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The Spiritual Matrix
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by OurLucidDream
Citation:   OurLucidDream. "The Spiritual Matrix: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp111844)". Apr 23, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 2:00   repeated smoked Cannabis - High THC  
  T+ 0:00   oral Cannabidiol  


It was a regular Monday morning around 10:00 A.M. and the previous night I seemed to receive a calling from the mushrooms. They had been sitting in storage for awhile and I thought that when the time was right I'd dive in again, although I didn't expect it to be so soon. I've been using cannabis almost daily for over 10 years and have had about 5 mild, low dose mushroom experiences (1-1.5g) in the past without anything too significant happening. The rest of my 'drug' experience consists of lots of salvia and a little LSD many years prior. I've always seemed to have a low tolerance with salvia so I believe the same could possibly be true with mushrooms.

The last time I had actually consumed mushrooms was a few years ago when my mind was very young and different so I figured it would be interesting to see how they affect me now. Because of this lack of high dose experience, I wanted to start off small again as a re-introduction to this medicine and see where it takes me. Little did I know that this small dose would end up manifesting into something much greater.

I started my morning by doing a short 15 minute meditation to get myself in the right mindset and direct my intentions towards the experience and what I wanted to gain from it. I really wasn't too sure what to expect so I simply asked to be shown whatever I currently need to see and I'd give no resistance. I wasn't even sure if anything significant would happen off of this dose but I wanted to make sure my heart and mind were in the right place regardless. I had prepared a playlist the night before consisting of some songs that drew out specific emotional triggers in me. I was curious to see if the mushrooms would reveal anything to me but I figured it'd mostly just be fun and euphoric listening to them. The trip would be taking place in my bedroom and I was in a good mindset, free of anxiety as I began to ingest the mushrooms.


It was now 11:00 A.M. as I started the playlist and initiated the experience. I ingested the 1.5g all at once on an empty stomach and chewed them until there was nothing left as they were surprisingly not too bad. I wasn't too sure what to expect during the come up as I had usually experienced nausea in the past but this time was very mild and subtle in comparison.


The first two hours were your very typical low dose mushroom come up. I was feeling a little 'drunk' but clear headed at the same time. I felt like I wanted to move and dance around to the music because it felt a lot nicer than sitting still. I also felt light as a feather as commonly reported. I was planning on waiting until around 2 hours in to smoke some cannabis out of a bong to see how it synergizes with the mushroom experience.


It was now 1:00 P.M. and I was feeling pretty good at what I thought was the peak and noticed a lot of euphoria as well as a sense of well being. I packed a bowl of some very high grade organic cannabis in the bong and proceeded to inhale.

Immediately after exhaling my senses began to perceive a more intense feeling coming on. A slow building euphoria was rising up inside of me, even beyond that which I was currently experiencing before. Waves of warmth began pulsating over my body as I proceeded to pack another bowl and take another hit. I then noticed that something was different... a profound presence washed over me and beckoned that I accept what it wanted to show me. It was communicated to me that everything in existence by spiritual law is based off of consent. I reciprocated with an open invitation to reveal to me anything that it desired. It felt very loving and all knowing. I couldn't sense anything dark or negative about it. I was trying to analyze if this was a part of my own higher self / consciousness opening up or if it really was a separate entity apart from me that I was in communication with. I felt it beckon me to pack another bowl. I was hesitant at first as I wasn't sure just how intense this was about to get but I trusted this 'entity' and I was curious to see just how deep I could take this feeling of inner bliss.


It is around 1:15 P.M. as I find myself packing a fourth and final bowl. I consume the remainder of the cannabis that I was urged to consume and laid back awaiting whatever was about to happen next. It felt like I was able to turn up the volume of the mushroom trip based on how much cannabis I consumed. I began seeing the walls breathe and a slight yellow / orange neon hue was overlaying my field of vision. It was very subtle as were all hallucinations throughout this trip. It was all extremely 'mental' if you can even really classify it as that, as it definitely felt like it was coming from somewhere beyond. The presence was now noticeably stronger and revealed to me that my bedroom door was 'The Gateway to Infinite Possibility'. It looked much larger than usual and I imagined golden glowing arches around it high up on some clouds. There was a very deep and serene sense of peace and love pulsating throughout my whole body at this point. It almost felt orgasmic to an extent. My cat who was previously laying down beside me was now sitting upright and looking directly at me. I felt like I could sense his thoughts and he could sense mine. He came across as an extremely old wise man and looked down on me almost as if saying 'do you understand now, my son?'. I nodded in reply and kept saying 'I understand now'.


