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A Look Through Hyperspace
by EG
Citation:   EG. "A Look Through Hyperspace: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp111577)". Apr 27, 2018.

2.8 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


I did it, I saw it, I looked right into it, another world, through hyperspace, it wasn't a hallucination, I was looking at something, something real, it was coming through and I saw it...

This is a tale, of possibly the most intense experience I ever had. This is not a heroic dose of 5gs in silent darkness. This is from 2.8gs of b+ fungi. It was an auspicious night already, the birthday of my guru. I had my intentions set for this day for a awhile. A friend had come to join me last minute, we both ate same amount.

Within minutes I could already tell the intensity of the trip was going to be outrageous. I could already see archetypal Egyptian patterns and objects going around my friend, the color of the air was almost a goldish yellow like a midsummers day, I saw DNA strands twisting through the air. I looked at a crystal, its split into 5 patterns, I laughed as I realized how epic it was going to be.

I began to see more and more. When I would concentrate on my friend, he would turn into light, made of long green looking gems all up and down his body. He looked like he was sitting in some futuristic crystal throne. I started seeing the auric field around everything, it looked like rainbow rays of light, and they were creating patterns. I saw what looked like a dove in it, and then it moved back and forth like rails moving past each other. My friend put his hand through the air, and it split in two like a cell dividing, then it conjoined back together.

I could see the auric field so clear I could stare at it, then look away, then look back and it would still be there every time. I was trying to explain it to my friend, but he wasn't on my level. He start giving me looks and teasing me, like he didn't believe me.
I was trying to explain it to my friend, but he wasn't on my level. He start giving me looks and teasing me, like he didn't believe me.
I kept pointing to it, and saying, 'it's still there, it's still there'.

Then that is when I saw it, I looked down my room and it looked like a spiral tunnel to an alien dimension. The complexity of the visuals was such that I have trouble even explaining to myself what I saw. It looked completely not of this world. Then I could see, almost like 2 sets of auric fields were crossing over each other, perpendicular to each other. I realized I was seeing hyperspatially, looking outside of normal spacetime, at another dimension of reality, that was cross sectioned over our reality. I could look around it, and depending how I looked I was crossing back and forth over from our world into its world. At this moment I felt like I was not having a hallucination, but was picking up on and tuning into some other level or reality, I was actually looking at something. I was literally DMT tripping of 2.8gs. I could not believe it.

Then after looking at this I start to hyperventilate and convulse. I shut my eyes and saw DMT-like visions, then my hands began to vibrate. It grew stronger and stronger and stronger. My friend had no idea the intensity of the situation. The ecstatic euphoria was raging through my entire body. I was overwhelmed with euphoria. I stood up and tried to channel more, it grew. I am exalted with incredible euphoria, I can barely stand it. I yell, 'I am the shaman, I will heal any disease for you, do you need anything cured?' My friend did not take my words seriously, I instantly felt stupid. I tried to calm down and let the euphoria wear off.

My friend and I started talking, and I just was trying to explain a simple metaphor about the moon. I said you don't choose to see the moon, the moon chooses to see you, like if you go outside and its cloudy you can't see it, if its clear outside then you can see it. He started saying a bunch of stuff about what about science, and telescopes, and how the light bounces off the clouds. Completely unable to grasp the concept of I meant when you walk outside as an individual on a day to day basis. Then all of sudden he started teasing me and acting weird. He was failing to understand basic concepts. He was asking me questions that he should of been determining for himself. He couldn't perceive the present moment, he kept talking about the future.

During all this I start getting mad at him because he's not believing anything I am saying. And I tell him I am about ready to fight him, because he's calling me a liar. Then he gets offended, and says I need to calm down. I am under some strange authority kick from the trip, and I can't calm down. I am like getting pissed because I am telling the god honest truth.

