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Tapped Into Some Type of Another Dimension
Ketamine & LSD
Citation:   Blake. "Tapped Into Some Type of Another Dimension: An Experience with Ketamine & LSD (exp112755)". Erowid.org. Feb 2, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112755

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD
  T+ 0:00 3.5 g oral Mushrooms
  T+ 0:00 350 mg oral MDMA
  T+ 5:00   repeated insufflated Ketamine
My First K-Hole

So this experience happened to me the other day after a show I went to in a venue near my home town. About 5 hours before the experience started I had taken 1 Dose of Lsd, an eighth of mushrooms and .35gs of Mdma.

So after the show and me and my group of friends (we were 7 deep at this show) all went back to one of our friends apartments to crash for the night. Once we arrived we hung out for a bit then decided to watch some movies.

Once the first movie was about to start I turn towards my friend “Ev” (so I don’t use his real name on here) and said come here and gave him a big fat bump of K (and I completely lost track of the amount of bumps I was doing once we got back to the apartment but the dosage on the spoon I was using was roughly .12Gs when I don’t completely pack the K onto it) then I myself proceeded to follow suit but I’m honestly not sure how many bumps I did but all I know after this is that my reality was completely shattered.

So time got really strange for a minute and I’m not exactly sure what was happening relative to the time after the dose but I’d guess the whole experience lasted about 45 mins. And one interesting fact to keep In mind is that I have bad tinnitus 24/7 and during this K hole I had ZERO ringing in my ears
I have bad tinnitus 24/7 and during this K hole I had ZERO ringing in my ears
which was amazing for me personally but not something I thought about until after the experience happened

The K-hole

So when it all started the first thing I noticed is that the TV started to fade away but the image was still there and the people moving around the TV seemed to be talking and interacting to the people in the room and the TV seemed to grow and shrink at its own will. The people on this “tv” (which was just a floating image) werent needed to be filmed or recorded by a camera because they were just walking around the room on next to the wall but were still the size that they should be when they were on the TV. I looked at the TV and remember saying “what the hell, what kind of TV is this” and the people on the TV laughed and we’re like “what is this guy talking about, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about this?” and everyone in the room seemed to agree.

So I sit back in my seat just confused then everything around me was started to get really distorted and fading to black and I lost really almost all feeling in my body.

As I laid back into my seat as the whole room went dark and I felt as if not I myself but the seat was actually starting to levitate and move me up into the “air”, but it wasn’t really air because it was nothingness but I felt myself being lifted through this complete dark nothing.

Suddenly I’m back at this venue the band we saw was playing at and I was in the crowd of people where me and my friends were hours before but none of my friends were there and to be honest it didn’t really bother me. I came to the show at the very beginning and was tripping (but on what.... because I didn’t remember taking anything) with wild visuals. Every person in the show seemed to be completely interconnected and we were all completely volunorable in the sense that we were all able to read each other’s thoughts and could feel each other’s energy and physically see it in the air but everyone was okay with it and no one cared, we were individuals but we were one in the same.

At this point the leader of the band asked if everyone was ready for the “download” to begin then was kinda fast forwarded through the show and it seemed as if some type of energy/message was being downloaded into us kind of like a computer program. I wasn’t scared I was just their mystified by this download that was being caused by how all the lights at the show were dancing around and writing out coded messages that only us at the show were truly able to understand. During this whole time I didn’t know what was really going on but I was okay with it.

Once the download had ended I realized that I had tapped into some type of another dimension somehow and I knew it had to be by me taking some sort of drug but I had no clue what I’d taken.

Suddenly I was back in the apartment again sitting in my chair and everything was just off the wall strange. The walls and floors were constantly being rotated and changing shapes and being moved as if the whole layout of the room and where all the doorways were positioned were just constantly changing and never staying in just one spot. If someone was to walk into one room they would come out of a door that would just appear in another part of the room then the doorway proceeded to move somewhere else.

Me and the seat I was in were floating up and down to help make room for some of these doorways to appear whether it be them appearing on the walls or on the floors and there was a pretty constant flow of people walking in and out of these doors at about one person per 15 seconds and they would walk through the room and out the other door very nonschelauntly and no one in the room seemed to honestly pay much attention because it felt as for them this was a completely normal thing that happens all the time.

My buddy, stood up and said “man I don’t know how more people don’t know about lsd, it’s so beautiful” and All of a sudden it hit me, it was lsd that I had taken! But in this sense lsd wasn’t something that you put on your tongue is was something that you could tap into using just your brain because “drugs” didn’t exist it was only you and your mind and you could choose to stay and live life completely oblivious to the beauty of tapping into this “lsd code” in your brain or you could do it and experience it for yourself.

I realized at that point that once you tapped into this “lsd brain code” it was something that just opened your consciousness up to different dimensions and allowed you to travel in between them at your own will and allowed you to meet people from other dimensions and everyone in our own world knew about this but the thing was you could only remember the visuals/geometrical patterns of lsd after youd taken it but traveling through other dimensions was something that you couldn’t remember about until you tapped into that “lsd code” that’s in all of our brains but the average person just didn’t do it because it was frowned upon by many in our society.

