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Stimulant & Psychedelic, Pleasure & Pain
Cocaine & LSD / Cocaine & Mushrooms
by MLC
Citation:   MLC. "Stimulant & Psychedelic, Pleasure & Pain: An Experience with Cocaine & LSD / Cocaine & Mushrooms (exp113855)". Oct 20, 2020.

  repeated insufflated Cocaine
  1 hit oral LSD
    repeated insufflated Cocaine
  1.1 - 1.5 g oral Mushrooms


To be riding the lustrous, sensual waves of a psychedelic trip while soaring on the euphoric wings of cocaine can be a highly enjoyable experience. However, these combinations come with their own brand of repercussions.

Somewhat ironically, each time I have been offered psychedelics in the recent past, I have already been, or was planning to be, riding the rails of a cocaine high. On at least three recent occasions, my burgeoning plans to go on a cocaine binge have been met with the suggestion to try some mushrooms or LSD by my friends. I typically buy 2-3g of cocaine, with the intention of “saving some for later. That was the case with each of these experiences.

I’ll begin with the LSD. Soon after meeting with a fellow user to drink some beer and do some lines, a friend called suggesting we drop acid. At this point the cocaine high was already in effect, and as cocaine typically does, it had become my first priority. I felt somewhat uneasy about the notion of dropping acid due to the longevity of its effects, but I found that once a tab was offered to me in person, I popped it right in my mouth with little to no consideration. This weakening of inhibition and conscious consideration is a direct effect of the “everything is alright” euphoric rush of cocaine.

The initial rising vibes of an acid trip are usually rather noticeable. There may be a sense that one’s perceptions are becoming different in an indescribable way. There may be some anxiety or fear, or there may just be euphoric vibes rising through the body and mind. With the presence of cocaine, the initial feelings were barely noticeable (at least for a one tab dose of LSD). However, the swimming, heady high of LSD and its hallucinatory effects certainly became prominent within an hour or so. I felt great. I was high on LSD and cocaine, and I had no concern or anxiety regarding my trip. It was like I was confidently riding the waves of an acid trip, and it flooded my synapses and brought me to a very enjoyable trippy place. Still, the delusional mindfuck of the acid trip was kept at bay by the sharp, alert, attentive effects of the cocaine. I felt great, but I had to keep taking lines to stay that way.

My judgments were certainly impaired, and I made the decision to walk out on my buddies and take a ride to grab some more white. They were concerned and discouraging of this decision, but I was soaring with such confidence and elation that I had no doubt about what I was doing. I never feared, I never faltered. It is certainly true that driving in this state was a bad decision, but I drove, picked up another friend, and met with the connection without any problem at all.

The LSD reached its peak, and the trip was strong and vibrant, mostly consisting of visual and auditory enhancements paired with the lovely wash of the acid high. But the focus remained on the cocaine, and my friend who had simply wanted to drop acid with me became socially neglected as he took his trip surrounded by three guys hooked on coke.

By the time I finally got rid of the other two coke buddies, my friend and I didn’t have much of the night left to enjoy together. This was a direct effect of the social influence of cocaine, which had swayed my social preference toward the others who were using coke with me. I felt bad for neglecting my tripping partner, and I tried to make the effort to go out and ride the remainder of the acid vibes with him. We walked around the empty city sidewalks, staring at the moon and sky, and meandered through the ornate grounds of a nearby art museum, but I was coming down from the cocaine, and did not feel good anymore. Although the effects of the LSD were still present, the comedown from the cocaine became the dominant factor.
I was coming down from the cocaine, and did not feel good anymore. Although the effects of the LSD were still present, the comedown from the cocaine became the dominant factor.
This is where the repercussions came in, as the cocaine comedown overpowered and cut short the vibrancy of the psychedelic trip. Furthermore, because LSD can have a long, wakeful, and hallucinatory comedown, which can be somewhat unpleasant, the drop in dopamine caused by the impending cocaine crash resulted in a rather miserable scenario. Feelings of emptiness and remorse, longing for loved ones, and a need for reconciliation caused by the cocaine comedown, paired with the gritty brain crater of bizarre, repetitious, cartoony hallucinations caused by the LSD comedown made for a restless and uncomfortable attempt at sleep.

