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I Chose to Take One Gram
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by AccuratePickle
Citation:   AccuratePickle. "I Chose to Take One Gram: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp112839)". Feb 28, 2019.

1 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)


1 Gram Mushroom Trip Report

I wanted to write this trip report because when I researched trip reports on 1g of mushrooms (psilocybe cubensis) I found absolutely nothing. But Iíll start this off by saying that I had a really bad trip a couple months ago that I thought would scare me away from psychedelics forever. I learned to deal with what I saw through daily meditation and weekly therapy. I had a brush with what I whole-heartedly believed was schizophrenia but I later learned was symptoms of loss of ego and slight HPPD. I chose to take 1g because I was trip sitting someone else and it was their first time tripping. I took it with them to make them feel comfortable but instead got way farther than I expected and had my own experience as well.

I was very scared to take them because of my history of bad trips but I knew the dose was low enough and I had benzoís on hand if things got too out of control. I did not have any expectations for my trip as I didnít expect to get very far with 1g. We took them in my bedroom where I have my home studio set up and just laid on the floor for the whole time. The person I was tripping with who I will call O wanted to change scenery a couple times but we only moved once to a different room with a big window so he could see outside and then quickly moved back. Overall I would definitely say that this was a positive experience.

We decided we were gonna wake up and take them first thing at around 8 am. After about 10 minutes I started to feel the effects and after about 30 minutes we decided we were far enough in to lay down and enjoy the experience. The way I remember psychedelic experiences is usually in short bursts or images that I see as being profound or influential.
The way I remember psychedelic experiences is usually in short bursts or images that I see as being profound or influential.

It started off great I was really experiencing the music and seeing some very beautiful images. I remember seeing a femaleís head with 3 faces in a triangle and computer chips and pieces as her hair floating in infinite space. I saw a woman with 6 arms dressed in gold walk towards me. She had an aura of wisdom about her.

About an hour in the trip things started to get dark and I started to get slight anxiety similar to my bad trips in the past. After that one bad trip I had trouble even breathing deeply without feeling like my body was shutting down and going into panic mode. I saw mostly darkness at this point no visuals at all besides a face in darkness and the face was constant never changing. I kept telling myself that I am more than my mind and I have nothing to fear. It was then that I felt my own energy. I felt my vibration pulsing throughout my whole body, it was a feeling I had felt before especially during meditation but I never understood. Now it was all so clear. I saw it flow through my skin and through me. I felt the energy of O who was sitting next to me and I felt his vibration and continued to feel his emotions and energy through the whole trip. This was around the peak of the trip. I came to realize that this energy is around us at all times and we always feel it but only when we learn to recognize it can we understand it.

After that O asked if we could go in the living room because he wanted to go look out the window. I went with him because I was trip sitting him. While we were sitting out there we could barely hear the music. Thereís a fish tank in the living room and my hallucinations were mainly to the sound of the fish tank. I remember seeing fractals and they would build on each other to the sound of the fish tank. I opened my eyes and watched the birds trace across my vision.

We went back into my bedroom and went back into the experience. I remember seeing the universe and then the universe sagging under the weight of a bright yellow ball. A hand came up and swirled around the yellow ball. And tiles of gold falling from each of its fingers from the darkness above the ball emerged a hooded figure who appeared to be watching over the universe. And then a song came on that I think is particularly overwhelming I asked if I could change it but changed my mind after I said it because I decided I wanted to hear it. When it got to the part that is overwhelming I remember seeing everything in my vision melt and glitch and then I saw hundreds of people fist pumping to the beat but instead of fists they were flipping me off. I thought it was hilarious and beautiful.

After that I pretty much had come down and was out of the experience completely but O was still having his experience. While he was having his experience I felt his thoughts, I felt his emotions, and I experienced every aspect of his trip that remained. When he went to the bathroom I felt something was wrong so I went to check up on him and found out he looked in a mirror which I warned him about. At one point I felt love and compassion and I later found out he was thinking about his girlfriend through his trip. And when his trip took a detour into darkness I felt that as well
when his trip took a detour into darkness I felt that as well
. We experienced the same thoughts at the same time and it was incredible.

I have been struggling with my connection to other people and my relationships with human existence and this trip helped me understand that I can relate to others. I donít have to isolate myself because I am capable of experiencing other peopleís emotions and experience something beyond the physical which Iíve always wanted and have been working on for months.

I hope you all can get something from this. I wanted to make sure there was information out there about small doses of psychedelics and still having life changing experiences. Next time I take mushrooms Iím going to take 0.5g because I honestly believe I can get the same experience from an even lower dose. But it is worth noting I have a very hallucinogenic mind. With meditation Iím often able to dissociate, go to new universal places and even have have synesthesia like psychedelic experiences.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112839
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Feb 28, 2019Views: 6,002
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