My Blood Turns to Pleasure Juice
6-APB, Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "My Blood Turns to Pleasure Juice: An Experience with 6-APB, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp112049)". Jul 17, 2018.

T+ 0:00
51 mg oral 6-APB (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 1.5 oz oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 2:02 34 mg oral 6-APB (liquid)
  T+ 2:02 1.5 oz oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 3:55 40 mg smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 6:38 57 mg insufflated 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 0:00   repeated vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 11:45 50 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
This report is part of a seven-report collection. The collection consists of a summary report that is retrospective and generalized in nature as well as six [of which this is one] more detailed chronicles of my experience with 6-APB. If desired, please see the summary report, where one can find links to each of the other experience reports.

All dosages were prepared on a freshly calibrated milligram (.000 gram) scale. The chemical was sourced through a highly vetted chemist and this batch was tested at a > 98% purity. An NMR analysis was completed and analyzed by a third party chemist to verify the chemical was indeed 6-APB. All dosages were from the same batch of chemical. The substance was a medium-light tan color and a very fine powder.

A little background: I consider myself to be well versed in the realm of substance use. Previous experiences include opiates, stimulants and psychedelics. A fair amount of my substance usage history includes novel research chemicals often in less than common combinations.

This report was written using extensive notes as well as audio recordings taken during the experience.

Take 4: Can’t Stop Writing About How Good My Arms Feel

It has been 22 days since my last 6-APB experience. I have drunk alcohol about 3 or 4 days a week since the last experience and used cannabis almost every day. The only other substance I have ingested is 50 mg of racemic ketamine three days prior to this experience. I do not believe this affected today’s experience at all. For the entirety of this experience I am alone, with the exception of my dog Gee.

T + 00:00 [1:30 PM]
I weigh 51mg of 6-APB and mix it into 1.5 fluid ounces [one shot] of bourbon whiskey [40% ABV]. I don’t bother to stir until all the powder dissolves. I take the shot and then refill the jigger with water twice and drink to ensure I ingested all of the substance.

T + 00:23 [1:53 PM]
I am not feeling any effects yet. I have hints of nausea that are light and fleeting. I can’t tell if this is from the excitement of my largest oral dose to date of this chemical or a direct result from the 6-APB reaching my stomach.

T + 00:36 [2:06 PM]
My vision is “softer” now; the edges of objects are not as sharp or distinct as they are when I am sober. I wouldn’t say the vision is blurry; it is more of a simplification in the way I see and interpret the shapes of objects in the room. I can’t tell if I have slight trails or not? The fact that I am not sure leads me to believe that at least a little something is happening. I have been mixing music since I ingested the chemical. I have not noticed any auditory enhancement yet.

T + 00:43 [2:13 PM]
No extra energy or other effects yet. I have yawned a few times in the past few minutes.

T + 01:12 [2:42 PM]
The come up is going full tilt now. I can really feel the substance. My tactile sensory is heightened all the way up to superhero levels. Deep breaths bring extensive positive feelings to me physically. My arms [elbow to hands] are covered in goosebumps and are beginning to fill with a positive energy that feels simply wonderful. I have my first sexual thought of the experience but it is relatively fleeting.

I forgot how good this type of substance can feel! It is so fun to feel like this! I wonder why I ever debated taking this today, as it seems now like a no-brainer decision.

T + 01:18 [2:48 PM]
The effects are still coming on strong. I am literally shaking due to the purity of the positive and euphoric feelings. My hands are trembling from the wrist to the finger tips. I am typing faster than normal but am maintaining quality [no more spelling errors than normal]. I write in my journal: “Wow wow wow this is sooo nice!”

My inhibitions have completely left me. I am completely open and free.
My inhibitions have completely left me. I am completely open and free.

I am content just sitting on the couch with my eyes closed to experience this rapid come-up. The high wraps itself around my body and mind. There are waves of pleasure pushing through every inch of my body now. I especially feel this energy pulsing through the insides of my arms. I can feel my physical brain inside my skull. It feels pleasant and relaxed in a squishy sort of way.

