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My Eyes Won't Look Up, So I Look Left
6-APB, Cannabis & Alcohol
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "My Eyes Won't Look Up, So I Look Left: An Experience with 6-APB, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp112050)". Erowid.org. Jul 17, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112050

T+ 0:00
102 mg insufflated 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:10 12 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 0:34 1.5 oz oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 2:14 0.75 oz oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 2:43 1.5 oz oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 3:19 126 mg vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 3:51 140 mg vaporized Cannabis  
This report is part of a seven-report collection. The collection consists of a summary report that is retrospective and generalized in nature as well as six more detailed chronicles of my experience with 6-APB [of which this is one]. If desired, please see the summary report, where one can find links to each of the other experience reports.

All dosages were prepared on a freshly calibrated milligram (.000 g) scale. The chemical was sourced through a highly vetted chemist and this batch was tested at a > 98% purity. An NMR analysis was completed and analyzed by a third party chemist to verify the chemical was indeed 6-APB

A little background: I consider myself to be well versed in the realm of substance use. Previous experiences include opiates, stimulants and psychedelics. A fair amount of my substance usage history includes novel research chemicals often in less than common combinations.

This report was written using extensive notes as well as audio recordings taken during the experience.

Take 5: My Eyes Wonít Look Up, So I Look Left

Today is a beautiful day. The weather is sunny and warmer than expected this time of year where I live. It is a Saturday and my partner Kai and I plan to spend the afternoon in our home accompanied by our dog Gee. Kai is taking ALD-52 for the first time [150 ug blotter] and I will be administering my largest at-one time dosage of 6-APB to date. It has been fourteen days since I last used 6-APB and during this period I have used only cannabis [almost every day], alcohol [about half of the days], clonazolam [three times], and etizolam [two times] during this period of time. I am in a generally good mood and have no physical ailments besides being slightly fatigued from some backcountry skiing earlier in the day. I have eaten a banana and a small bit of chicken thus far today which is less than I would normally eat. My partner Kai and our trusty dog Gee are with me for the entirety of the experience, which is spent in our home. Kai ingests the ALD-52 at the same time as I begin my insufflation process. Gee declines to participate in our shenanigans.

T + 00:00 [5:21 PM]
I have weighed out and crush up 102 mg of 6-APB as finely as I can. Once crushed the powder is difficult to cut up. It has a natural tendency to clump in one big piece that can be slid around the counter as a singular unit. After some work with the edge of a library card I have a reasonably thin and organized line. I begin the insufflation process knowing all too well how unpleasant my near future will be due to the caustic nature of the substance. I switch nostrils halfway through the line and follow the powder with a small insufflation of water to assist with absorption.

T + 00:05 [5:26 PM]
This is the fastest I have been able to get down an insufflated dose of 6-APB. The drip is just beginning to make itself known in the far back of my throat.

T + 00:08 [5:29 PM]
I have been waiting for the pain to hit me like a train as it usually does but I am pleasantly surprised to find all discomfort restrained to a minimal level. I mostly notice the unpleasant taste, some irritation in the back of my throat and a mid-level pain in my nasal passages. The pain is far less severe and less sharp than normal.

I already am more awake that I was prior to insufflating the compound and some saturation is noticeable in my vision field. As I type notes about the experience my fingers are moving faster and faster.

I may have spoken too soon about the pain being reasonable today. I canít help but complain about the chemical taste that cannot be chased out of my mouth by water or food. The discomfort in the back of my throat is growing, as the drip wonít quit. Sniffling my nose every few seconds both helps and makes it worse somehow. Kai mentions to me that my eyes look slightly red and glossy.

T + 00:10 [5:31 PM]
I feel like this experience is going to be relatively intense. My energy is boosting, my late afternoon yawns are nowhere to be seen and my body is starting to glow with a light buzzing sensation.

I try a light beer [4.2 % AVB] to help wash the taste away. Conscious of dehydration and my desire to feel okay tomorrow morning, I start sipping some water alongside the beer.

T + 00:12 [5:33PM]
My head and shoulder are moving to the music without any conscious direction to do so. Without the burning sensation that is occurring in my throat dominating my thoughts, I think I would be in the mood to dance. The beer tastes blander than normal and the nasty chemical taste returns the second after swallowing a sip.

T + 00:20 [5:41 PM]
Throat feels notably better and I begin to feel settled now. The initial rush of adrenaline and nervousness caused by insufflating my largest dosage yet is subsiding, replaced by a calm and eager attitude; I know everything will be just fine. I have a few fleeting concerns about being on a different wavelength than Kai on her ALD-52. I dismiss this worry almost as soon as it comes into my mind.

