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Getting Our Vision Back
by Jonny Rotten
Citation:   Jonny Rotten. "Getting Our Vision Back: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp11240)". Dec 13, 2001.

2.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


I can honestly say that doing mushrooms was the most significant drug experience that I had encountered in my life. I had been smoking pot the year before, and the summer before I did it, I did drugs like opium, dxm, dramamine, coke and nitrous.

Early one sunday morning, my friend koz and I woke up and decided to go shrooming in the woods. It was our first time, and koz had scored some boomers from our friend nejdl, who had grown them and said that they were amazing. We had 5 grams, and we got into the woods and divided our doses. The woods were near a road, with a big hill along the back side of them. On top of this hill were the train tracks, which emerged into a tressle about 200 yards down from where we were. So we ate the shrooms on full stomachs and sat on this log, drinking our coffee and smoking cigarettes. We both concluded that they tasted like dog shit and newspaper, but we were able to choke them down. After standing around for about 20 minutes, we both got up and started walking around. We walked out to this creek and then up a hill...Tracking through poison ivy the whole way. After about 30 minutes, we concluded that we both felt a bit drunk, a bit disoriented and very lost. We managed to find our way back to where we had eaten them in the first place and started to observe our surroundings. We were fascinated with the smallest things, like a tree who's root structure we concluded looked like an animal, a tail, two legs and even a vagina...

So after an hour, we were sitting on the hill, about twenty feet down from the train tracks. We busted out some donuts and pepsi that we had from before, but we couldn't concentrate at all. This was when the plateau came to us.

I began feeling a bit sketched out. I always get sketched out, I'm a remarkably paranoid person when it comes to drug usage. The sketchyness passed over into outright madness...I felt lost, insane and absolutely incapable of fathoming reality. And this scared me a whole fucking lot, but it scared koz even more. I looked over and he was crying, telling me that he wanted to go back, he was scared and he thought that we were too immature to have done this. I told him that we had to stay in the woods, that we had to rough this out and take it. He cried more and more, and told me he wanted to throw up, that he thought it would be better for him if he made himself throw up. I told him to go for it, but that he might loose some of the shrooms in his stomach, so he hesitated.

I couldn't do anything but sit stare and think. I thought to myself 'this must be what it's like to be insane!!!! People in padded rooms are like this eveyday of their lives.' I was officially scared and ready for the experience to be over. I was looking at the tracks, looking left and then right, and thinking that I could go either way, that each way was wide open and obstacle free. Koz was getting really scared...He came over to me crying and said 'can I have a hug? I need that comfort right now'.

Then...The most amazing thing happened. Both koz and I experienced the same hallucination. We saw a truck driving on the tracks, and two dudes inside of it just looked at us. As the truck drove out of sight, we heard it. We heard the most beautiful sound in the whole world. It was gospel singing!!!!! It sounded just like a choir gospel group!!!!!!!The singing was more than just a hallucination...It was a motivation. It told me that I couldn't just sit on my ass, wallowing in my own misery and distress...That I had to go do something with my life!!!!! It was a revelation for both me and koz. We heard together a sound that did not exist. We put our shirts on, packed up our shit and went back into the woods, ready to make something of ourselves. We went back in and sat down and just talked. Talked about kids from our snotty prep school. We talked about the fact that we were sad at first. We were lost. The forest has always been a symbol of mystery and uncivilization, and we were directly affected by the location and the fact that we were in the woods. We were lost, then we went out onto the hill, where the sun was bright, we saw the light and heard the good sound, and went back into the woods with a knowledge, a knack for the unknown, a craving for discovery.

The other thing that we thought about was the fact that just 5 days before, america had ben attacked. September 11th had stayed in our minds and the minds of our schoolmates for days and days...Some kids had close calls with their family members in the very nearby nyc, and some had lost friends and relatives. I thought about how america would come through their bad times, just as koz and I had, and be happy once again. We talked about how we were going to go to war, how much it was going to suck, and how peaceful resolve was the only solution to our nations dilemma. We wandered around, questioning everything, having the answers to everything, knowing anything we wanted to because we did not second guess anything...It all just flowed. We talked about kids from my school...And I can honestly say that I have never looked at people the same way after having thought about them. That day I made new friends, I realized shortcomings in others, and I felt free. I felt like I had been liberated from a world of oppression. This effect was intensified due to the fact that we were in the woods and away from the fascist-like school. We went into an irrigation tunnel and smoked more cigarettes, and just chilled, and it was all good until a fucking train came roaring right above us. Running out, I feel into the stream, and we just sat there laughing wildly as the train rushed over our heads, only 15 feet away.

We went back up to the tracks, and we felt so so free!! The sun was bright and we were sooo happy to be alive, to be free and to be aware. We made faces with pieces of scrap metal and broken glass on the tracks, and we went onto the tressel and threw rocks into the river down below. Then a train came and we ran off of the bridge, and koz was running in the middle of the tracks, 100 yards behind me, and escaped death by oncoming train by about 20 seconds. We walked back to school, kicking a can for about half a mile, and when I got back, I lay on the grass and smiled and went to sleep.

The experience seemed like a rite of passage to both of us. It was a spiritual and moral developing point, and both of us will remember that day for the rest of our lives.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11240
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 13, 2001Views: 34,333
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Mushrooms (39) : Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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