I can tell I am heavily intoxicated at this point, to the extent where I feel I could make poor decisions. This feels like when I have been swept off my feet by the ‘MDMA magic’ and decide that I should purchase non-refundable plane tickets across the country to meet up with an old friend who happened to be texting me at the wrong time.

T + 01:27 [2:57 PM]
I am still able to articulate well in text conversations I have been having with friends but I also know I am becoming more chatty than normal. I open a beer [5.9 % ABV] and its flavors are richer; more in tune with my palate than normal.

T + 01:38 [3:08 PM]
The initial rush of the come-up is over now. I am still heavily influenced but the answer of “how high will this go” has now been answered. My thoughts immediately turn to strategically planning my booster doses. I know already that I want to feel like this all day if possible. I could even go bigger in terms of effects than where I am now, so I know I can aggressively dose from here on out.

I make a note in my journal about how enjoyable sex would be in this condition.

I finish up my first beer of the experience.

T + 01:49 [3:19 PM]
I have closed eyed visuals beginning to develop. They are very faint, barely distinguishable from the black background of my closed eyelids. They seem to be a random collage of abstract shapes, a slot machine type design of three spinning rectangles and some empty nothingness. All of this is very faint and I struggle to understand or make out any of it in detail.

T + 02:02 [3:32PM]
I do not want to wait too long before taking a booster dose and decide now is as good a time as any. I weight out 34 mg and mix it into 1.5 fluid ounces of whiskey as I did previously. I am hoping that this dose will not only extend the experience duration but also raise the intensity of the effects.

As I walk around my house, I am taking slow and methodical strides. Movement of any kind simply feels good by the muscles involved in it. I stand in place and simply bend then unbend my knees. I begin to raise my arms up and down; bent at the elbow. I repeat these actions for a minute or so enjoying the pure bliss it brings me. I have no concern at all about how odd or goofy this may be.

I open my second beer [4.2% ABV] and return to the couch, which is my current home base. After sitting down, I realize I had already opened a beer just a few minutes ago. My short-term memory seems to be reduced right now.

T + 02:11 [3:41 PM]
My arms feel so darn good I keep writing notes about them in my journal. My goosebumps are gone now and have been replaced by a rushing, pulsing, of positive energy which takes about one second to radiate from the inside of my arms outwards my skin where the heat melts away to nothing.

T + 02:22 [3:52 PM]
My closed eyed visuals have disappeared entirely.

T + 02:25 [3:55 PM]
I finish my second beer [4.2 % ABV] and start in on the one I had opened but then forgotten about [4.2 % ABV].

T + 02:33 [4:03 PM]
I suddenly “snap back” to “reality”. I realize I have been thinking and existing entirely “in the moment”, only concerned with what is happening right this instant. This snap back allows me to think outside of the current moment and reflect on my level of intoxication, which I would place at a solid ++ on the Shulgin scale.

I don’t think I have felt any increase in effects yet from my second dosage. I wonder if perhaps I undershot the amount required to boost the effects.

T + 02:50 [4:20PM]
I am starting to clench my jaw and grind my teeth now.

T + 02:58 [4:28 PM]
I take my resting heart rate and it measures 88 BPM, which is slightly elevated from my sober resting heart rate of around 65 BPM.

T + 03:01 [4:31 PM]
I feel amazing, but I am unfortunately aware that I don’t feel as good as I did during my initial come up. I am noticing now that my eyes are struggling to focus on objects that are close to me. There have been several instances where my eyes take a few seconds to regain focus after shifting my gaze from a faraway object to my journal as I write notes. When I look down at the journal pages I am left with an out of focus view that drifts in and out of focus for the entirety of my writing. With the intent of testing my eyes' functionality; I look to my far left then my far right and repeat this several times. I find that my eyes are very slow in their side to side movement. I can’t recall ever feeling this specific sensation ever before. There is no nystagmus occurring.

I grasp that the functionality of my eyes indicates I am at a decent level of intoxication but my mind keeps telling me that I want a little bit more.

