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On Consciousness and Communicating with Clouds
Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis
Citation:   A Unicorn. "On Consciousness and Communicating with Clouds: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis (exp113669)". Erowid.org. Oct 23, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113669

  oral Mushrooms  
  1 hit vaporized Cannabis (extract)
Although I have had a variety of experiences involving psilocybin containing mushrooms over the years, my trip from this past weekend was one of the most notable, as I strongly believe that the information I received could help a lot of people understand not just the psychedelic experience, but the human experience as well.

This trip took place during a camping trip with close friends. It was a sunny morning and I was lying down on a very comfortable inflatable couch under the clear blue sky. One of my best friends was taking a nap beside me. We had brought half an ounce of mushrooms with us, plenty to go around, and on an empty stomach I decided to start the day with a handful of them (about 3.5 grams). My friend offered me a dab as well, so I accepted that and began to settle in comfortably while looking up at the sky.

About thirty minutes in, I had noticed the usual floatiness and was feeling the need for a couple of bathroom trips. When I returned to my comfortably reclined position, I felt light and weightless and so I exhaled into this feeling, settling into a deep, trance-like state of calm.

Looking up, I noticed a small cloud floating through the sky that was swirling, as if about to form a shape. I said out loud, hoping to use the law of attraction for some quality cloud gazing, ďThatís a lovely cloud. I would be grateful for any more that might be sent this way.Ē

The cloud continued to swirl until it formed a nearly perfect circle, while a small part of the top broke off and hovered above it, changing in form until it made a mushroom shape. I swear the visuals hadnít kicked in yet - I really saw this tiny mushroom puff above a circular cloud. But as soon as this happened, I started to feel a very strong pulling sensation in my head, as if my brain was being drawn through my forehead ó not painful, but a powerful feeling. It was a pull towards this cloud circle, and a thought popped into my head: ďitís a portal.Ē

To back up for a second, I have paid special attention to clouds for quite some time. I have noticed that they seem to mirror the energy present on the earth beneath them. Upon looking into this I have noticed that many other people who have experienced psychedelic trips notice that the sky - in the form of stars or clouds - seems to be mirroring our consciousness and / or communicating with us in some way. I believe clouds are a visual representation of consciousness on earth. This likely influenced the direction of this trip.
I believe clouds are a visual representation of consciousness on earth. This likely influenced the direction of this trip.

I started to become very aware of this pull, and it was then that I began to receive information, perhaps through the opening of this portal. Do you ever have a thought pop into your head that is your inner guidance telling you something you may not have consciously been aware of before? It was like that - I began to hear my inner voice telling me that the state I had entered was allowing me to see this portal. It told me that the pull I was feeling was my intuition (something I have been actively working on listening to and strengthening), buzzing through my third eye, and told me to follow where I feel guided. It reflected back on some of the better life decisions Iíve made lately and said, you see how it helped you to listen?

I began to mentally ask, where do I go from here? What am I supposed to be doing?

The answer came: follow where you feel guided. You are not meant to have all the information all at once. It is about the journey you are on just as much as where it will take you.

As I mentally noted and accepted this, I noticed that an incredible swirl had begun to form in the sky around this ďportal.Ē What was once a clear blue sky with a tiny cloud in the middle had erupted in a dappled spiral of intricate cloud patterns circling around the sun. Where the sun met the clouds looked like stained glass, and looking up at it felt like gazing in awe at a miraculous temple, though it was like no man-made temple Iíd ever seen. My eyes followed the sun-streaked pool of stained glass into the incredible swirl of tiny cloud formations, and when I looked closer I saw that each cloud was a face gazing upward in varied expressions of divine peace. They intermingled and tangled together in the most beautiful, impossible way. When I looked up at this I felt the most incredibly grounding wave of complete peace take over every fiber of my being.

I felt deeply that this was a sacred state, a state of being in total peace and in tune with all that is, and an image popped into my head of myself holding my hands in a favorite mudra. This image found its way to my heart center, and it told me, this is your soul; you are in union, harmony, and communication with your soul at this time. I looked up and saw this image reflected in the sky, as all those tiny faces came together to form the image of the mudra. I blinked and blinked, but there it was before me. I will always be here to guide you, my soul said. This serene state is yours to keep.

I took many moments - who knows how long - to simply exist in this state, to breathe into it, to save it in my heart so I could keep it with me always. I knew this divine state was what I needed to take with me into the future so I could bring more peace and healing to the world like I always have known I must do.

It was then that I started receiving more information. I was told that breath is a sacred way of connecting with our spirit, that our breath is consciousness breathing through us. I was told that the clouds not only mirror us, but guide us, that they have more investment and involvement in our journey on earth than what we are able to comprehend. I was told that they are a part of earthís aura, and just like how when you walk past a room where there has been an argument or heavy conversation and you can feel it, the earth has a very intense energetic aura that ripples out into the sky around it.

I had been resting my feet on an inflatable inner tube this whole time, and when I looked up again, I noticed that all of the clouds were forming a giant circle around where I was, mimicking that shape. A portion of the circle began to push some cloud shapes into the center and these shapes began to swirl and grow larger, as if being dropped right above and towards me. I saw a cloud-drawn image of myself, naked, slowly undulating, looking blissful. The clouds around cloud-me began to swirl and expand until they encompassed all the other clouds around them, and then began to dissipate. I took this as a cloud vision of me spreading positive influence throughout the world - what else could it be?

I then asked what the heck was up with the clouds and the stars and the sky and the world and the universe, and what the deal with everything was ó because why not take advantage of this state by asking the big questions? But the answer I got was: you already know plenty, and you will keep learning more. But no one is meant to know everything. The whole point of a soul journeying through the planet is to have that soulís journey. It would be hard to concern yourself with earthly matters if the entire inner workings of the universe were tossed at your feet. I was told that if I keep my mind open and follow where I feel Iím meant to go, I will learn what is needed when the time is right.

After floating in serenity for hours - in all honesty I did not keep track of when the trip began to level out - I felt ready to stand up and venture out into the world again. I havenít been able to describe this trip in full yet to anyone, so I figured I would write it down first. In truth, I think that finding this soul-connected state is a part of the trip that will always stay with me. That deep feeling of peace within oneself has not left, and I strongly feel that it will always be there for me to come home to.

My hope in sharing this is that others will be open to having similar experiences while in a psychedelic state, and find their serenity drifting through the clouds. Onwards and upwards!

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113669
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Oct 23, 2019Views: 577
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