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Mild Anxiety and Good Fun
Mushrooms - P. mexicana (sclerotia)
by Vince
Citation:   Vince. "Mild Anxiety and Good Fun: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. mexicana (sclerotia) (exp113527)". Erowid.org. Sep 11, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113527

T+ 0:00
1.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. mexicana (sclerotia)
  T+ 2:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  


1st Time Shrooms - Mild Anxiety and Good Fun
1.5 g wet P. Mexicana (truffles)

Decided to give shrooms a try, because there's no way I can skip that. I purchased the shrooms at an online smartshop. The truffles came by mail this morning and my wife was absent.

I wanted to try them but I have a background of anxiety
I wanted to try them but I have a background of anxiety
, and I'm very sensitive in every way possible (I have very good hearing, my eyes are growing weak as I grow old but I still score a 10/10, I can smell thing before other people, but also I can "feel" things in other people, I cry easily, I do get high while masturbating - sorry but you get the point - and so on...). So I waited for my wife to return, told her my intentions (she already knew I purchased them) and I took half of the recommended dose for a first mild trip which is 3g divided by 2 :)

12:00AM, taking the dose, chewing them very thoroughly (sry if I mispelt, not english) to a very fine mix with my saliva - as recommended - and gobbled it down with lemon+orange juice, to potentiate it a bit. On an empty stomach from the day before - didn't have any breakfast, as usual... haha!

The taste is cool, I liked it, don't know how caps taste, but the truffles tasted good to me, not earthy at all, a kind of unknown taste that immediately tickled my curiosity. It was very acid also and left a tingle in my throat.

T+5min, I can definitely feel something strange happening, I'm feeling very nervous - obviously about a possible badtrip - and for a further reading you should bear in mind that although my set and settings were good (home with my beloved one) I think my mood affected my perceptions a lot. It felt like the first onsets of alkaloids, or opiates.

So back to the report T+30, I'm starting to feel an effect, that is a body tingle and a mild nausea, which did potentiate a bit my nervousness. I felt very light-headed, head like an helium balloon. It is also the time when my wife and I decided to eat a bit. So we ate a light meal, consisting of bread + fish-based "tartinade" and salad. We decided to watch a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and we had some good laugh, all the time I was feeling drunk-like, weird and slightly nauseous and anxious at the same time. I remember describing to her the effects I felt, like things appearing brighter than they normally are. Then I had a sort of momentary dizziness when a character flipped a page and I expected the subtitles (remember I'm not english) to sort of flip too, and it kind of happened, but nothing too serious. I remember saying to my wife : "time perception is a bit weird, there's no such thing as 'at the same time'." By that time I was laughing more than I normally am when sober. I was enjoying the ride so far.

T+1H (1PM) : the time when we stopped watching the show and my wife told me she had to go upstairs to have some work done. I think I peaked for about an hour, I just went outdoors and back again, upstairs to tell my wife how I felt (I must have been a really annoying drughead to her lol) like that time I saw the wallpaper move (a brief instant). I was also very contemplative, and enjoyed everything I did - even washing the dishes. I remember feeling very weird but still in control of my conscious me, and that was enjoyable, the nervosity/anxiety started to leave me, and I could tell I had been a bit nervous due to the ache in my neck muscles. But that didn't matter either.

I remember drinking regularly too, which I don't normally do, and peeing a lot, maybe a way for my body to control and regulate the intoxication (which it truly is in my humble opinion, but a fun one). It also turned out the nausea subsided to continuous burping from that time to the time I went baseline. I have still to decide whether it was the truffles themselves or aerophagia out of anxiety. The sky, the swallows, the flowers, the clouds, everything seemed more beautiful than ever in my life.

(2PM )T+2H, at that time I think I plateau-ed for about an hour. I was getting used to the trip, but didn't feel it could get worse so I decided to pack a small bowl of marijuana and light it up. I went boom for about 2 minutes, nothing crazy but it made me rebound on the high I was riding 1 hour before (good to know), very impaired, but lots of laughing.

Then I social-mediatized a bit, nothing fancy, I watched a few video, and suddenly realized I hadn't listened to music. I chose to listen to some potent stuff such as End Trance By ZEE (Zebbler Encanti Experiment), and the drops hit me like crazy, but overall I found the songs of the EP to be too short to lead me anywhere and I told my wife : "now I understand why The Pink Floyds or Iron Butterfly were making such long tracks". I also had weird ideas about my cat (don't remember if it was before or after) where I told my wife "we gotta talk to her more, I think she's intelligent and understands more than we think" and she made me understand that she was not sure I would stick to that idea while coming down (I do think it is permanently true now and I'll talk to her more). Then I took another pee and challenged myself to synthesize a sound I heard in the music I listened too before, it turned out I understood the basics of the sound so I went creative about what I was doing - for the nerds out there in the back haha I had fun with both FM synthesis and filter FM. Saved my synth patches like a sober person, I even made an effect chain to post process the sound later that I did save, but the naming of the patch was a lil weird lmao. From that time on, I had those surges of strange ideas that are very frequent when I smoke marijuana, so I guess I was going back to baseline.

T+3H (3PM) for about an hour the sensations of being drunk-like and weird at the same time persisted but got weaker. II was basically just watching chemical reactions videos on youtube (because I plan to buy some chemicals and have fun with my daughter, you know making soda+sugar black serpent, that sort of things) instagraming a bit, checking emails. Nothing to be noted.

T+4H (4PM) I was a lil sore and excited at the same time, I ate a bit and drank another of my numerous glasses of water before my wife and I decided to go to a nearby strawberry field to pick up a kg of strawberries, we also bought some fresh vegetables that the guy grows, and went back to our house, where i am typing this report after a bit of cleaning the house. I was not impaired at all to drive so I guess I was back to baseline, tho I can draw a line between how I felt and baseline anymore (which I find very funny).

I feel very good about that experience, I was expecting some anxiety - I'm old enough to know myself - and I'm pretty sure my mood really did have an effect on this light trip.
I'm pretty sure my mood really did have an effect on this light trip.

The body buzz / tingling, light-headedness and drunk-like sensations were very enjoyable, much like marijuana, but with a weird twist to it. So all in all, I enjoyed the substance, and that enjoyment I felt makes me very happy. Tomorrow I plan on increasing the dose a bit (maybe 2g) and also share them with a friend because I ain't gonna gobble down the quantity that was sent to me in the time they say you can keep them in the fridge, and I fear they might be lost.

Hope this report serves a purpose.

With love.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113527
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 39 
Published: Sep 11, 2019Views: 1,995
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