As I am getting pissed, I see the most incredible vision of my life for only a few seconds. Suddenly my friend turns into a holographic idol made of gold, it looks like he is the center town in Egypt and my room is going down into a valley where there is Egyptian like architecture with columns, statues, stairs, buildings, then their are diamond encrusted jewels, and alien symbols, and my friend has a pharaohs mask and rotating and changing is this brilliant hyperlight. My friend continues getting upset though, and the vision is cut short.

My friend continues to act weird. He keeps saying he needs water, I tell him to come get some, but he does not follow. I bring him some water, and he's still acting strange. I keep asking him basic things like,'you want more water?' and he is responding with noncongruent questions like, 'is that so?', 'oh really?' Totally oblivious to the present moment. I start getting upset, I thought he could handle his shit, but he's gone full incoherent on me. Finally my friend comes to get some water. He keeps asking if he can have it even though I told him fifty times he can. I kind of send out bad energy towards him, and all of sudden the worst happens...

My friend collapses and hits his head on the counter. I grab him and hold him and direct his body as he flails around. He stands up for a second, then begins to fall to the ground again, I grab him and hold him. He keeps asking for water, I hand him a glass and tell him to drink, but he just wont drink it, hes oblivious to it. I then take the jug of water and pour it on his lips and on his forehead. He takes a big gulp of air, and realizes the water. I pour more on his head. He starts to drink, I shout, 'drink more drink more!'. He drinks enough and says, 'I'm okay, I'm okay.' I sit there in shock, scared my friend is going to die, my anger subsides and I feel thankful he is alive. He looks me in the eye and says thank you for saving my life. All is good for a minute, then the bad vibes return. We exchange a few words, but tension is still high. We retreat to separate corners for a little.

When the vibes finally begin to clear, we sit cross legged facing each other. My friends says he felt like he needed to go through that. It was an ego death of sorts. The cognitive dissonance between what was happening and what he thought was too much. We stare at each other and all of sudden this zen like aura encompasses the room. My friend transforms into Lao Tzu, sitting like a zen master, in perfect harmony, the room is no longer there, it is ethereal light surrounding everything, the vision subsides.

For awhile we discuss the night, and talk about what happened. My friend says he was caught in his ego, and then the ego died. He felt bad for the miscommunication and the inability to take care of himself, I felt bad for coming off in attacking manner and for no being better prepared for such a situation. As we sat and talked about some deep things I went into several incredible visionary states...

At one point my friend described his visuals, and all of sudden my visuals changed, and it was almost like infrared, but it was infrarsilver, everything looked like was made of these disks of ethereal liquid silver, and I was seeing from some other kind of strange perception.

At another point I was staring at my friend and the whole room turned into ethereal light. All I could see was white and some green light. I was completely outside of time and space, it was some heavenly realm, free from all suffering, free from all constraint, I was no longer of this world, of I was outside it, transcendent. My friend turned completely pitch black. I didn't know if it was a good or bad sign, but I took it as Shiva in his form of god of time. We were at the the end of time, it was one of the most divine moments of my life.
We were at the the end of time, it was one of the most divine moments of my life.
Like the transcendental peace and freedom.

My friend talked more, as I looked at him, he began to turn into glowing light. He was glowing the most brilliant light I had ever seen. I could see through him. His face looked like that of a pure angels. The air glowed around him. He was a shiny being glowing through eternity. The brilliance of it all cannot be equated into words.

We end the trip with a smoke session and few more talks. We listened to the new Shpongle album. He fell asleep and I rode out the night drumming and giving myself a light show to Shpongle. Saw many amazing visions in the dancing lights.

It was the one of the most incredible experiences of my life. This is a powerful tool to travel to worlds unknown. To dissolve boundaries, to have direct contact with the force of life. They should not be taken lightly. Even experienced users always face new challenges. You don't need to go hard to get great results. Just got to be in tune with it all. Thanks for reading. I know its a long one. God bless :)

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111577
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 27, 2018Views: 951
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Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), General (1)

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