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Mushrooms - P. azurescens
by GrandMasterBran
Citation:   GrandMasterBran. "Bliss: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. azurescens (exp110381)". Jul 5, 2018.

0.75 g oral Mushrooms - P. azurescens (dried)


Material: Psilocybe azurescens
Dosage: 0.75 g (~8.25 mg psilocybin, ~1.13 mg psilocin) Context: My girlfriend, who will now be referred to as “M”, and I have been in a relationship for just under 2.5 years now, and have been living together for the latter 2 years. We have both experimented with psychoactive compounds on many occasions, including cannabis, LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, as well as a plethora of legal compounds. After a long day of class for M, and a long day of work for myself, I suggested that we partake in a small dose of some dried mushrooms that we’ve had for quite sometime. Having dosed from this batch before, we have determined that dosages ranging from 0.5 grams to 1.0 grams result in a full, but not overwhelming, experience. With our familiar and cozy apartment being the setting for the following experience, we were both comfortable. Other than a little mental fog from the day’s activities, my mindset was well prepared for the ingestion of the substance. Keep in mind that these notes were written during the experience.

(00:00) The fungal matter was brewed into a small cup of tea for both M and I. The earthy taste of the fungus was completely masked by the tea.

(00:17) M has finished her cup of tea. Apparently, I am a slowpoke.

(00:19) With my cup of tea completed, I sit and await the effects.

(00:26) Possible first effects being noted. Fluttering in the chest/stomach. Ears feel as if they have “popped.” Sounds are perceived as being much more crisp and clear. No notable visual disturbances.

(00:33) Effects are definitely present at this point. Coming on a little stronger than I had hoped. I’m never particularly comfortable during the transition phase on any psychoactive chemical. Body feels significantly lighter, as if filled with helium. Increased trailing of moving objects is also present.

(00:48) At a definite plus one (+). Quite pleasant. Slight anxiety, but this is normal for me during the transition phase. Body feels increasingly light. Very slight visual disturbances. One of my favorites, Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue”, is playing. The sound of his trumpet strikes me as being excessively “green.”

(01:03) I have been reading TiHKAL for 10 or so minutes now in order to preoccupy my mind during the transition phase. As I read, the word or sentence I am presently analyzing seems to enlarge itself, as if under a magnifying glass.

(01:07) I glance over at M, who is practicing yoga on one of our oriental carpets, and become filled with overwhelming love for her. This isn’t anything out of the norm, but in this hyper-sensitive state, the love I feel for her seems to be present in every fiber of my being as an increasingly warm energy. It feels as if a star is being born within the center of my chest. As I look down at my pants, I can almost perceive each individual atom; every electron whipping around the nucleus at the designated 2200 km/s. Both M and I concur we are at a plus two (++).

(01:21) M became curious as to what I was typing. After explaining that I was documenting our experience, I gladly let her read the report thus far, up to and including the previous entry.

(01:47) Since the last entry, M and I have discussed many topics ranging from the judgement of the past-self, human evolutionary history, climate change, and human tendency towards short term self gratification and power lust.

(02:04) This is M. B is in the bathroom and I have taken over this trip report. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET FUNKY! B is the light of my life and I’m so glad that we can experience these substances together. Earlier (around 01:00) B and I were sitting in silence and I was admiring how comfortable that silence truly was. Google docs just shit itself and now that I’ve been able to reboot it in a new tab I’m handing this back over to B. xo - M

(02:04) As I often do during my psychedelic journeys, I like to take a moment and look at myself in the mirror to see myself as, potentially, something [or someone] different than I normally would.
I like to take a moment and look at myself in the mirror to see myself as, potentially, something [or someone] different than I normally would.
What I saw was an early human, what most would label as a neanderthal. But, simultaneously, I was still me. Was this perhaps a glimpse into the corner of the human psyche that still exists within the jungle, whose actions are dictated purely by survival instinct? I have no way of knowing.

(02:18) Things have calmed down quite a bit. Inwardly, I feel quite baseline. Outwardly, things remain at a plus two, although seem to be dropping gradually. Given the nature of psilocybin and its alkaloids, there is no way that the experience is coming to a close this soon. It’s possible mine and M’s lack of activity has brought about this perceived decrease in intensity.

(02:30) While M makes the journey to the bathroom, I take a moment to do some basic yogic stretching and transition immediately into half lotus for some brief meditation. Behind closed eyes, I perceive an eight-fold flower of very dark reds and blues, such that the image was nearly indistinguishable against the blackness. From the center of this flower, another identical flower unfurled itself. I sat in mild amusement as this process repeated itself at slightly increasing speed.

(02:35) Often times while bored at work, I concentrate all of my focus on a singular point in space. Commonly referred to as the Troxler Effect, this causes the remaining perceptual field surrounding the aforementioned spatial point to melt, blur, and often align itself in 6 or 8-fold geometric patterns similar to those experienced on the common psychedelics. Although I have mild HPPD, there are numerous accounts and experiments that document these effects in healthy individuals.

After the fractal-flower show had come to an end behind my eyelids, I decided to try my hand at the Troxler effect. My hypothesis in this case was that my current state would cause the Troxler Effect to be more intense as compared to my bored-at-work experiments. My chosen spatial point ended up being the very center of a beautiful red-blue-cream-gold oriental carpet from the early 1900s. This carpet had been given to me by my father, which had been given to him by his father, which he obtained during the purchase of a late 1800s cabin near Paradox Lake, New York. As I focused, the lovely floral patterns began to shift and grow together, creating a more tight-knit, complex, impossibly detailed textile than it originally was. For those who are familiar with the various elements of oriental carpet design, the previously mentioned floral patterns residing within the spandrels, medallion, and main border began to float several inches above the field, which was a very deep red color.
Having had my fill, I snapped out of this focus and, spontaneously, dropped down to a plus one (++). The remainder of the experience was a relatively quick yet comfortable return to baseline.

(04:00) An unknown quantity of cannabis is smoked. No aspects of the psilocybin experience return, yet the familiar stoned state resulting from cannabis use was fully present.

(05:30) Experiment is concluded.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110381
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 5, 2018Views: 2,275
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Mushrooms - P. azurescens (844) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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