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The 6-APB Logs: A Chronicle of Experimentation
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "The 6-APB Logs: A Chronicle of Experimentation: An Experience with 6-APB (exp112045)". Erowid.org. Jul 17, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112045

  insufflated 6-APB (powder / crystals)
    oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
The 6-APB Logs: A Chronicle of Experimentation

This report is designed to act as a summary of six separate experience reports. Each of the underlying reports is unique and fits into an archetype of trip reporting [i.e. The first time, mini-dosing, performance enhancement goal, heavy dosage, etc.]. Route of administration is another factor that changes between the reports. Each experience could be read on its own, but I believe that tying them together as a collection is more useful as it allows a reader to read about the different facets of this substance from a singular perspective.

The reports were written using extensive written notes from before, during and after the experience as well as audio recordings taken during the experiences. The experiences occurred over a span of 7+ months. The experiences that I chose to produce full experience reports for were not the only times I used the substance during this time period. I intentionally had no tolerance for these full-report experiences, but I experimented with repeated usage in order to glean data on my personal tolerance [which is discussed below in this summary report].

The following holds true for all of the experiences:

- All dosages were prepared on a freshly calibrated milligram (.000 g) scale

- Chemical was sourced through a highly vetted chemist and this batch was tested at a > 98% purity

- An NMR analysis was completed and analyzed by a third party chemist to verify the chemical was indeed 6-APB

- All dosages were from the same batch of chemical

- The substance was a medium-light tan color and a very fine powder.

Please find below a link to each of the related reports and below them, some retrospective comments on my 6-APB experimentation.

Take 1: An Initial Stretching of Mental Headspace
Take 2: Mental Soup: Love, Lentils & Positivity
Take 3: Healing Properties of a Mental Vacation
Take 4: My Blood Turns to Pleasure Juice
Take 5: My Eyes Won’t Look Up, So I Look Left
Take 6: Remembering How True Positivity Feels

A little background: I consider myself to be well versed in the realm of substance use. Previous experiences include opiates, stimulants and psychedelics. A fair amount of my substance usage history includes novel research chemicals, often in less than common combinations.

I have amassed all of my notes and experiences into a series [in no particular order] of comments regarding 6-APB. The content below leverages data from not only the six experiences that are discussed in the formal reports, but also a number of other experiences for which the notes never reached a finalized product. Please keep in mind, all commentary below is my personal experience and your mileage may vary.

Physical Effects:

- Smaller dosages tended to produce more of the “couch lock” while higher dosages most often did not. I found my tipping point between a night on the couch and a night of heavy dancing to be between 65 and 100 mgs. I rarely experienced the need to pace around or fidget as I might on a less euphoric stimulant.

- Visual effects were generally minimal but commonly included saturation of the visual field and some “static” or “buzzing”. Further into sleep deprivation and/or higher dosages sometimes led to closed eyed visuals. Cannabis and higher dosages could also result in open eyed visuals, but they were rarely the highlight of an experience. Classic nystagmus never occurred, but I did experience some issues with my eyes’ ability to focus quickly, usually at heavier dosages.

- Minor shaking / tremors occurred in my fingers but this never occurred in any other part of my body. The shaking was not correlated to only high or low doses, diet, setting or any other attribute that I could determine.

- While an increased heart rate was often experienced, I never recorded a resting heart rate of more than 180 BPM even while exercising on the substance.

- Jaw tension did occur in direct correlation with the amount of material ingested. I found the intensity of discomfort to lay in the middle of the pack compared to other stimulants.

Combining 6-APB with Other Substances:

- Alcohol significantly increased my eyes’ inability to focus, but I never found this enough of a detriment to not combine the two substances. I often found that a few cold light beers paired very nicely with this substance.

- Cannabis was consistently an effective “trampoline” to boost the intensity of 6-APB’s effects. It nearly always increased any visual effects, particularly closed eyed visuals. On lower dosages of 6-APB, I sometimes overrode the stimulants effects and became uncomfortably stoned. When on higher dosages of 6-APB, I had the ability to consume far more cannabis than I could sober.

- Benzodiazepines were often used to aid in sleeping after my 6-APB experiences. I have a natural disinclination towards sleep, so stimulants often result in all-nighters that tend to conflict with my work life. Benzo’s in general were effective in assisting with the sleeping process. I found that taking longer lasting varieties such as flubromazolam, diclazepam, or clonazolam worked especially well if taken a few hours after the peak of the stimulant experience. Both the body high and mental relaxation provided by these benzos often improved the tail end of the 6-APB’s effects.

- Ketamine was paired with 6-APB on a few occasions. Generally these experiences were structured with a low to medium dosage [20 - 75 mg] of 6-APB preceeding [by perhaps 2 - 5 hours] the ketamine. While I never had a bad experience mixing these two substances, I rarely found that the total experience was greater than the sum of its parts. The 6-APB was fun, and then the ketamine was fun, but no great synergy was ever noticed.

Route of Administration:

Insufflation is generally my go-to choice as my stomach is sensitive to nearly all foreign chemicals. 6-APB made me question my go-to. Insufflation was painful and the drip following it was nearly just as bad. The pain was less pointed and concentrated than 4-FA and not as entirely caustic as some of the 2-C family, but it was a highly unpleasant burning sensation accompanied by a not so lovely irritation in the back of the throat. Interestingly, larger dosages were more manageable than mid level dosages. I attribute this to the substance starting to kick in prior to completing insufflation, which often took several minutes due to the discomfort.

