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Total Cure for Psilocybin Nausea
Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Lemon Oil
by Yellow Spectrum
Citation:   Yellow Spectrum . "Total Cure for Psilocybin Nausea: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Lemon Oil (exp114155)". Erowid.org. Mar 25, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114155

3.35 g oral Mushrooms (tea)


I recently took six drops [directly on my tongue and swallowed] of food-grade lemon oil before consuming a tea of 3.5g p. cubensis on an empty stomach. The result was a pure, unadulterated psilocybin trip with practically no nausea whatsoever. I simply could not believe it.

Nausea was the first effect of psilocybin that I experienced, and I've struggled with it every time. It typically interrupts the good parts of my trip, forces me to constantly get up and pace in front of the toilet (I've never puked from it though), and consume significant quantities of ginger in an attempt to blunt the effect. Ginger has been mediocre in suppressing the nausea - so has weed.
Ginger has been mediocre in suppressing the nausea - so has weed.
In instances where a trip has gone bad, without exception the bad trip induces nausea that makes it even worse. I often spend trips walking around and doing chores in an attempt to distract myself from both the nausea and the bad vibes. As the trip wears off, I am exhausted and starving, but can only consume food slowly since eating instantly provokes more nausea.

I read that taking the shrooms on an empty stomach eliminates the nausea, or that a tea does the same thing. Neither helped in my case though the tea increases the strength of the trip significantly (and shortens the duration, which I like). I've never taken shrooms with food so I have no idea what that would do. I was stopped multiple times from exploring the depths of a mushroom trip because of how bad the nausea was.

As I researched solutions to the nausea, I found a few old forum posts describing how lemon oil offers a total cure. People saying it completely eliminates the nausea from tryptamine-type drugs.

I ordered a small bottle of food-grade lemon oil and, like I said, took six drops before drinking my tea on an empty stomach. The result was miraculous. Thanks to the variable potency of mushrooms, the 3.5g dose I took was unusually strong (stronger than 4.0g I did a few months ago where I was sent nearly retching every 10 minutes), but I was able to withstand the entire experience without any nausea at all - save for one or two moments where I felt a bit of it for a few seconds. I did not once need to get up to stand in front of the toilet, did not have to take any ginger (though I took my usual pre-tea chunk not knowing how effective the lemon oil would be), and when the trip went bad at one point, the panic did not make me nauseated, and after a minute I was able to get my shit together and resume laying down and listening to Górecki's Symphony No. 3 (which I only recommend to the brave). I experienced the most profound beauty of my life on this trip, all thanks to the lack of nausea.

As it wore off, rather than feel exhausted like I usually would, I felt lightweight and energetic. I consumed a bag of beef jerky without a hint of nausea.

The only downside appears to be a headache the following day - a more than fair price to pay in my opinion.

Note that I am referring to food-grade, essential lemon oil, cold-pressed from lemon skins not lemon oil intended for aromatherapy or that Old English lemon-scented mineral oil meant for wood.

I find it very interesting that shrooms and lemons are already associated with one another through the technique of "lemon tek". It is almost like the two are a spiritual couple of sorts...

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114155
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Mar 25, 2020Views: 814
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Unknown Context (20), Preparation / Recipes (30), Combinations (3)

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