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Late Night Memory Trip
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Sunnly
Citation:   Sunnly. "Late Night Memory Trip: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp112320)". Erowid.org. Oct 21, 2020. erowid.org/exp/112320

3 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    oral Cannabis (edible / food)


I have tried this combination twice before with 1g mushrooms and 2g mushrooms.

T-7H: Its 6pm saturday night, I'm at a party with the two people I'm going to trip with we have 1 or 2 drinks each.

T-2H: It had been a good party but after walking a friend home we decide the night must go on and begin to walk to my house its a hour and half walk.

T-0.5H: We arrive at midnight and we are damn tired but we are here now and don't know when we will have this chance to trip together again, so we discuss this for a while then we are in agreement we can do this.

T+0: We eat our capsules of mushrooms 3g total and begin to eat our Cannabutter toast (Cannabis infused with butter and spread on toast) while we watch the movie Dr. Strange.

T+0.5H: We finish the toast and I start to fall asleep.

T+2H: I wake up at this point the other guys are in a kinda semi-sleeping state as well. I can feel the effects of the mushrooms beginning to come up. I feel a mushroom buzz and feel quite awake.

T+3H: Me and one of the other guys are really spacing out objects are morphing and we head out back for some fresh air with our other friend who can't feel anything. that is not unusual for this guy, when he takes substances they always have weird timing. For example he is usually stone cold sober by the end of every drinking sesh and that is after 8 - 12 beers a night) at this point the night is going well as we are all talking and laughing.

T+3.5H: The trip starts to go a little bad because I think everyone is too tired and are sore from all the walking earlier so we try to rest inside but the peak of the shrooms is happening so its the last thing I can do.

T+4H: In the trip I'm feeling like this is a failure because it's not a social time and people are too exhausted, this starts me getting anxiety and this is probably a result of the cannabutter. I got paranoid because I didn't want my house to get damaged by the guys in the house who were tripping but that was ridiculus because all they were doing was trying to get to sleep.

T+5-6H: Around this time I had calmed down although the panic I was feeling was horrible but once it started I seemed powerless to stop it even though I knew it was for no reason. One of the guys also left at this point.

T+8H: Feeling like the ordeal is now fully over but still feel bad and a bit unsure of myself because I have never panicked so meanlessly before just trying to stop it from happening, I had been powerless and that shook me.

Conclusion: This was the worst trip I have ever had out of about 10 Mushroom trips and 3 mushroom + Cannabutter trip. I think the Cannabutter was really what hurt this trip the most because I can't collect my thoughts in anyway and at least with just mushrooms there is some different way to think but with this mix I think mentally its just too hard to operate. Also it is a bad idea to trip on short notice like this late at night.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112320
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Oct 21, 2020Views: 279
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Mushrooms (39) : Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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