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Just 1 Did All That
by Dylan_
Citation:   Dylan_. "Just 1 Did All That: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp111060)". May 1, 2018.

1 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


So before I even start this I gotta say this trip wasn't good, but it wasn't bad. It wasn't fun, but it wasn't boring. It was the most strange things I ever had happen and I'm gonna try and put it into the best words as possible.

I've always been interested in things that can help ones body and mind and I'll leave it at that ,not being a fan of substances that are bad for the body. I've smoked pot heavy through my teenage years I've done salvia once or twice and done mushrooms a few times not having any serious effects ,also never doing more that 2g (which I realized now was some weak mushrooms) and drink heavy on the weekend.

The past few months I've been interested in growing mushrooms and as my first time I didn't follow the correct colonizing/fruit temperature causing them to grow insanely slow. After growing a heavy yield and selling a few grams to friends I decided it would be a good weekend to try my grow. The plan was to have my friends who I wont name do them with me around our fire pit in the woods by my house where we always hang out in and drink(I figured it would be a great setting because of how much fun we always have and also growing up in these woods my whole life I feel very comfortable (because we were doing them at night). But as the time comes some of them back out because of work and girlfriends and I figured I wouldn't do them alone so I'll just drink (it was Saturday so it turns out to be and 4 friends M,A,M,D,T. M and A were originally going to do mushrooms with me but end up doing acid instead and talk me into trying my product anyway so I said fuck it I'm gonna take 1 mushroom to see how potent they were(this mushroom I took was maybe a gram at most) the worst I'm gonna get is a mood change and maybe a few patterns on the floor (I haven't ate in maybe 4 hours) and id also drink a few beers so we got our cooler and went up to the woods.

So we get to our spot and I eat this little thing and after maybe 20 min like usual I start getting very clear headed and trees look so nice. I also start getting the happy grin on my face and get waves of tingling in my arms and legs and as time goes on I also start feeling nauseous which I'm trying to ignore so I started looking out in the break of trees at the sky because the sun is almost completely down and I start seeing a purple orange blend of sky so I call M over who's starting to come up on his acid and we spend maybe 10 min starting at the sky mind blown about how nice it looks but than I started to get sick and dry heave so everyone lets me be for a few.

After this I'm still feeling nauseous but I start tripping hard, fast. My pupils are huge and my body feels like a feather, I keep waving my arms which are getting this tracer effect looking like 4 arms are following my one and I'm mind blown. My legs are like jello and I cant stand well which I thought was hilarious and start having a laugh episode. Its all fun from here but I'm still coming up for some reason as everything starts to feel warped.

After maybe 10 minutes of sucking on ice cubes from the cooler hoping the water would ease my stomach I'm just out of it and I start feeling very plain in my head like I'm not tripping but I still am and it shouldn't be this intense but I don't feel high so I go, not able to walk straight T and D have to hold me up as I attempt to grab a bud light lime(which I didn't even want) and the frosted mini wheat cereal I forgot I had hoping maybe it would calm me down, they bring me over to my seat. I I start getting scared with the feeling I start getting in my head ,I'm also not hearing a word any of my friends are saying and I'm trying to string together sentences which feels impossible. By this time its pitch black and the light from the fire is causing these 'sun streaks' in my eyes causing my to bury my head in my hands with these streaks lasting a few seconds with my eyes closed and all of a sudden out of no where it feels like when you get hit in the head and see stars or when you stand up too quick and get dizzy (this is what my brain feels like the rest of the night) I'm thinking I fucked myself this time. All I can remember for the next hour is getting these traveling lights everytime I look at the fire and and everytime I look into the darkness. I'm also being stuck in conflict with myself about weather I should take a drink of my beer or a frosted mini wheat and this leaves me sitting with the two in front of me for I don't even know how long just debating on what I want ,at the same time telling myself I have a good life and friends, While being scared about fucking my brain up telling myself it's just the psilocybin doing this. I than look out into the trees hoping to stop my thoughts and looking at the trees in the distance (it's completely black out) they start morphing into this huge spider god coming to get us and I'm looking at it and as my mood changes from scared to totally accepted of it being their I look over to the fire again and swear I shifted my seat a few feet to the left which leaves me confused as hell, than look back at my 'spider god' which is still their and now has baby spiders climbing around everywhere and I stare in amazement and out of no wear I get energy to stand up grabbing a stick out of the fire and I start walking back and forth, feeling like I'm a wizard and using it as a walking stick (it's completely on fire exept for wear I'm holding) feeling magic in the thing and pretending to blow stuff up by slamming it on the ground like I'm the wizard of this forest and these are the monsters you need to get through.

I than start getting over being scared and I feel fucking insane ( my pupils are huge, everything around my eyes and my eyes themselves are beat red and I got a sick smirk on my face) I still feel in my head like I got punched and I'm dazed and I start getting firewood ,throwing it in and talking to myself ,Blocking out what my friends are saying to me I'm talking to the plants I'm walking past like they were hanging out with us.

After standing up for a while so proud of the fire I created which thinking back to it I'm shocked didn't burn down our woods I just feel out it and I feel like I smoked a shit tone of weed. I feel like this the rest of the night. After going home I call my cousin who's trying to calm me down cause I have no explanation on how this tiny ass mushroom I ate fucked me up so bad, he tells me a story about something similar that happened and the feeling in my head was probably blood pressure from getting a little overwhelmed from the visuals and it just made me tweak out the rest of the night cause of what the shroom chemical does mixed with it my slight panicking it. After trying to go to sleep(I'm wide awake but tired if it makes sense) I get this feeling every time I breath like I'm sucking in way too much air I eventually fall asleep waking up to feeling great with not the slightest feeling in my head like I did a drug/medicine whatever you want to call it

This is the best I can do putting my experience into words. Ovcourse I left out allot of things but this is for the most part how it went

Will I ever do mushrooms again? Yes. In the day time.

Do I have words for what I experienced off of such a small little dose?

I also didn't gain anything from it which next time I'm looking to do but the only thing that stayed with me is knowing I have good family and friends and being happy with my life which was the one thing that stood out to me the whole trip.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111060
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: May 1, 2018Views: 544
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Nature / Outdoors (23), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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