T + 03:22 [4:52 PM]
My eyes are increasingly difficult to focus. To relieve myself of this issue I spend some time with my eyes shut. I still do not have any closed eyed visuals but I do see that some are now once again attempting to develop. I am more comfortable with my eyes closed than with them open. I could almost meditate right now. My mind is not racing, contrarily it is very calm, only taking in the immensely positive emotions and feelings from my body.

T + 03:27 [4:57 PM]
I retest my eyes' side to side movement and find it rapidly increased from half an hour ago.

T + 03:39 [5:09 PM]
I realize I have been completely sucked into my thoughts. It is suddenly dark outside; I completely missed sunset even with my blinds open on the windows.

T + 03:55 [5:25 PM]
I keep realizing I have been in a hyper focus / enveloped by the moment each time I snap back to reality and have a thought about something that is not occurring RIGHT NOW. If I was at a show, I feel like I would say zero words and just become absorbed by the music. I weigh out 40 mg of sativa dominant cannabis and smoke it through a scientific glass water pipe.

T + 04:13 [5:43 PM]
I estimate that I am peaking now. My headspace remains “not-trippy” but still incredibly positive and slightly fiendish.
My headspace remains “not-trippy” but still incredibly positive and slightly fiendish.
I am already thinking about another dose to keep this ridiculously good feeling going. Intensity rates at a solid ++ on the Shulgin scale.

T + 04: 31[6:01 PM]
I take a shot [1.5 fluid ounces] of whiskey [40 % ABV] and open another beer [4.2 % ABV].

T + 04:45 [6:15 PM]
Time is passing very slowly now. Every time I peek at a clock I am surprised at how little time has passed. My dog throws up now, very suddenly and unexpected. I am completely functional to clean it up and experience about the same gag reflex activity as I would sober when handling it. My stomach is completely settled [and has been since before the booster dose].

T + 04:47 [6:17 PM]
I drink another shot [1.5 fluid ounces] of whiskey [40 % ABV]. I am now heavily considering what sort of booster dose would be effective at this point in my experience.

T + 05:28 [6:58 PM]
Having finished the prior beer, I open another beer [4.2 % ABV] and take another shot [1.5 fluid ounces] of whiskey [40 % ABV]. I can tell I am in a plateau of effects now. The experience won’t be getting more intense without further ingesting of 6-APB. The alcohol is having an effect on my motor skills. I notice my clumsiness [I attribute to the alcohol more than the 6-APB] more than I would if I was only drinking. My head does not feel jumbled or hazy as it can when I drink a fair amount.

T + 06:18[7:48 PM]
I feel like I am beginning to drop down towards baseline. I am able to focus my eyes much better now, and feel like my ability to do so has increased over the past half hour or so. I continue to get sucked in to music, thoughts, or reading on the computer and then experience a snap back that reminds me of reality and other things outside of my present experience.

T + 06:34 [8:04 PM]
My eyes are more at ease when closed. I feel a bit sleepy and sedated, instead of the pulsing rushing energy I have fallen in love with for the past several hours. I make the decision to take a second booster dose. Looking at how long it has been since my last ingestion, I decide to change to the insufflation route of administration. I am curious how this administration method will come into play and if the “magic” of the experience will come back.

T + 06:38 [8:08 PM]
I weigh out 26 mg and insufflate through my right nostril. I immediately weigh another 31 mg and insufflate through my left nostril. I follow this with insufflation of water through both nostrils. I prepare myself for the discomfort I have come to associate with snorting 6-APB but find that it never arrives. The insufflation process is completely pain free.

Almost immediately I feel more awake than prior to the insufflation. My jaw tension and teeth grinding is still active although not painful or annoying.

T + 06:55 [8:25 PM]
A headache has emerged and is relatively intense. I rarely get headaches so this is a bit of a surprise to me. I decide to combat with water first, and progress to acetaminophen or benzodiazepines as necessary. I lay down with my head elevated on the couch, curled like a big spoon around Gee. Gee stretches her hind legs and then extends her front legs overhead as we lie in silence. Even with the sharp pain in the front of my brain I can’t help but giggle at the spectacle we are.

