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The Wind Horse That Arises
Mushrooms - P. mexicana
by Elf
Citation:   Elf. "The Wind Horse That Arises: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. mexicana (exp110215)". Apr 5, 2017.

1 g oral Mushrooms - P. mexicana (dried)


Some Observations of Psilocybe Mexicana

What follows is a free associative flow of imagery that was occasioned by our most recent experiment with our favoured teacher, the Psilocybe mexicana mushroom. As is often the case with these things, the expression is imperfect, but may serve as something of a “pointer' toward what is unfolding for us now.

On this occasion, the original two participants committed to ingestion of another 13 pair - 1 gram - of the P. mexicana carpophores, “pajaritos,” this time sans cocoa, while a third individual chose to take a half gram. The experience was quite familiar to me as I have undertaken this type of vigil many times over the past 40 years
I have undertaken this type of vigil many times over the past 40 years
. Without the cocoa, the onset of the experience was also fairly rapid.

Within approximately 20 minutes of chewing the mushrooms the first alert was felt and it rapidly deepened. Contrasted with the effects of combining cocoa with these mushrooms, the non-cocoa experience resulted in a much lower intensity of the closed-eye visuals, allowing for awareness to turn inward toward the deeper aspects of the psyche.

What emerges for me at this point in my work with the spirit of the mushroom is awareness of a wind which moves through the inner body. The only literature that I have encountered that touches upon this phenomenon is the Dzogchen teachings on the “windhorse,' or “lungta” - which is described as a subtle energy that moves through the central channel of the inner body. For me, this wind manifests as an opening of awareness into infinite space, a spaciousness which moves through the body as a wind and which is actually experienced as awareness itself; not the individual awareness of the experiencer, but the awareness that is a unified field which pervades the entire cosmos. The individual awareness merges into this greater awareness and flows, free of all objects, in and through all forms. When the mind is concentrated upon the flow of this wind, awareness is free of all objects. There is no longer a 'me' nor a ‘we,' but a unified consciousness that is beyond the world of forms; in fact, it is from this spacious awareness itself that the realm of forms arises. When this awareness arises there is a passing of awareness beyond the realms of forms and formlessness. At this point, language fails - ‘presence' is probably as good a word to speak about this as anything else. Here we move beyond signification to that certain “something' itself. Nirvana actually translates directly as “blown out,” the extinguishing of the flame of individual awareness. “The answer is blowing in the wind.'

It is the wind horse that arises for me during the psilocybin trance; concentrating upon the breath as the anchor for awareness has the potential to open the central channel to the flow of the 'wind horse,” something available to us all, for it is our essential nature, and which has returned just in the nick of time to assist our awakening to the possibility of creating a new civilization, with a central focus placed upon stewardship of the fragile life of our sacred angel, the Earth. Or so this awareness asserts in my heart by its presence.

My fellow voyager from our P. mexicana - cocoa experiment tells that he was presented with a bringing into awareness of past traumatic material, a confluence of which is currently unfolding in a business relationship that he ventured into with a less than fully developed partner, who was not in compliance with the original agreement that had been established between them and was skirting the issue by casting blame upon my friend. This has been occupying his mind over the past several weeks, and he reached an inner resolution on a course of legal action that he had undertaken to manage the situation. He also noted that there was a lot of work being completed at a deep inner level that was both beyond and beginning to become emergent into his awareness. The opening proceeds in each of us at its own pace and at levels that the ordinary mind can begin to intuit, but cannot fully grasp. He commented some time after the experience. that ‘presence' was active at a deep level and apparent in the responsiveness of those he is currently working intensely with.

The third individual in the small group has been studying to apply for entrance into a nursing program. When asked what she was experiencing, she noted that she asked “them” to show her DNA, and was taken down into the double-helix to directly perceive the amino acid structures and the links between them. She asked to see metabolic processes occurring in the organ systems and was taken into the individual cell structure to apprehend it with direct awareness. The mushroom indicated to her that it would assist her in achieving her goals and open doors for her. As she explained these experiences to me, I recalled my own awakening, facilitated by serious work with the mushroom, begun over 40 years ago, to discovering my own destiny, and the promise and encouragement of the spirit in the mushroom to assist me in reaching what, at the time, appeared to be very lofty goals; all of which have been fulfilled beyond my wildest imagining. “On an everyday level, the windhorse is also very much linked to what is commonly known as ‘good luck.’'

For all of us who have embarked on this new series of vigils with the mushroom, synchronicity again manifests at a palpable level.

My young friend was told by her academic advisor that her admittance to the nursing program was assured in the fall. She also commented, following this last experience, “There’s something different about you. I don’t know what it is, but definitely something different. Very mysterious.”

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 110215
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 57 
Published: Apr 5, 2017Views: 1,837
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