz cup of water) so I got more water. I realized that I hadn't had as much stomach issues as I was expecting (no diarrhea, no vomiting) I was feeling dizzy though, forcing myself into reality while exploring the cosmos, so I could make a few trips to the restroom.

When I moved, I didn't feel my feet or my body, it was like a sense of 'this area is where I'm seeing things most', but it wasn't just my eyes that were seeing, it was like an egg shape around me and I could sense more solid, and less solid, and was able to move that way. There were green, red, blue and yellow lines streaking around everything if I walked down the dark hallway, they made up what was real around me, if I was in the other room with the light and TV it was too bright for them.

About 7am I 'woke up' enough to realize what was actually going on, and that I had to go take care of things with my dog (surgery, have to get staples looked at) and other things at my parents house as I had just moved. I was down pretty much by 8:30-9am Monday, and was able to go home and interact with my parents.

Around 9:45 Monday night I planned to dose a couple of my friends and watch them. We drank the tea around 10:30-10:45 and ate the mushrooms around midnight. Originally I was not going to dose, but I decided to join in anyway since it was my stuff, and I was brewing. I weighed 5.000 grams rue, and 5.000 grams B. caapi and then took out all the B. caapi and dumped in some of the seeds and twigs from earlier, and a couple of new smaller twigs. I boiled a pot of water, and we put on Samsara. I divided it into three drinks, and got 2.4 grams shrooms ready for everyone. I explained what was about to happen, and G and M received their cups of rue/caapi tea, and the piles of shrooms. I weighed out about 0.001 grams of the 4ho dipt (a bump which was was too small to register) for each of us.

I drink my tea fairly fast, but only grabbed a small handful of seeds, probably a gram or less to eat. M grabs about the same, and G was fine with just the tea. They took a lot longer to drink the tea, and we waited for the heavy stomach/super stoned feeling. We decided to grab a snack as no one had really eaten so we got a pizza and pizza bites, and a blunt. We got the food ready and smoked, after we we finished smoking, it was roughly one hour from when I had drank my tea, so after finishing snack prep, it would be roughly 50 minutes to an hour for the other guys. Perfect timing. We ate, watched a cartoon, and then G put on 'Cosmos' with Neil Degrasse Tyson. And it was basically the trip I had the day before
it was basically the trip I had the day before
. Almost the exact same concept, universes forming, life forming and exploring. Except it was narrated by NDT, instead of mushrooms and plant entities. The one we watched explained what happened after the big bang, which was a small part of what I had experienced the previous night. I sat back in awe, but realizing that I was not going to trip as hard. The movies we watched (Samsara, cosmos, open season, probably about 5 more I can't remember) began to form over the wall where the TV was. So the 30' or whatever TV became about 90 inches, and my mind filled in extra background or characters.

I definitely didn't trip nearly as hard (maybe 7 grams for me)

But objects in the room were warping around and flowing like water or oil was on everything, and I saw little flashes of light in my vision creating galaxies and filling out like the universe. I felt the all is one feeling and seeing all the galaxies filling out the room kind of reiterated it for me.

Around 7:30, I walked back to my apartment (practically next door) and went to bed. I lay awake for a while though, once in a while putting my arm in the air, and watching it absorb some of the galaxies around me, bringing my arm little by little back into existence. I felt like the invisible man reforming my body bit by bit, and that my body was made up of galaxies and intelligence, and that somehow for two nights I managed to tap into that intelligence.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 110046
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Aug 15, 2019Views: 1,422
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Banisteriopsis caapi (169), 4-HO-DiPT (281), Syrian Rue (45), Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3)

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