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Dimension Hopping
Morning Glory
by Max
Citation:   Max. "Dimension Hopping: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp112659)". Dec 13, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1 seed oral Datura  
  T+ 0:40 400 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:30   oral Ginger (fresh)
  T+ 2:40   oral Chocolate (edible / food)



14.00: Took 1 datura innoxia seed 40 mins before MG (heavenly blue) to help with nausea/ possibly potentiate the LSA a little bit. Crushed the seeds (400 seeds, or 15g) in a pepper grinder (took ages, but totally worth it) mixed them with some water and drunk this not-so-nasty-tasting liquid.

14.50: begin to feel tiny bit of stomach discomfort and chew some fresh ginger root. It awesomely helps - completely eliminates all possible nausea. (last time when I took 150 seeds I had horrible stomach discomfort - datura and ginger root are the way to go !! I just stick to no more than 1-2 datura seeds)

15.30: I lay on the sofa and watch youtube while eating some fruits - not a good idea my tummy is telling me to stop so I stop.
I shift my attention from outside world to inside my body - I feel it starting. I begin to feel my organs, very interesting sensation I feel the mild feeling of electroshock going through my body. Feel very sedated.

16.00: I begin to get into psychedelic headspace, and feeling euphoria growing. I plug in some headphones, turn on shpongle and head to the nearby shop to buy some chocolate to counter any possible vasoconstriction which I do not feel yet.

As soon as I change setting, my body switches from sedated to energized, I enjoy walking around the neighborhood. I hear a very loud sound of bus driving next to me. I turn and see a tiny car, definitely feeling auditory enhancement...
I finally get to the little shop and look for dark chocolate, end up asking for help, talking seems very weird as if someone else is talking instead of me, and I don't feel like making any noise at all.
Colors became super saturated.

I return to the apartment, lay on my sofa and eat the chocolate - I get hell of a psychedelic munchies so I eat a lot of fruit.
I get hell of a psychedelic munchies so I eat a lot of fruit.
I look at my eyes and see massive pupils.

As I lay on the sofa in a warm blanket of euphoria and music, it begins, about 2.40 hours in... I begin to see mild patterns on every flat surface, all the objects begin to slowly breathe, I look out the window at the beautifully blue sky and I see clouds form into faces which make geometrical patterns..I am slowly approaching the peak. In this blissful trance I come to realize that if I don't go outside now, I will just get lost in the CEVs that become well pronounced at this point: landscapes of indescribable geometry. I gather all my will power and lift myself off the sofa, damn, the motor control loss is real, I manage to get to the bathroom, and see a lunatic with a massive smile, in the mirror, my skin is glowing, as if made of gold, I see patterns on my face and all over the bathroom.

17.30: I finally step outside, its nearly dark now. The sun is down. I walk down my home street and don't recognize it feels like I'm on some alien planet, lights are changing colors, the visuals on peoples faces are insane, they're breathing and melting, transforming. I look at the sky full of stars, and the volcano in the distance, sky is changing colors: purple to dark blue to red.
I enter the park nearby, sit on the grass and get immersed in 180 panorama of the mountains full of lights from villages, the view absorbs me, lights are dancing in a hypnotizing sort of way creating patterns and symbols in the sky.

I change the location, walk through the park which now became a wonderland: trees are moving and I feel like the whole park is dancing and spinning, inviting me to participate in its magical dance. Time means nothing, every moment is eternity.
My memory is constantly wiped out - my ego slowly begins to dissolve.

As I walk to the other part of the park I notice this scene which I find really entertaining (well everything is entertaining at this point, I feel like I would enjoy watching a blank wall as much as this walk through the park): dim light illuminates the trees which look 100% cartoon and they begin to transform and come alive, the trees are smiling at me and I smile back, the whole environment now has those typical psychedelic eyes everywhere. Music becomes all encompassing, throughout most of my experience- I had this incredible euphoria
throughout most of my experience- I had this incredible euphoria
, as if all atoms that made up my body were having sex with each other. I get to the other part of the park, which is located on the top of the hill, above the city, and I'm stunned by the view, I guess there was some fiesta in the city, there was loud music and loads of flashing lights, I watch the massive theme park illuminating the city, all those lights blend together and coupled with my music send me to nirvana. (the euphoria on this substance was unlike anything I've ever experienced on any other substance, and I tried a lot of stuff: MD, coke - to name a few). I find a place between two palms on the grass - with another awesome panoramic view, I sit down and meditate - City becomes surreal, like a painting or cartoon.

I close my eyes just for a moment and BOOM - I'm shooting through space at incredible speed, stars are dancing around me and then...I get torn apart, I become the universe.... I will not even try to describe what it felt like...

After what felt like infinity I come back, and slowly walk to my flat, completely overwhelmed. When I try to sleep, I get into more dream like CEVs which totally overwhelm me, I remember thinking " this is too much".

The next day I felt still very overwhelmed, my mind was blown... I was fully back to normal only the day after, took a while to integrate this experience.

I would not follow my foot steps and take this huge dose without the trip sitter , this is a powerful substance, equal to other psychedelics.


Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112659
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 13, 2018Views: 3,555
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Morning Glory (38) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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