T + 7:32 [9:02 PM]
My headache has retreated slightly but is still very present. I refill my water and decide to also have another beer [4.2 % ABV]. The half hour or so of silence starts to feel strange and painfully obvious. Small noises from outside combine with the creaks and groans o the house until the silence has become large and powerful. A light burst of tinnitus type buzzing snaps me out of a trance and I do a little thinking out loud to break up the quiet. I decide to add some light jazz music as auditory background.

T + 7:50 [9:20 PM]
I feel that the latest round of 6-APB is suddenly upon me. I suddenly realize that I have been diminishing the chemical’s effects, both physical and mental, as a result of my concentration on my headache. The realization comes as this re-dose's come up ends, the compound is now too powerful to ignore. I reach a new plateau of pleasure. I sit stunned, rubbing my hands along my forearms. My skin is electric with sensation, my hair stand on end as my blood turns to pleasure juice, swirling around my body's insides, making everything it touches feel oh so good.

T + 8:18 [9:48 PM]
Clammy hands? Sweaty feet? A slight chill from just enough sweating to dampen my tee shirt? Probably yes, yes and yes . . . but I feel so divine I barely comment on these effect as I scribble feverishly to try and document in some manner how unbelievably enjoyable this experience is. My handwriting at this point is unlikely legible to most others. I abandon the keyboard; I can write with a pen better than type with my eyes closed.

T + 8:34 [10:04 PM]
I turn the music up and have abandoned jazz in exchange for some up-tempo bluegrass. As I begin to dance I get a beer [4.2 % ABV] from the fridge- switch that; reverse it. A beer leads to dancing and I grin wide as I navigate a bathroom trip and then once again settle on the couch. I don’t know if I have reached a full +++ on the Shulgin scale, but am not too far off from that level.

T + 8:42 [10:12 PM]
I can feel some sedation coming on and decide to take Gee out for a quick walk and bathroom break of her own.

T + 8:46 [10:16 PM]
It feels like I took forever getting my jacket and shoes together. The cold air feels wonderful against my flushed and overly sensitive skin. The change in temperature naturally triggers a serious of slow deep breaths. Each inhale brings a swell of good feelings; positivity and calm contentedness in my mind, a comfortable rush of this incredible body high. The inhale-exhale cycle feels beautiful and perfectly fit into my schedule, almost as if it was planned. Gee trots along, taking the lead, smelling and investigating as dogs do. Normally I worry about her wandering off or causing problems with other dogs. At this moment, I know everything will be all right and the worries are kept completely at bay. I had grabbed a beer [4.2 % ABV] to take on the walk I realize as I discover it in a pocket. I crack it open despite the cold and wet weather.

T + 9:08 [10:38 PM]
Gee and I make our way back inside. The boost from the last insufflation has reached its maximum and I feel that I have settled nicely into the final plateau of the experience. There is no desire to take more. I am extremely happy to get comfortable and warm on the couch under a blanket as I bask in my good mood and rapidly relaxing body.

As soon as I hit the couch, the sedation I experienced prior to the walk returns. I don’t want to move at all. I muster up the energy to weigh and prepare 71 mg of an indica dominant strain of cannabis using a vaporizer. I inhale the bags of smoke much faster than normal, impatient to be finished with the task.

T + 9:29 [10:59 PM]
I am lying on the couch, completely and utterly motionless. I am in a trance. I have not been thinking actively since I inhaled the last hit of cannabis. I have released all concern for things future or past. I realize this, thus breaking the beautiful meditative-like state of mind. My body is weightless; the buzzing sensation of the body high has slowed its pace to match my calm and serene state of mind. I take a deep breath and attempt to clear my mind of thought once again.

T + 10:03 [11:33 PM]
I open my eyes. I feel the plateau of effects has reached an end and I am steading coming down. The past thirty minutes has been wonderful. It has been continuous cycles of varying lengths of time during which I enter the blissful mind state of having no thoughts at all, ending each cycle with a thought about how great I feel. This repeats after a few deep breaths and some mental willing for the meditative blankness to return.

