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I Wanted This to Be True
Calea zacatechichi
Citation:   Isaac in Heaven. "I Wanted This to Be True: An Experience with Calea zacatechichi (exp11228)". Erowid.org. Oct 16, 2003. erowid.org/exp/11228

    Calea zacatechichi
I am one of Gods most favorite Dreamers. Oh just imagine how I flipped when I heard that this substance existed. I was dissappointed how suggested doses on the net were one ounce usually made into a tea. Well, for so much money Calea as I call her only comes in ounces. I figured why not, at least try a little bit at a time first and see how she spins me. I made a tea out of a moderate dose probably what you would consider to be 3 bags of regular tea. I have always read peoples reports stating how whatever substance they tried was the worst taste they had ever encountered. Most times, knowing what a plant or tea may do for me, I am able to stand any taste with little difficulty. I cannot say this about Calea. Your tongue absolutely never in its life planned to taste this gruesome flavor. Adding cream, honey, and sugar, it was almost enough to pretend that the taste was not there. Next, rolling a joint out of it, I smoked it in my bathroom, finding I did not like the taste of that either. All the while I'm sitting there, I keep spitting into the sink every five seconds. My taste buds were really upset with me for what I had just done.

In the nite, I did not sleep well. Some time a few hours after I finally did fall asleep, I awoke to hallucinations. My dark room was covered with foriegn lights of a green nature. And a very specific tribal patern in my field of vision. As much as I love the inner space of my mind, this feeling was not welcome, kinda like the unwelcomeness of nutmeg. I spoke out to something saying to it 'Guys please! I'm trying to sleep!' Oh yes, probably like most plants, this plant has an entity, and a very specific one at that. She woke me up to try to show me her cosmic movies, but being tired and grumpy I did not care to see them. For as unsuccessful as I was with these ventures. I decided on a later date that the tea was something I would not try again.

I tried crushing the plant material and putting it into gel-caps. My first time, I made five little pills, took them and as I went to sleep noticed that a slight field of hallucination was beggining as it was when I was awoken by it on my first experience.The nite was filled with that of a Dream. ONE LONG AND UN LUCID DREAM!!. The entity whom I call Calea just spoke to me the whole nite in a specific manner. For hours I dreamed of a plant, growing wildly, and more wildly out of control. It grew so fast and furious it could break through walls. I was moaning in my sleep from the state of unrest that I was experiencing. And this next part is really the only part I can attribute to being quite amazing. The fastly growing plant reached out of my sleeping state and I awoke in my bed, believing that all around me I was lying in a mound of these leaves of the great Calea. I feel bad, she really was trying to love me, trying to make it work. But we just werent compatible. Shes probably better suited for those who dont dream well to start with.

----------- Because I can say this! I lowered the dosage even lower to just one pill. Still finding it made me hallucinate in a non stimulating way and still living in a state of fitful sleep as visions of a warm itchy plant grew all around me and into the nite suffocating all my reality, yet intentionally trying to love me in the process. That is what Calea has basically evolved to... Wild Plant dreams with a touch of plant consiousness to it.

I've thought, seeing as how I do love exploring my mind. Maybe I'm one of those lucky people who could get something out of Calea in the Waking state. I mean it does make me hallucinate. No real deep insights accompanying that visionary state, just more of a mere side effect of its prescence in my body. But, I have yet to take it with that intention, cuz even just a slight amount disturbed my whole nite of sleep. I really did want her to be the one, I really did.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11228
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 16, 2003Views: 35,170
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