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A New Realm
DXM, Nitrous & Cannabis (Oil)
by kip
Citation:   kip. "A New Realm: An Experience with DXM, Nitrous & Cannabis (Oil) (exp113384)". Erowid.org. Oct 17, 2023. erowid.org/exp/113384

T+ 0:00
300 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 1:00 >20 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  T+ 1:00 Repeated hits smoked Cannabis - High THC (extract)
  T+ 2:55   glasses oral Tea  
I haven't done a ton of drugs and haven't done any psychs. Prior to this experience: Cannabis, nicotine, alcohol, kratom, kava, kanna, phenibut, nitrous, DXM, and various nootropics (Noopept, PEA, adrafinil, etc.).

Backstory: It was a Wednesday night and I was off from work for the rest of the week. I’ve done DXM once a week the two previous weeks (first time: 150mg. Second time: 275mg). I drink a 6 pack of beer every Friday. I also do a kratom and hash oil combo every Saturday which has been going on for a few years now. Overall, I had an alright day, I was feeling chill and relaxed. I last ate three and a half hours prior to the consumption of the DXM. I am a 250 lb guy who is around 5’8”. I took the DXM at 9:00 PM EST.

Substances consumed: DXM (300mg), 88% THC hash oil (repeated), nitrous (repeated >20 canisters).

T+0:00 – I take the DXM all at once. I don’t really mind the taste of it. I use the cough medication “Robocough” which contains 10mg DXM per 1ml of syrup.

T+0:15 – Taste is still kind of lingering in my mouth and throat, but it’s not too bad. My sinuses are a little stuffy at this point. I keep sniffing and I get the taste of medication and snot in my throat.

T+0:30 – Can feel the distinct “come up” that I get with DXM. Basically, I feel a little “out of it” or depersonalized. It’s almost like I'm a little sleep deprived/tired after a long day of work. I feel calm, and excited.

T+0:45 – Effects are growing more and more. I begin to feel my stomach rumble and I know that the roboshits are coming. (I’ll spare details).

T+0:50 – Roboshits aren’t that bad this time around, but I’m spacing out on the toilet. Like really spacing. I was looking at discord on my phone and I felt this essence of: “What is this? Why do I use this thing every day? Who created it?” Basically, random thoughts are popping into my head and I’m questioning what it is.

T+1:00 – I think I’m off the toilet by now, I walk back to my room and I say to myself: “This isn’t as euphoric as my last experiences”. I was still feeling good, but the giddiness isn’t much there. Walking is a little different as I walked back too. I sit down and I let out a sigh. I honestly feel bleak at this point. Now, this bleakness isn’t a negative bleakness, it just feels like everything is slowed down and nothing is on my mind.

T+1:15 – I wanted wait 'til about an hour and a half in before I start digging into the nitrous and hash oil. Effects are becoming more pronounced. A few times I see something funny, and out of no where a burst of laughter erupts from me. Soon after I return to that “robotic” state I get with DXM if I'm not in a social setting.

T+1:25 – I decide now is the time to start doing nitrous. Before I do the nitrous, I begin to chief the vaporizer with the hash oil in it. DXM typically makes me not give a shit. For example: Hash oil on its own for me makes me kind of nervous/anxious. I also become restless, overthink everything, and get some dysphoria unfortunately (cold pins and needles sensation). When other substances are in play, these effects usually don’t arise.

T+1:26 – Can already feel the hash oil effects, it combines quite nicely with the DXM. I crack two canisters of nitrous into this whip cream thing I bought and fill up a balloon. I previously bought two new digital albums from Blank Banshee and 2814. I decide to put on Blank Banshee.

T+1:27 – I begin to inhale the nitrous, and the effects I get on it’s own come into play. However, I underestimated how intense this combo would be. I close my eyes, and I keep rising. Rising again, and again. It feels like my body is a whole knew thing. I’m reclined back in my chair; the presence of physical/ visual disconnection is rampant. My body begins to transform, into many different things. Twisting, turning, growing, and shrinking. My brain keeps jumping to different “scenarios”, and I can see vivid imagery in my head. Each time I jump to a different “scenario” I have different body effects, and “imagery” in my head.
My body begins to transform, into many different things. Twisting, turning, growing, and shrinking. My brain keeps jumping to different “scenarios”, and I can see vivid imagery in my head. Each time I jump to a different “scenario” I have different body effects, and “imagery” in my head.
I still don’t know if CEVs were in play or it was just a very elaborate internal hallucination.