T + 00:34 [5:55 PM]
I pour a shot of tequila [1.5 fluid ounces of 40% ABV] for myself and toss it back. I lead the shot with salt, but forgot to cut a fresh slice of lime until it was too late. I retrieve a lime from the refrigerator but before I get a wedge cut I realize the taste has disappeared from my mouth quickly and I am now treated to a warming sensation emanating outwards from a central point in my chest. I can feel the alcohol relax my brain further; everything [body and mind] is starting to feel perfect.

T + 00:45 [6:06 PM]
I am chatty and feeling swell but not overly stimulated. I am not ďrollyĒ or anything, I just feel like Iím in a great mood. Taking stock of my physical body, I canít really nail down any specific body high at this time. I have slight tremors in the tips of my fingers that are very small rapid shakes. I attribute this to some lacking nutritional input into my body today. I have no hunger at all though, and elect to not eat anything.

Kai and I are reminiscing a bit and our conversation feels organic and balanced. I am consciously making a point to slow down my speech a little and make sure I donít dominate the conversation with my rapidly increasing speed of thought.

T + 01:06 [6:27 PM]
My skin is tingling all over the surface, particularly at the base of my arm and leg hairs. My temperature is a little out of whack also. It feels as though the inside of my body is warm yet my skin is cold to the touch. I have wool socks on but my feet are both cold and sweaty at the same time. My hands are also a little clammy despite feeling chilly.

Iím having trouble moving my eyes quickly side to side. Lateral movements are limited to slow motion. Focusing on my keyboard as I type notes is proving difficult as well. It is as if I can only focus on one small spot at a time. I can still see keys on the keyboard even though it feels as if Iím only focusing on the empty space above the G and H keys. No matter what I do, I canít adjust the depth of my focus; it is locked in on the air an inch or so above the laptop's surface. Just as suddenly as the issue presents itself, it is gone. I can see with greater ease in every facet of the sense with the exception of fast lateral eye movements.

My jaw is tingling on the inside and shaking slightly when not clenched. My whole body is vibrating with pleasure; I feel amazing!

T + 01:39 [7:00 PM]
Conversation has come to a stop as both Kai and I allow ourselves to drift into our thoughts as we absorb the music that is playing [Neil Young Ė On The Beach]. I am swaying side to side with my eyes closed while seated on the couch. Damn I feel amazing: buzzing with physical pleasure and glowing with mental positivity. The music is resonating in a spectacular way. It physically sounds better than when I am sober. I am not necessarily feeling more connected to lyrics or meaning behind the instrumentals, but the music has a big grin super-glued on my face.

Despite the strong effects, I am very calm and in control. I am aware of the substance I have taken and am not lost in pleasure as I can get on other entactogenic substances at higher doses. I really like my level of awareness and paired with the intensity of the mental and physical effects, the 6-APB seems to be beautifully molding to the situation at hand.

T + 01:49 [7:10 PM]
It is lovely conversing with Kai about all sorts of topics: life choices, friends, random stuff and how our individual experiences are progressing. I feel natural but also deeper and more thoughtful than I normally am. I spend some time thinking about Kai in a very thoughtful and caring manner. The flow and content of our conversation doesnít feel like day-to-day conversation between us does. This feels more like a heart to heart even though topics are not necessarily deep. Our words are carrying extra meaning and I listen with absolute attention.

The great mood persists Ė I have no thoughts about re-dosing thus far. The dosage fits perfectly for the evening. Kai and I are chatting away; back and forth with lively and colorful conversation. The topic of conversation is widely diverse. I am most content when we really drop our inhibitions and joke around childishly, something that is very easy to do in my current state.

T + 02:14 [7:35 PM]
I just finished my beer and decide to take a half shot of tequila. I throw back .75 fluid ounces [40% ABV] led by salt and followed by a bite of lime.

The alcohol settles into my system and I almost immediately find myself in a goofier mood: happy to be myself having so much fun this fine day. The deep discussions with Kai have completely given way to joking and giggling. At times, fits of laughter are basically unavoidable.

T + 02:26 [7:47 PM]
I feel a slight draw back in my energy level. My eyes are still functioning oddly. They are faster with side-to-side movement than earlier, but still not up to normal performance. Letting my eyelids droop low until they shut is blissful. Iím very content resting on the couch, as I have been for most of the experience. In fact, Iíve not really left my nest with the exception of a bathroom trip and the tequila events.