It is now 2:00 P.M. I reached a point in the playlist where it would be a 3 hour long, peaceful acoustic loop over a beautiful scenic background in nature. This would be a perfect time for it to come on after hearing all of the other songs I wanted to hear as I was now definitely peaking. As soon as this part of the playlist came on, the trip began to take a very different turn from energetic and euphoric to deep and introspective. It was all still very euphoric but I was made aware that it was now time to get a bit more serious.

Around this time my mind and thoughts have begun to move so fast that time starts becoming irrelevant and it becomes harder to recall some parts.
Around this time my mind and thoughts have begun to move so fast that time starts becoming irrelevant and it becomes harder to recall some parts.
The 'mushroom spirit' as we will call it, was now fully encompassed within my experience and was guiding me through each and every thought I was having. I wasn't so much in control of my thoughts at this point, as they were rather being shown to me. I asked many questions when I could, as I have many, and the spirit gladly answered each and every one almost instantaneously after they'd come up. I asked quite a few questions to test it and see if it really was a part of me or something separate from myself. It told me that it is a higher vibrational being that assists us in our evolution and our spiritual understanding of this existence. It then asked if I had any more questions or if I was ready to move on with the lesson. Still somewhat in shock and awe of the sheer energy and intelligence of this being, I simply replied 'nope, that is all.' The lesson continued.

I must note at this time that throughout the whole experience, this voice is being communicated to me in many different funny accents in my mind. It was very cartoon-like in nature. Also many of the things being shown to me somehow went in perfect conjunction with the peaceful music that was playing in the background. It did not want me to change the song and discouraged me from ordering food a couple times when I was beginning to get hungry. It told me that I'd be fine and can order food anytime but right now is important. This lesson would only continue until the playlist is over and then I could order food. It didn't want me to look at the time at any point or check how much time was left in the playlist so I proceeded not to.


Time begins to become more distorted at this point and the current moment of existence was all that mattered. It revealed to me many things such as that all of these natural entheogens that are available to us are not drugs, but rather plugs into the true nature of existence. It is like a direct connection to 'source', a cheat code almost where one can access all truths and answers to life if they are ready, open and willing to receive it. It's like accessing the 'Archives of the All Knowing'. It told me that everyone will always be shown what they are ready for based on their own spiritual growth and place in their overall evolution. It told me that there is no time as we perceive it, no future past or present. There is simply only timelines that we live in. There is no good or bad, simply only a direction that we can choose to go in. It was portraying to me a large 'cosmic chart' of spiritual evolution where we all have our own position on it.

No words in human language could have possibly described what this grand Spiritual Matrix was. It was so largely vast and infinite and consisted of all types of beings from all types of dimensions and timelines. It told me that the truth of existence consists of two words, 'Exist' and 'Feel'. That's all we have to do. It also made it quite clear to me which points should be written down on paper from this experience and which ones weren't worth it. It was almost involuntary how my body wrote everything down when needed in a seemingly perfect, fluid motion.

It explained to me how we go in any given direction on this 'astral chart' throughout lifetimes, based on our actions in each given timeline / lifetime. If we live through more love-based actions, we will encompass more light energy and be able to travel into higher light densities. If we live through actions that we perceive as 'bad' or 'wrong', it will only change our overall trajectory on this chart to a more downward direction. It appeared you could go in all directions in all angles so there must be many factors that play into the overall outcome. Our trajectory can be changed at any point and usually fluctuates quite a bit within a person's lifetime based on how we choose to live. Once we die, we have the option to choose between many incarnations to nearly anywhere in almost any form that we want, based on our frequency that we obtained in our most recent incarnation. One could choose to live many lives through love in order to ascend to the top of this 'chart', and then decide that one wants the perspective of the bottom portion and choose to descend in the other direction. The amount of lifetimes it would actually take to ascend from top to bottom is nearly infinite as well so it always keeps each new life interesting with each new incarnation. Us humans in general in this third dimension are closer to the middle of this astral chart but some of us are on a much more upward trajectory than others. The bottom of the chart below us is much vaster and full of low vibrational dark energies where as the upper portion, although still infinity large, is narrower and less dense almost like a pyramid.