T+1:30 – I get up from my chair after (kinda) coming back, and I go to the bathroom. At the time I thought I had to pee but I actually didn’t at all. I sat on the toilet and I kept falling back into my mind and closing my eyes. It felt as if my mind and body were wrapping up a pole of some sort. I had an image in my head of me wrapping up a pole to accommodate this feeling as well. I kept opening my eyes and closing them. Each time I closed my eyes new body feelings/scenarios would come about.

T+1:35 Still on the toilet, I probably forgot why I was there. I begin to think to myself: “Wow I fucked up this time, this is a little too much for me”. The intensity of this combination caught me off guard.

T+1:37 – I walk back to my chair (it’s hard to do so) and sit down. I keep feeling these different body effects. I turn the music back on, my body feels like a rectangle cut up short ways, and all the pieces are sliding out, it actually felt like I was falling apart for a brief moment until I regained composure, and said: “This is just a drug, enjoy it”.

T+1:39 - For some reason at this point I turn off Blank Banshee and decide to listen to a song that I love on YouTube. My eyes cannot focus on the screen for the life of me, navigating and typing is a bit of a struggle. I remember losing feeling in my legs (they were just non-existent) at this point. Since I was confused, I said to myself: “Legs are numb, I must be cold” I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around me. I also prepare another double of nitrous for myself before I play the song.

T+1:40 – I put the balloon up to my lips, and press play on the song. I begin taking deep breathes of the cold gas and blowing it back into the balloon. Eventually I return to this other realm I was previously in. I laid way back in my chair, almost full 180 degree recline mode and zoned off. The pleasure I felt during this was like nothing I have felt before. I felt at peace and tranquil. My body began to feel like it was zooming and stretching, CEVs were fairly present and I saw purple and white tracers, like in star wars when they make a jump in a ship, zoom past my peripheral vision in my eyelids. I then remember getting the feeling of swaying which was very pleasurable. It was like I was glued to a hammock and swaying a full 360 degrees. I also remember feeling my legs change shapes and move around almost like they were dancing.

T+1:43 – At this time I came back, I was confused. The song was still playing and I remember saying to myself: “Wait is it Friday? Why is this song on? It’s not Friday? I’m not drunk? Wait, am I drunk? Where are my friends?”

T+1:45 – An intense feeling of déjà vu came over me. It felt like this experience has happened before to me. Like everything leading up to this point happened and I’m just reliving it. This feeling soon kind of shaped into a dream like state. I notice that my eyes are squinting at this point and my mouth is just laying a jar. I was feeling pleasure from this dissociated state. These “feelings” I had, were never felt before in my life. It’s something new, something alien, and something beautiful/blissful.

T+1:49 – I remember looking at the clock at this point and thinking: “This isn’t the correct time?”, “How can it only be like 15 mins since I did the nitrous?” I stopped for a moment and I remember just shrugging my shoulders and laughing. I then put the Blank Banshee album back on.

T+1:54 – I turn on the winamp visualizer and make it full screen. I look at it as it changes with the music, and I think to myself: “That makes sense”. My body and mind shifted with the visuals and the music. Everything was interconnected. Me, the music, the visualizer, everything.

T+1:56 – I decide to do another round of nitrous. At this point I have the blanket all the way up to my chin. I’m just a blanket burrito at this point. It then dawns on me that I really haven’t been doing anything for a very, very long time. All I have been doing was dissociating and riding the waves of euphoria, and then the waves of intense dissociation that would occur.

T+1:57 – I chief some more hash oil and I take some deep breathes. I got some air in me and then started inhaling the gas again. This time it sends me far. The music starts shaping my body. I can feel the reverberations of the snares and synths travel through my body and morph me. I start thinking about various things, and more confusion comes about. I felt like I was at the beginning of the album again, like I just started playing it. So again more déjà vu, it wasn’t exactly a pleasant or dysphoric feeling. Just something weird. Time was very distorted at this point. Time felt like nothing I could really comprehend in the dissociative states I faced. It felt like a new concept to me.