Still, somehow, after finally shutting down for a couple of hours, I woke up wakeful and alert (brain running on fumes no doubt), able to go to work, and experiencing something of an afterglow that seemed to be caused by the combination of the two psychoactive substances. I was happy and energetic the following day, although getting through the combo-comedown after the incredible high was ultimately not worth the trouble.

Eating mushrooms while high on cocaine took on a similar but unique, and ultimately more pleasant dimension. Each time I ate about 1.1 – 1.5 grams of mushrooms while riding the cocaine train.

Similarly, the come up was not particularly noticeable, and the queasiness and anxiety often associated with the first hour after eating mushrooms was not experienced at all. In fact, with such a modest dose of mushrooms, the high did not really become particularly noticeable until it had reached its peak.

On one occasion, the mushrooms were popped and we simply hung around, listening to music and sipping on beers, laughing and commiserating. Of course, all the while I was taking trips to the bathroom to bump up my cocaine high. Again the cocaine high took precedence, and was the dominant factor, as well as the priority. Still, once the mushrooms became fully active in my mind and body, the effects were highly enjoyable, and consisted of feelings of elation and joy, vivid visual perception, and an enhanced auditory sensitivity. I’ve thought at times that the peak of a mushroom high shares commonalities with the euphoria and elation of the cocaine high, although obviously causing very different responses in the brain and nervous system.

I felt on top of the world, and we decided to walk to the nearby pool hall / taco joint to see what we could see. Socialization was a breeze, and I felt joy and love for people all around me. This was not just an effect of the cocaine, but an organic vibe of the mushrooms. The natural feeling of oneness with others brought on by the fungus was enhanced by a feeling of confidence and certainty caused by the stimulant. I simply felt great, and didn’t need to prove anything to anyone. I was confident, happy, and in full flux. Women were beautiful and alluring and music was incredible, but I still had the edgy feeling that I needed to sustain my high on cocaine.

As the night drew on, and the cocaine high waned, the benevolent mushroom trip became tainted by the dark side of the stimulant. Each time my mood dropped my mushroom high was squashed, and I felt only anxiety and the need to re-up. Common symptoms of a cocaine comedown, and certainly not relieved by the psychedelic flesh of the shrooms.

The second occasion was quite similar, with a live brass band and many people dancing. The vibes were immaculate. The high was overwhelmingly positive. The confidence, self-assuredness, benevolence, and sense of erotic enticement were at maximum levels. Music was pure bliss, and dancing was as natural as standing or sitting. Still as the night wore on, the edge of the cocaine crash cut down the vibrancy of the overall experience, overshadowing the remaining softness and lush comedown of the psilocybin.

These experiences certainly have a personal dimension. Not everyone will feel the same, and I’ve noticed, much to my surprise, that some people do not seem to find the cocaine comedown so perilous. As someone who typically chooses to face the bitter end of the high and try to return to normalcy for the sake of sleep, it can be a dreadful experience, and I would say that the presence of psychedelics do not improve it. The hard and intense stimulating nature of cocaine is a damper on the intellectual, imaginative, sensory experience of mushrooms and LSD. LSD certainly presents an enjoyable high when paired with cocaine, but the chemical nature of both substances lends to a harsh and gritty end. On the other hand, mushrooms have been very enjoyable, vibrant, and positive when paired with this stimulant, but I am wary of the cocaine comedown, and cognizant of the fact that the potentially beneficial mushroom trip will be muted in part by the dominating stimulant.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113855
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: Oct 20, 2020Views: 1,025
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Cocaine (13), LSD (2), Mushrooms (39) : Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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