I have my first concern that the comedown is nearing. Iím enjoying the way I feel so much I donít want anything less.

T + 02:43 [8:04 PM]
I make my way to the kitchen, with no loss of motor skills, and take another shot of tequila [1.5 fluid ounces of 40% ABV]. The taste seems about normal, no hindrance nor any improvement in this sense.

T + 03:19 [8:40 PM]
I vaporize 126 mg of a sativa dominant strain of cannabis through a volcano.

T + 03:25 [8:46 PM]
The cannabis is completely synergizing with the 6-APB. I have felt an increase in my body buzzing and my limbs are feeling a little more sedated and heavy. Visually, everything has a barely perceptible shimmer running across it. Color saturation has also increased.

Interestingly my eyes are operating normally with lateral adjustments, but now vertical changes in my gaze are lagging. I donít find this unpleasant, in fact there is some odd physically felt pleasure in the way my eyes feel when they lag. The feeling is difficult to describe, but when my brain tells my eyes to look to the ceiling, my eyes take a second or two to reach the ceiling. In that second, my eyes lose a bit of focus and sort of click through two or three positions on their way from point A to point B [ceiling]. Each stop along the way brings a pleasurable sensation that Iíd classify as an ultra finite vibration although it differs from classic nystagmus in that it is much more enjoyable and the movements feel far smaller.

Even with the increased effects from the cannabis, I feel that I have been past peak for perhaps twenty or thirty minutes. The effects of todayís experience would graph as a pyramid; very much a come-up until the peak and then a nearly immediate retreat towards baseline.
The effects of todayís experience would graph as a pyramid; very much a come-up until the peak and then a nearly immediate retreat towards baseline.
There was very little plateau at maximum effects.

T + 03:51 [9:12 PM]
I load another 140 mg of the same cannabis into the volcano and inhale the vapor rather rapidly. Kai heads to bed and I clean up a few things, preparing to follow suit.

T + 03:59 [9:20 PM]
I am starting to get tired as the comedown continues. I can tell sleep it's going to be difficult despite the fact that my eyelids are so heavy and my mind is feeling worn out from stimulation. My body is tired from the dayís skiing and lack of food intake.

T + 05:54 [11:15 PM]
I give in to my dog-tired body and lie down. Surprisingly, I pass out in about fifteen minutes [Kai was still awake and able to provide this data].

T + 07:24 [12:45 AM + 1]
I wake up, I feel comfortable physically, Iím not tossing and turning and every position I lie in feels wonderful. Unfortunately, my mind refuses to let me sleep. I fall into a pattern of repetitive thoughts that seem familiar, but I canít place where from. To begin each iteration of the cycle I realize the thoughts are tied to short dreams I have had a few minutes earlier. I drift in and out of a shallow sleep [longest stretch of sleep being around 45 minutes] with each transition providing a deja-vu experience of confusion between my conscious thoughts and the short-lived dreams.

T + 10:28 [3:49 AM + 1]
I wake up once again with the feeling that I need to urinate. I drag myself out of bed only to stand in front of the toilet, barely able to pee. This is the third such trip tonight.

T + 16:28 [9:45 AM + 1]
I wake up feeling weak from lack of food but am still not hungry. I am tired from the lack of sleep but donít feel as though I could sleep.

Conclusion / Additional Notes:
I felt burned out for the majority of the day following the experience. It was not an unpleasant condition, but it did leave me limited to a relaxed agenda. I found that smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol had less effect than normal, but I thoroughly enjoyed both as I spent the day relaxing. My mood was abnormally light and elevated. I found my mind was much less cluttered and busy than an average day. Meditation and mindfulness came easier. So did laughing.

I was surprised to find that I was able to fall sleep without the assistance of a sleep aid. This is exceptionally uncommon for me after stimulant usage. I attribute the rarity to the physical exhaustion from skiing earlier in the day and the alcohol consumption. There have only been a handful of times using 6-APB that I could sleep without a benzo or other aid. All of these experiences did involve alcohol and generally in higher quantities.

I felt this experience opened the doors nicely for me to explore larger dosages of 6-APB. Previously I had approached the substance with some timidity and had some trouble shaking this despite logical thinking and dosage research and experience. After feeling out how the physical and mental effects manifested with a larger dosage, I became less gun shy and was able to comfortably venture into deeper waters.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112050
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jul 17, 2018Views: 5,802
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6-APB (516) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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