I did experiment with oral, sublingual, and buccal administration methods. The taste of 6-APB was about as expected. A chemical taste, lacking in the amine flavor department, generally tangy and unpleasant in nature. I found a parachute of single ply toilet paper was the most effective and least intrusive [in terms of stomach discomfort] “by mouth” method of ingestion. Mixing the powder into a shot of liquor was a close second choice in terms of frequency. Oral ingestion extended the overall duration by perhaps 15%. The biggest difference was the intensity of the peak [less than with an identical dosage insufflated] and the come-up, which was much smoother than when insufflating. For doses under 50 mg I often elected an oral route of administration.

Dosing / Duration / Tolerance:

My “at one time” dosages ranged from an allergy test of 1 mg to north of 300 mg. Without any tolerance I rarely found a need to surpass 200 mg. Doing so would result in a full on maelstrom of positivity with euphoria overflowing me until it poured out my ears. A steep dosage curve was found; while 100 mg of 6-APB was comparable in intensity to an identical dose of MDMA, a 350 mg dosage of 6-APB was significantly more intense than MDMA at that level.

Dosages between 40 - 85 mg were generally aimed at a relaxing night spent in conversation or a light experience out for drinks without alerting the world to my activities.
Dosages between 40 - 85 mg were generally aimed at a relaxing night spent in conversation or a light experience out for drinks without alerting the world to my activities.
The 85 - 125 mg range is where I begin to appear more outwardly under the influence. I start to become significantly more chatty, euphoric, energetic and empathetic. Pupil dilation was much greater at this dosage. This was my most practiced dosage range. From 125 mg and up, the sky is the limit. Some occasions called for these dosages, but they were not incredibly common for me. In this range I found I was capable of having “rolling epiphanies” that did not hold up to sober scrutiny the next morning. This is also where judgment was more easily swayed.

Re-dosing was a common practice in my experiences. I generally enjoy getting my feet wet before I put on the scuba gear. A secondary, third or any other iteration of assisting dosage was usually selected at roughly 75% or greater of the initial dosage if the goal was to raise the intensity of effects [rather than simply prolong the current level].

While most experiences involved multiple dosing events, I found a single event would have a duration of around six hours. The full return to baseline sometimes occurred well past six hours when taking into account my ability to fall asleep. The first alert was very quick, within minutes for larger dosages. The initial onset was generally followed by a small pullback and then a relatively smooth increase in intensity until the peak was reached perhaps an hour and a half later. The absolute peak was generous in its length [sometimes thirty or more minutes] followed by a slightly decreased plateau of perhaps an hour or so which then turned back towards baseline.

Back to back experiences and/or multi-day experiences behaved about as expected in terms of dosages and tolerance. Tolerance built in a comparable manner to MDMA. If continuous usage surpassed a third day, dosages had to be doubled to continue to achieve a continued level of effects. If usage had some breaks, such as an experience every other day for a week, by the end of the week, at least a doubling of dosages was also required to keep the experience intensity similar to the first of the series.

Setting options:

Most often I enjoyed 6-APB in a small private setting either alone or with my partner Kai. I explored public settings including but not limited to music events. Outdoor activities were also explored such as skiing. The substance is pliable in that it lends and shapes itself to the activities or setting at hand. It was perhaps better suited in a conversational environment rather than a show by its own nature. Lower doses were effective in mellow environments, but being in settings with increased outside stimulation required larger amounts of material for similar effects.

Mental Effects:

- Euphoria, empathy and an overall positive attitude were the pillars of the mental effects for this substance. All increased in intensity as dosage increased. I found the sensations to be pretty genuine in their nature until reaching past the 100 mg marker; at that point the experience began to feel slightly more synthetic.

- I never once experienced paranoia or negative thoughts of any other nature. Anhedonia only occurred on one occasion after multi-day usage that involved other stimulants as well. Generally speaking I did not find any negative hangover effects.

The Birds and The Bees:

- Sex was extremely enjoyable with this substance, more so than many other research chemical stimulants. Increased libido as well as some performance enhancement was common. I often found the substance brought the sexual thoughts to my mind.

Comparisons to Well Known Substances:

- The most comparable “common” material would be MDA although I found 6-APB to be more forgiving than MDA. I never became more overwhelmed or overstimulated with it than MDA. It was generally less visual than MDA as well, especially in a music show type environment where lights, lasers and other visual effects were prominent pieces of the setting. It shares MDA’s relaxed and “non-pushy” stimulant nature and the almost sedating body high is easily likened to this more common substance.

- While 6-APB shared a lot of commonalities with MDMA, it was slightly less empathogenic than MDMA. 6-APB also did not posses the classic “magic”. To be fair though, it was more natural and enjoyable and “magical” than most other novel stimulants I have sampled. It is uplifting and clean feeling similar to pure MDMA.

Final commentary on 6-APB . . . hmm, it’s lovely. A clean, highly euphoric stimulant that has a pleasant but rarely overwhelming body high and is borderline psychedelic in flavor. A wide range of dosages provided a delightfully diverse and enjoyable range of effects. View the detailed experience reports for further insight into my time spent with the substance.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112045
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jul 17, 2018Views: 9,781
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