I continued to ask more questions when I could squeeze them in such as why the people who run today's plane of existence do what they do. I was told that in this timeline on the 'earth plane' we live in a dire time of existence where there are indeed many people in power with ulterior motives. They choose to live their life doing what they do because it's fun for them, and that's what life's all about. One is meant to exist, feel and have fun with all of it. It doesn't make it inherently bad, it's just the path they're choosing to take in their grand evolution. There is no repercussion except that of one's own choice. Valuing health for example isn't mandatory, as nothing is inherently good or bad, but if one wishes to learn and evolve more within this timeline / lifetime then it is indeed wise to live a longer, healthier life if possible. It was made clear to me that because of free will they can do what they want, and it's not up to us to pay any attention or concern to it. I was told that many things in this era are being designed to 'unplug' us from the truth and change the trajectory of our evolution. It also told me that we're only here to experience this specific timeline because we chose it and that's it. It made it very clear to me that Timeline > Time. It showed me the beauty and perfection in all of nature and explained the circle of life in more depth.

It made it very clear to me that all of these questions I was asking and that humans ask in general are actually pointless and don't really matter because all we're intended to do in this life is enjoy this very immediate moment of existence and not think about all of the things we've been conditioned to think about. I asked why it was showing me all of this and it told me that I was progressing upwards in my evolution and was ready to receive this information. It told me that it was sacred knowledge and I should cherish this gift. I felt extremely grateful and thanked it for everything as we continued on with the lesson.

It explained to me that when a person takes an entheogen, it is less based on what is being ingested into the body that is causing the effect, but more so the 'allowance rate', based on the dosage, that you're giving 'them' to communicate with you. Many entheogens can connect to similar or different planes / dimensions and it told me that Peyote is a good choice too as it offers many different, as well as similar aspects to the mushroom. It told me that mushrooms are one of the most powerful and prominent for connecting directly to source in a deep and profound way. It told me that most chemical based drugs can usually lead to a more downward decline in one's evolutionary path with the exception of LSD being able to work like most entheogens. It said that intent always plays a major role in what you get out of the experience and how it affects your overall trajectory. It said that obtaining all of this information through meditation and other natural means is the fastest way to reach the top but entheogens only cause a very minor change in the trajectory. Although there are many paths to many different directions, entheogens are still one of the fastest tracks to self-discovery in our plane of existence.

+ 6:00 hours in

The spirit let me know that the experience was coming to an end and that would conclude this lesson. I was reminded that the main message to take away from the experience was to: Exist, Feel and to just Live and Learn through the Experience of life in general. There is only truth and that is in existence itself. Basically I needed to learn to stop living in my head so much and stop over-stressing about unnecessary things. I just needed to be reminded that embracing this immediate moment of existence is the most simple yet beautiful thing we can really do. Any fear or questions of death ceased to exist and I felt completely content with everything in life.

+ 6:00-8:00 hours in

The experience overall began to simmer down about 6 hours in around 5:00 P.M. and the next few hours were a stony, peaceful bliss where I could get some of the feeling back by continuing to smoke bowls of cannabis. I also ingested some CBD afterwards which seemed to be quite effective in bringing back some of the mushroom's effects as well. It was definitely a nice touch at the end. Overall, I was a little in disbelief while coming down from the experience as I felt like I had just discovered the secret hack to life (aka the red pill) and needed some time to process and integrate what had just happened. It's strange going from a point of knowing it's 100% supreme truth during the experience to questioning the power of the substance and my mind in correlation with it afterwards. Were all of those answers a manifestation of my own higher self or was it really an all-knowing entity separate from myself? Was it all just in my head? It couldn't be, it was too real... It originally told me that although it was a higher vibrational being, we are all one anyways which technically makes us one in the same.


The afterglow is still prominent a couple days later as I am writing this and truly feel that I have been changed for a lifetime. This life is full of many amazing mysteries and I'm definitely looking forward to whatever comes next. I cannot wait to explore more of what this 'substance' or 'plug into the Spiritual Matrix' has in store for me in my near future. Peace!

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111844
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Apr 23, 2018Views: 6,345
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Mushrooms (39), Cannabis - High THC (598) : Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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