T + 10:28 [11:58 PM]
My headache is re-emerging so I drink a few glasses of water back to back. The comedown is rapid; I have lost the strong euphoric sensations. I am beginning to feel worn down. The glow of the physical sedation is starting to give way. I still have little desire to get up and move around, but this now comes from a place of exhaustion and tiredness. I am starting to think about tomorrow, how hungover I might be and what I need to get done. This is a sign to me that I am well off the peak even though the idea of sleep does not sound particularly appetizing.

T + 10:51 [12:21 PM]
I am watching some mindless Netflix, content with my experience tonight. I vaporize 94 mg of indica dominant cannabis. The effects of smoking are more pronounced than earlier in the night. I feel the cannabis high melt into the 6-APB slightly, raising my stimulant related sensations, but I predominantly feel a classic cannabis high and even get a little giggly.

T + 11:18 [12:48 PM]
I’m not sure I will be able to sleep due to the tail end of the stimulants effects but I am feeling physical and mentally spent. My mood is good; I’m plenty happy and content. The persistent headache is a bit of a damper but it’s more manageable than it would be sober I think.

T + 11:45 [1:15 AM + 1]
I take 50 mg diphenhydramine and 1000 mg acetaminophen in the form of two Advil PM’s to assist me in getting rid of my headache and also preparing me for sleep.

T + 12:04 [1:34 AM + 1]
My eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. I am not experiencing any increase in visuals or other effects from adding the diphenhydramine to my system. My headache has been drastically reduced at this point.

T + 12:17 [1:47 AM + 1]
I lie down and fall asleep almost immediately.

T + 20:45 [10:15 AM +1]
I wake up now feeling very rested after sleeping soundly. My headache is gone. Both my hands are shaking slightly. I suspect this is due to lack of food but cannot be certain. I am actually debating taking more 6-APB this morning which is very unusual for me the day following an experience with euphoric stimulants. I elect to abstain from a multi-day but still found it noteworthy that some desire existed for this.

T + 23:11 [12:41 PM + 1]
My shaking hands have subsided but I still have zero appetite. I have not eaten anything of substance yet today.

T + 27:30 [5:00 PM + 1]
I have only eaten a few Cheeze-It crackers thus far today. Nothing seems appetizing to me at this point and I do not feel hungry at all. I have had five beers and two shots of whiskey throughout the day and note that I feel the effects of the alcohol less than normal. At the time they were ingested, they each provided a boost in intensity that lasted between 4 and 20 minutes. I do not note any anhedonia occurring today. I have actually had a very productive and pleasant day getting small chores done around the house. I have been low on energy most of the day however and had no desire to get out and be physically active.

T + 31:12 [8:42 PM + 1]
I finally decide to make a small dinner. I don’t really feel hungry but know that my body needs energy. When eating, the food tastes great and I eat relatively quickly without feeling like I was forcing it down. I do not opt for a second portion.

Conclusion / Additional Notes:
This was not necessarily long term, life-changing experience filled with revelations, but it did have a therapeutic component to it. It allowed me to step away from my own mind and the thoughts, good or bad, which occupy it. The experience felt clean and natural, not overly synthetic. My productivity and good mood persisted for another day following the last timestamp of the report. No crash or negative effects ever made an appearance during the comedown or days following the experience.

The only negative piece to the experience was my headache.
The only negative piece to the experience was my headache.
It was painful enough at times that I had to stop what I was doing and simply hold my head in my hands [sustained sharp pains]. I do not blame the 6-APB for the headache. I have experimented many times with 6-APB and have not found this to be a common effect, even when combining the substance with alcohol.

When retrospectively reading my notes and thinking back to the experience I observed that my re-doses did a great job of extending the effects but it did not lead to large increases in intensity as I normally find when taking stimulants and using an insufflation route of administration. The initial come-up was the most “under the influence” I felt in the entire experience, despite stronger effects later in the evening as a result of stacking dosages. Likely this was due to the rapid departure from baseline and stark comparison of sobriety to strong stimulation. I made a few comments and notes about remembering to be slightly more aggressive with my re-dose amounts in the future if I desire a significantly higher peak than the original dosage provides.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112049
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jul 17, 2018Views: 4,312
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