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The Timing Involved Was Critical
by staples
Citation:   staples. "The Timing Involved Was Critical: An Experience with DOM, LSD & AL-LAD (exp113388)". Jul 24, 2019.

T+ 0:00
7.5 mg oral DOM  
  T+ 2:30 1.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 11:30 600 ug oral AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 12:20 3 cups oral Tea  
  T+ 17:00   oral Etizolam  


LSD and AL-LAD energized by DOM

Background about me: I have tried 100+ recreational substances, so have a lot of experience. However, I have generally shied away from high doses of lysergamides after one or two difficult experiences in my early 20s; this report details my highest combined dose to date, which I only took knowing that I would have significant psychedelic tolerance.

The timing involved was critical and enabled the dose of AL-LAD in a non-distressing way. To be crystal clear, I would never, ever take that dose without significant tolerance set-in.
To be crystal clear, I would never, ever take that dose without significant tolerance set-in.
I wanted to report this as a technique that worked and gave me an utterly peak experience, although I cannot vouch for its general safety.

More general background: I supplement magnesium heavily on a daily basis, which seems to help recreational drug experiences go smoother. I also have narcolepsy, so the magnesium alleviates some of the side effects from my symptoms. I also take 2FMA/adderall/armodafinil/caffeine on a daily basis to help with my wakefulness at work, so have some stimulant/amphetamine tolerance. I take the lowest doses possible to get through the day.

Location, mindset: this was at a music festival (really just a large party of friends, not open to the general public) on the West Coast, in the forest foothills along a snowmelt river. I was somewhat nervous about this combination without significant harm reduction/risk reduction infrastructure in place (eg only a medical tent, no specific psychedelic cool-down areas or other skilled Zendo-type practitioners), but knew that I would be among friends and have all my years of experience to bring to bear. Overall, nervous but excited. I am a very stable and low-emotional-expressivity person with a good job and fulfilled life. My health/fitness is excellent and my relationships very healthy now and generally.

Zero hour starts at noon thirty:
-0:30- I just finished my brunch meal of eggs, quinoa, salad, potatoes. I think itís important to be well fed.
0:00 - I take 7.5mg DOM and give 5mg to several of my friends. Bitter as expected. At this point, we are setting up a blanket by the beach stage to spend the day listening to mostly-bass music and dipping in the snowmelt river (spending more time on floaties above the river due to the frigid water). The sun is blazing, the weather is 86F, and its gorgeous.

0:30 - Two of my friends, A and B, tell me that, oddly, the DOM has hit them quite fast and they feel solidly tripping in their bodies and muscles. No real visuals yet, but the body high is quite strong. One other friend, C, says she is coming up as well and her body feels confusedÖnot bad, but definitely confused. I can just feel the edge of the DOM energy, which has felt like it is spreading from my throat and chest into my large muscle bodies. At this point, knowing DOMís effect on muscles, I give all of us 7-9 grams of L-citrulline D,L malate. This is s supplement that helps with peripheral blood pressure and thus eases symptoms of vasoconstriction during chemicals like DOM and stimulant binges. Within minutes, two of my friends are saying their muscles feel more relaxed, although it may just be placebo.

1:30 - The two friends who came up quickly are now settling in to their experience and enjoying the energy out on a barge on the water. I am feeling the energy rise, and like previous experiences with DOM, it feels extremely simple, clear-headed, calmÖjust energy in my body with a fresh headspace. C says she is having fun but also confused like she feels on LSD and psilocin, so is preemptively opting out of phase 2 coming up, which I of course encourage. Always better to err on the side of caution rather than overshootingÖ

2:00 - I am in the water with my friends. Weíre cuddling, massaging, doing slipíníslides, basking in the sun, and building hippie pyramids of downwards dog. The cold water bothers me less than expected.

2:30 - I am ready for phase 2. A and B are gone, C is having a fine enough time, so I take 1.5 nominal ~100Ķg tabs of LSD (amount verified as 104Ķg by Energy Control on a different tab from the same sheet) and give a similar 1.5 tabs to another friend of mine D who didnít take the DOM initially. I chose this timeframe because I wanted to experience the full LSD dose and anecdata suggests that 2-3 hours post-DOM tolerance will NOT have set in, but 4-5+ hours tolerance begins to set in and the LSD will feel quite weak.

3:00 - I am coming up faster than usual on the LSD. This is a good sign. I feel dizzy, like the lights are too bright. Fewer wavy twisty visuals than I am used to, but the cast of sunlight and feel in my body tell me that this is a lot of lysergamide. I still feel quite clear-headed, no thought loops or other odd mental paths. I have been dancing, drinking water, having a few sips of beer, and generally basking in the sun. I feel somewhat parched and burned, so Iíve been over applying sunscreenÖbecause why not? My lips feel quite dry but Iím confident Iíve been drinking as Iíve needed to pee twice. Each time Iíve peed, my body ends up shivering with pleasure. These are all good things.