At this point I remembered that before the show me and all my friends had tapped this lsd brain code into our minds and that’s when the trip began
At this point I remembered that before the show me and all my friends had tapped this lsd brain code into our minds and that’s when the trip began
then fast forwards to now and I’m sitting in the room with the walls moving about and I’m honestly scared and at peace at the same time because I knew this was a place I’ve been in before and I had nothing to fear from it but it was just a sensory overload of things happening.

Everyone in the room started fading into lights/energy and faded away, then the room started to disappear on me as if little tiny blocks were being taken away from it and my environment and people kept being taken apart and rebuilt back together out of nothing constantly and I was low key freaked out and thinking that what if this is my reality now and I can’t get back to my own, this reality is cool but mines cool as well and I wanted to be able to go in between these realities freely and not be stuck in just this one, but then I thought to myself “okay this is normal and I know I’ve done it many times before so there’s nothing to fear" and I put that “fear” in the back of my head and decided to see just how mystifying this world truly is.

My friends would walk in and out of the dimensions but they were energy and lights that were constantly changing and rearranging as they were moving around these rooms that were falling apart and being created around me. Then suddenly I was back in the apartment again and the walls/doorways were moving around at a steady pace and would fall into nothingness then rebuild out of nothing.

It was just me and my good friend (the one I’d previously given the K bump to) and I looked at him and he was himself but he was an aura of his energy and was dancing in red and blue “lights” and part of his head wasn’t glowing as if it completely present in this dimension and I asked him what was going on and he realized that my slightly confused/nervous thoughts were coming back and he just looked at me and smiled then came up to me and pressed his head against mine and I watched as his energy/lights started moving from himself and passing into me and I was apart of him and he was apart of me, then we both faded and reformed into him, and now I myself were these lights and energy and I regrew into myself again and me and him were touching head to head again and we’re back in this room and now both of our body’s were these light/energy.

At this point the room changed again and we were in a room with white walls all of which were constantly being built/ rebuilt and only about 3/4ths of the room were constantly there and the sections of the room that weren’t there were constantly changing. When we were in this room there were two other spirits there along with my friend but I hadn’t met these spirits before and everyone in the room had a giant smile on there faces and they said that they wanted to show me a movie of lsd and now on top of this room constantly changing I was getting very geometrical patterns/ visuals with a vast array of colors everywhere and would see the auras of people who were in this room as well but in a different dimension and they would appear and fade away and all of them were watching this movie as well but I yet again seemed to be the only ones who really paid much attention to them.

Then I notice that there was a projector going and it was being pointed at one of these walls and the two spirits sat down to watch this movie and just started dying laughing as they were watching it and my friend said “come on, let’s watch it to” and he was now in the room but like the other people who I would see fade in and out it seemed like he wasn’t connected to this dimension/room anymore and was watching the movie in his own dimension and I could still hear his giggles of joy while he was watching this movie.

Then my chair and I started to very slowly turn towards this movie that was being projected on the wall and I thought maybe I should close my eyes and not watch this movie because things are already crazy enough as it is and as I was being turned the two color filled spirits faded away and it was just me and this screen.

Once I locked eyes with the screen that was covered in numbers/patterns and colors all of a sudden I was laughing and giggling myself as well and everything got so CRAZY in terms of what I was seeing and it would be impossible to truly describe but picture it as a lsd trip, inside of a K trip, inside of a dmt trip but they were all in one and all increased each other’s potency by 1000 percent. I felt as if another “lsd download” like the one that happened to me at the end of the show was happening again, but this one I was actually able to comprehend more easily due to the amount of time I’ve spent in this dimension hoping ball of energy that was myself during this experience, I just felt a rush of extreme knowledge being flowed through me. I suddenly understood “everything” and had reached the highest level of consciousness that one could achieve and everything I'd just seen made sense/was clear to me.

This download/peak level of consciousness was timeless as there was zero sense of time anymore so I couldn’t tell you if one minute had passed or 5,000 years because during this “movie” time didn’t exist. As the movie started to fade away so did everything else around me then I myself faded away as well.

The next thing I know is that my world started to rebuild itself again and suddenly I’m back in my dimension again and everyone/everything in the room quickly rebuilt themselves and I felt all of that knowledge I had learned slip through my fingers and go back to the dimensions that let me borrow it.
I felt all of that knowledge I had learned slip through my fingers and go back to the dimensions that let me borrow it.
Needless to say I was awestruck and it took me awhile to even begin to try and tell my friends exactly what had happened and I couldn’t even begin to coherently form what I was trying to say for a good while.

This was an amazing/beautiful experience that has been something I haven’t been able to stop thinking about over the past few days. I’ve described it in this story the best that I possibly could but honestly it’s really hard to put an experience like this into words but I hope you enjoyed it anyways.

And as a quick side note there were MANY other things that happened while I was dimension/universe/world hoping but that would take me days to attempt to type out and I felt like I hit on the key parts of this K-hole in which I feel you as the reader would’ve liked to hear about.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112755
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Feb 2, 2019Views: 1,183
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