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Still on the 'Lam
by Brad
Citation:   Brad. "Still on the 'Lam: An Experience with Etizolam (exp112721)". Apr 3, 2019.

2-3 mg oral Etizolam
My first Erowid experience report was about Etizolam. I was hooked on it bad. I remember it pretty well, because it was a bad time for me. I wrote it out of desperation, maybe in hopes that giving voice to some of my concerns at the time would help remedy them somehow...and it just may have. I'll state now that I still use the drug, but in a manner less hazardous to myself and others.

I eventually got better from the state I left off in. I never got that CT scan I was so worried about and in a few weeks I began acting normally again, I just laid off the Etizolam for awhile and all became well...for a time.

Stress can ruin you worse than a drug can. And when I found myself in a place where I was very pent up to the point I wasn't sleeping and thinking some pretty dark thoughts, I turned to Etizolam due to sheer efficacy. I tried my doctor first, telling him of anxiety and sleep troubles, his recommendation was of course therapy and a RX for Zopiclone to help me sleep--which I promptly threw away. God I hate the Z-drugs. And I already have a psychiatrist, my dumb ass doctor just overlooked it. I got online that day and expressed a packet of the ol' black magic Etizolam.

I am much more careful with dosing now, I still like a little grooviness to the caps, but not a staggering slur. 2-3mgs is fine by me. Its hard to weigh that much on its own, so what I do I weigh the cap I'm going to put the dose in, add a small amount, and weigh it again...I swear I can hit 3mgs like a master. This is supposed to be a daily maximum, it is for a junkie like myself, an average dose.

My shrink gives me Clonazopam, and I'm grateful, but Etizolam is my real serene friend. The Clonaz just sits there until I feel like taking something different.

My benzo/theino addiction is pretty cemented now. I'm more sociable and sleep better, but I am a through and though addict. Like most addict's who maintain normal lives, I've gotten my demon on a leash, but it's kind of a cold solace. I'm still a puppet on a string, and control is not mine.

To not be such a downer (hey that's a pun!), Etizolam has helped me with social fears, insomnia, and has saved me from more than one bad trip. So it's not all doom and gloom. Getting a .000 scale helped immensely, and loathe as I am to admit it-- seeing a shrink has improved things a lot.

So in closing, I'm still an Etizolam addict, but I'm at a good place with it and it's gotten me out of some pretty manic moments.

God needs the Devil.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112721
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Apr 3, 2019Views: 1,820
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Etizolam (568) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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