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I Encountered a Field Full of Wild Poppies
Opium Poppies
Citation:   Samarja. "I Encountered a Field Full of Wild Poppies: An Experience with Opium Poppies (exp113208)". Erowid.org. Jul 19, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113208

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Experimenting With Opium and Opium Poppies

I will start this report with a little bit of background about myself. I'm 21 years old, in good shape (I work out regularly) and in general, healthy. I have some experience with psychoactive substances, being a near-daily cannabis smoker for 3 years. I have tried mushrooms (around 10 times), 1p-LSD (also 10 times), mescaline (twice), MDMA (maybe 10 times also), and several other types of drugs (amphetamine, cocaine, benzos, kratom, etc). I don't consider myself prone to addiction, and I only consider I'm addicted to weed. I have only 2 or 3 experiences with opiates (codeine) before this, and I have no tolerance to them.

I live in Southern Europe, and in some places here, wild opium poppy grow (Papaver somniferum). One day, walking in a forest near my house I encountered a field full of these plants. It was the beginning of June, and the plants were blooming with white flowers. I identified them because of the green capsules near the flowers. I quickly searched the plant [online], and confirmed that I was right. Then, I proceed to scrape one of the capsules, which immediately began leaking a white latex. I knew that that liquid was the opium, if let to dry, so I did.

The next day, I gathered a couple of friends and we went to scrape as many capsules as possible. We ended up harvesting nearly 5 grams of opium. The opium we had was brown, not black like what is seen in many photos. It wasn't a lot, but was enough to try the effects of it.

One afternoon we went to a hill and began smoking the opium in a bong. The effects were not immediate like weed, it took around 5 or 10 minutes to hit. We didn't know how much we we're supposed to smoke, so we began with a little, waited 5 minutes and smoked more, until we began to feel it. I found the taste very pleasant, sweet and flowery. The smoke was easier to the lungs than that of weed.

The first sign of it was a kind of stimulation. I was feeling more talkative, and had more energy, but not like the type of energy a stimulant gives me. It was much more mellow and natural. This feeling went on for 20 minutes or so, and then was replaced by a wave of relaxation and content. I was happy where I was, I didn't need anything else. I had a sense of euphoria, and I clearly noted the analgesic effects of it. My thoughts were clear and slow, not like the confusion I can get from smoking weed. This feeling wasn't very powerful, the intensity was similar to a mild cannabis high.
This feeling wasn't very powerful, the intensity was similar to a mild cannabis high.
Later we found out that the bong wasn't the best method of smoking it because when heated, it acted like a liquid and passed through the filter of it. Much of the opium was wasted, but as it cooled, it was solid again, and I collected it later when I was cleaning the bong.

The first time I smoked it lasted about 4 hours, and the comedown was very gentle. I felt a little bit itchy, but it was pleasant to scratch myself. We smoked it many times after, but respecting the substance and knowing that it is highly addictive.

I enjoyed the effects of it, specially when combined with weed. There is a synergy between the two substances, the opium slows down my thoughts and adds a nice body high to the weed, while the weed is potentiated. I didn't experience any nausea smoking it, maybe the dose wasn't very high. I don't get nausea normally with any drug.

When we were running low of it (3 months after the first experience, no tolerance), I decided I wanted to eat it, as I read it was more intense than smoked. It was true. I researched the drug and found that on average, it has a 10% morphine content. So I used this information and proceed to weight 0.18 grams of opium in my scale, to take about 18 mg of morphine. I simply rolled it in a smoking paper and ate it raw. I wasn't sure if I was going to feel something, so I took it on a bus while going to the mountains to spend the day (it was 10am in the morning). Nearly 30 minutes after taking it, I began to feel a very pleasant body high. I find opium is mostly a physical drug, I felt tingly and very relaxed, I just wanted to stretch myself and lie down. I was very euphoric and sedated. This feeling kept growing for 20 minutes or so, and I was starting to feel nauseated with the curves of the road. When I arrived at the mountains, I began to walk. I went to a spot which was 30 minutes from where the bus left me and I began to smoke hash. I got very high from it, and I nearly fell asleep while lying in a hammock. When it was time to go, I began walking towards the bus stop. 5 hours has passed since I took the opium, and the comedown was starting. This time, it was strong. I was feeling very nauseated, and I got a headache, but I had to return to my home in the bus. The ride home was difficult. I tried to sleep through it, but when I arrived at my destination, the bad feelings were stronger. I drank a lot of water and fell asleep quickly, with no hangover the day after.

This experience showed me that this drug is a night drug. If I take it around 9pm, I get all the positive effects (euphoria, relaxation, and no pain) with no comedown if I go to sleep at 1 am. When we were out of opium, I began to harvest the dried poppies that were left in the field. I took around 150 grams of capsules, and stored them in my house. I began researching this method of ingestion, and the first time I took them, I used 3 medium capsules (3 cms. wide), weighing around 4 or 5 grams total. I made a tea of it, simply crushing them, discarding the seeds, and pouring boiling water over them. I let them cool down for 15 or 20 minutes, discarded the crushed capsules and drank it mixed with honey to mask the taste. It tastes very bitter, and the water is brown and clouded.

The first time I drank it, it was 1pm, and it was the last time I made the mistake of taking it during the day. The effects were powerful and very enjoyable, I found it very easy to talk with my friends and simply sitting down was a nice way to spend time. Around 6pm the comedown began, and it was horrible. It lasted for 2 hours, but I almost puked from the nausea and the headache. It was like drinking 5 or 6 drinks. After that, I felt very tired and I only wanted to sleep.

I took the opium poppy tea many times after that (15 times total probably), with positive results. Following rules that a substance like this requires, it was safe and enjoyable. The max amount I've taken is 10 grams of dried capsules, and it was truly amazing. The euphoria was very powerful, I felt a rush 20 minutes after taking it, almost as if I was floating in my bed. My whole body was itching, but it didn't bother me. I simply scratched when I needed to. As usual, I went to sleep 4 hours after taking it, with no consequences the next day, maybe a little bit of mental haze, but nothing compared to a whole night of smoking weed.

3-5 medium to small capsules (3 cms wide and 1 gram each) is enough for a first time to feel the full effects this drug has to offer. When I run out of it, I didn't have any withdrawals or cravings, at least not more than what I would expect if I stopped smoking weed. But that's because I respected the substance, because I know it can be dangerous or deadly if done incorrectly.

It is a very nice substance to spend a night with, it provides a kind of gentle relaxation and euphoria, much more intense than that of codeine; but I wouldn't trust anybody trying to sell it to me on the street. I decided to try it when I found it on nature, but have in mind that it is illegal to harvest and posses in most parts of the world.
Be safe, and do extensive research before taking a potentially lethal drug like morphine.

Forgive any grammatical errors, English is not my first language.


Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 113208
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jul 19, 2019Views: 3,254
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