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I Have Not Stopped Using the Drug
by Brad
Citation:   Brad. "I Have Not Stopped Using the Drug: An Experience with Etizolam (exp113013)". Erowid.org. Apr 3, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113013

2-3 mg oral Etizolam (powder / crystals)
In How Can This Shit Be Legal, I discussed some health and safety issues Etizolam was presenting me with. I have noticed that a lot of bad trip reports rarely have a follow up report stating the subject's current condition or if the issue was resolved or not. On the subject of my dangerous use of Etizolam, I think I should clarify how my relationship with Etizolam has gone since.

For starters, I have not stopped using the drug.
I have not stopped using the drug.
It's one of my helpers for bad days and worse trips. It works very well for anxiety ridden psychedelic experiences, just like any other benzo or "Theino". It is a very addictive compound however, especially if you're like me and like to forget most days. Etizolam will wipe the slate clean, but dosage is NOT to be fooled with. I have a tolerance that is quite high, but I won't take more than 3mgs at a time--doing otherwise leaves me Pill Drunk before I know it.

I am quite addicted to Etizolam, the withdrawal symptoms aren't as bad as they were when I did 20-30mgs a day. But it's still a sweaty and anxious thing to stop using Etizolam when you've been at it as long as I have. About 4 years now, with a spell in between where Etizolam suddenly became tough to find so I switched to the very square Deschloroetizolam, a much weaker analogue of an analogue. Then ol' fashion Etizolam reappeared and I went right back to my problem child. It fulfills so many of my needs that I am unwilling to give up the Tizzle; I can sleep, I can function in society better, I'm not so worried about totally hypothetical shit...in short, my quality of life is better with Etizolam than without it, so I'm staying the course for now. I recognize it's dangers and adhere to them. To fuck around with Etizolam and say, go for a drive, is hazardous in the extreme.

The duration can be a problem.
The duration can be a problem.
It has a much shorter half life than a benzo, but if doses are kept in the 2-3mg range, the sudden drop off isn't as bad as it is with high doses (though for the intolerant, 2-3mgs of Etizolam IS a high dose). The "reverse tolerance" trait seems to ring true with long term use, as I can take a smaller amount than my usual dose and get comparable effects rather than diminished one's. And the Prolactin-producing trait also seems accurate, as my sex drive is not affected by Etizolam and seems somewhat enhanced considering I'm approaching middle age. All this may sound like a glorification, but Etizolam is very dangerous if misused.

I always measure a dose; I weigh the empty capsule on an AWS Gemini 20 .000 scales first, add a small amount of Etizolam, and weigh it again. I've been at this a while and can usually hit the 2-3mg mark consistently, but every now and then a chunk of etizolam salts weighs 5-6mgs--by eye, the piles would look the same. Get a good .000 scale if you're gonna mess with sub milligram substances, and follow the above method, as most reasonably priced .000 scales are a little dodgy when weighing less than 5mgs. Get the cap weight, add material, weigh again.

I don't guess with Etizolam, or I'll be crawling along the floor like The Wolf of Wall Street.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113013
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Apr 3, 2019Views: 2,950
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Etizolam (568) : Not Applicable (38), Addiction & Habituation (10), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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