T+2:05 – By this point the album is over. It’s a short album, but that was a fucking experience. The playlist then cycles back to Blank Banshee’s first album and I listen to it for a bit. I then put on 2814’s new album and get another balloon ready. I inhale the balloon and drift off again. This time my body is in a pure state of dissociation while listening to the music. I don’t exactly know where I am, but it’s a state of bliss.

T+2:25 – I don’t really remember what happened during the last 20 minutes, I believe I fell asleep or just went into a pure dissociated state. I remember feeling like my head was falling but each time my head fell it felt like it got replayed 15 times each time I went through that motion.

T+2:25 – I decide it was a good idea to maybe take a short break from the nitrous. I just wanted to regain composure of myself. I mean what I went through was intense. Even though I was down for more I wanted to conserve the nitrous, so I could eventually do it again later. I ended up turning off the music.

T+2:45 – I’ve just been chilling for a while. I was watching some videos. I am just back to the standard DXM high. Nitrous aftereffects aren’t present anymore. I remember a weird thing happened when I was watching a video. It was some talk show where they sat and talked to the camera. It felt like they were talking to me directly. Almost like it was a performance, or puppet show, or something on my screen.

T+2:55 – I decide to go downstairs to get some more green tea. Walking downstairs felt other worldly. I remember thinking the stairs were shifting under my feet, and each stair was at a different height then the last. I eventually got down the stairs and poured some more cool green tea. I promptly slammed it down into the fridge forgetting that the object had weight to it. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to take huge lunges up the stairs to save time. First large step I almost fucking slipped. I then slowly walked up the stairs tilting backwards and gripped the railing for dear life.

T+3:00 - I sat down and I start prepping another balloon so I can take off again. I chief some hash oil and I put on Crystal Castles’ first album to listen to. “Untrust Us” is the first track. I take a few deep breathes and blast off again. I noticed the full immersive experience that I was getting is somewhat diminished this time around. Don’t get me wrong, it was still great and wicked euphoric/ pleasurable. It just seems like the intensity was turned down a bit. I still was out of my head though and I remember visualizing some futuristic city landscapes that had a purple, black, and white color scheme. Body was still somewhere else.

T+3:10 – I’m floaty right now still listening to Crystal Castles, I feel an intense comfort come over me and I pull the blanket up to my chin again. I also rested my feet up against a metal post on my desk.

T+3:15 – Don’t really feel my limbs too much now. Zoning out a bit. I remember vaping some more hash oil.

T+3:25 – I change the album to Crystal Castles’ third album, since it’s fluffier and not as intense as their first or second. I prepare some more nitrous and inhale the balloon as the opener begins kicking. I go back to a tranquil state and feel like I’m floating through space. Body has a tingling sensation and I see various colors flash in my peripheral vision with eyes closed.

T+3:40 - Back to the DXM high now, notice the effects are diminishing a bit. I am getting tired. Don’t really feel like doing nitrous any more.

T+4:30 - I’ve just been sitting almost falling asleep watching various videos, I remember seeing a very cool video on Jack Stauber and what his music means.

T+5:05 - I remember saying some stuff in a discord server, after that I went to go lay down in my bed. At this point it was 3:05 AM. I decided now was a good time to hop to sleep.

T+5:10 - I remember just moving my legs, arms, fingers, and toes in bed. It felt good. I was probably stretching them. It then dawned on me for most of the trip I didn’t really do anything productive besides listen to music, just sitting in the chair and dissociating to another realm.

T+5:15 – I remember putting on a video and hoping I’d fall asleep. DXM in the past has kept me up tossing and turning. Not even five minutes later and I was out.

T+14:07 – I woke up roughly 9 hours later, and just laid there in my bed pondering what went on the previous night. It was probably my favorite experience with drugs period. I haven’t felt anything like that in my life, and it was just such an alien concept. I have a bit of a hangover. I’m just wicked lethargic and spacey. Depersonalization is also something that has been going on. I am happy though, and calm.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113384
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Oct 17, 2023Views: 20
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