3:20 - at this point the physical euphoria is incredible. I feel like my full skin has become a sexual organ and rubbing it against other people basking in the sun is too pleasurable to describe in words. Luckily, my friend D who took the LSD but not the DOM is extremely affectionate as well, and we spend the next literal 3.5 hours rolling around on the ground on a blanket together. Her constant touches and legs rubbing against mine provide one of the top three experiences of physical euphoria Iíve experience to date. Occasionally we roll down the hill somewhat - the blanket isnít even soft, and I only stop to brush all the dirt and sand off Dís legs.

7:00 - Dinnertime! Dinner is served to everyoneÖIím not excited about it, but at least it smells good. We eat a large meal, and I am thankful for the food, although my stomach experiences some sharp pains. After eating, we head back to put on warmer costume clothes for the evening. I have laid out a bag and clothing to make this as easy as possible for myself, but the DOM I think has really helped the clarity Iím usually lacking with LSD. The energy is still extraordinary.

7:30 - I find Iím grateful to be back in my tentÖI thought I wasnít very high, but as soon as I relax on my mattress, the visuals take over the internal tent walls, highlighting patches of light and dark with breathing/morphing effects. I donít feel particularly fucked up or unlucidÖagain I think the DOM is really giving me a clear mind.

8:30 - We get together with a large group of friends camped nearby and back back into the madness. Still feeling just awesome about everything. There are some decent DJs playing but we decide to explore the art before the late-night music really starts and likely captures our attention.

11:30 - After some wandering and chatting with friends, enjoying the body energy and music, I am starting to feel more sober and the visuals are almost down to zero. Knowing the DOM has plenty of time left, and being surprised at how simple and delightful this experience has been so far, I make a rash decision that was not originally intended. I pull out 6 tabs of nominal 100Ķg AL-LAD and put them in my mouth. It feels like a momentous decision - something that can go very wrong or very right. Iím concerned, but I also understand that at this point I have a pretty enormous psychedelic tolerance from the DOM and the LSD in particular. Having never done anything like this before, I donít know if this will do nothing, give me a nice supplemental AL-LAD experience, or blast me into a confused and unpleasant state (which I know is typical of AL-LAD doses above 300Ķg). Oh well, here we go!

12:20 - I am lacking some food, sustenance, warmÖluckily C has prepared several gallons of strong chai to serve partygoers. The chai feels like it fills every need I could ever have - so delicious. I have several cups. Just as Iím finishing my third cup, the AL-LAD comes to life in me! Itís incredible - my vision is completely filled with rainbows, such light and color! I am somewhat dizzy as a result of likely rocketing upwards on the AL-LAD as well as the caffeine from the chai.

12:30 - Many friends are coming by to get chai, as well as stop and chat. Conversation feels somewhat disabled as the world around me quakes with rainbows. Surprisingly the AL-LAD brings very little headspace with it, very little increase to any sort of confusion or other mental hallmarks of a strong hallucinogen experience. Most of my inability to interact with the world comes as a result of marveling at everything around me.
Most of my inability to interact with the world comes as a result of marveling at everything around me.
The sky is just a gaping rainbow fractal mawÖI can hardly tear my eyes away from it.

13:00-16:00 - I request to be horizontal, and my friends join me on cushions to look up at the sky. We play with pillows, rub each other, whisper sweet nothings and serious everything. After an hour on the ground, we explore some music, and then wander out to the outer reaches of the party to check out some of the cute art and the like. The visuals slowly fade during this period. By 16:00 I am extremely hungry, devour some snacks from my bag which are woefully absent (I donít normally ever eat on drugs at all), luckily one of my traveling companions has a bag of fried mochi rice snacks, which I devour.

17:00 - The sky is beginning to get light. While I feel no compulsion to sleep, we decide itís time, and C has mentioned that it has mostly worn off of her, so we have a couple milligrams of etizolam, brush our teeth, and head to our bed.

Sleep comes easily, and I sleep soundly for 6 hours, waking up the next morning in a happy state with an exhausted brain.

Overally, this was one of my peak experiences, and I felt that I should share it with a greater audience. The AL-LAD was a gamble that definitely paid off, and overall this was very well-architected for a maximum of incredible psychedelic energy. I will repeat this for certain, likely with a slightly higher dose of LSD.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113388
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Jul 24, 2019Views: 2,729
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DOM (20), LSD (2), AL-LAD (603) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Large Group (10+) (19)

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