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Good Anxiolytic, Okay Recreational Substance
1,4-Butanediol & Amphetamines
by bill
Citation:   bill. "Good Anxiolytic, Okay Recreational Substance: An Experience with 1,4-Butanediol & Amphetamines (exp114217)". Apr 7, 2020.

T+ 0:00
5 mg oral Amphetamines  
  T+ 0:05 0.5 tsp oral 1,4-Butanediol  
  T+ 0:00   oral Tea  
  T+ 0:00   buccal Nicotine (daily)
  T+ 2:45 0.37 tsp oral 1,4-Butanediol  
  T+ 4:05   oral 1,4-Butanediol  


Writing this report for people like me. Very experienced with GABA drugs, high tolerance for them, and pronounced anxiety disorder largely due to prolonged benzo abuse and withdrawal. In my early 20s, but report is for all ages. Kids, please try to abstain.

I received my shipment of appx. 60ml of 14bdo this morning. Ink cleaner. Arrived completely frozen. Submerged in warm water for about 20 minutes after holding it under my testicles for about an hour. Temp outside is in the 20s/30s so I anticipated it would arrive frozen.

5:45pm ingested 1/2 tsp (appx 2.5ml) bdo on a full stomach. Been using clonazepam(rx), valium, baclofen, alcohol, lunesta, and dilaudid within the past few days. Alcohol as well as valium and baclofen yesterday, the latter two, more specifically the former one of the two, may still be present ó doubt any synergy will occur though. Used 30mg of amphetamine salts IR throughout the day today as prescribed, and took 5mg more prior to bdo ingestion to avoid uncontrollable sedation.
Used 30mg of amphetamine salts IR throughout the day today as prescribed, and took 5mg more prior to bdo ingestion to avoid uncontrollable sedation.
Didnít think itíd happen. Just to be on the safe side. Always have a nicotine pouch in my upper lip (mmm).

Very experienced with gaba b prescription medications: gabapentin upward into the 50 gram+++ territories, lyrica in the 2 grams, baclofen I treat responsibly as there is serious stomach discomfort related to large doses ó but have used up to about 100mg+ if I had to guess, and it produced the most profound effects on mood and visual distortion of the three; although, this was before I started using the former two drugs or benzodiazepines. Lyrica was the most euphoric. Also have used phenibut, which was never all that amazing except for its potentiating lyrica. Have never used GHB or GBL.

5:50pm improved coordination associated with relaxation of tremors in my extremities. No mental effects yet. Some very mild stomach discomfort but may be associated with aspartame in sprite zero or the taste of bdo more so than the substance itself.

6:00pm starting to feel relaxed, no pronounced feelings of euphoria or sedation, but beginning to type slower.

6:10pm thoughts flowing more freely, though the delivery is somewhat dulled when typing. More succinct maybe? Will be associating with people around 7, so will report what happens after that and maybe in between if thereís any more significant effects.

6:15 palpable relief of ever-present tension headache and a warm feeling in my chest. Heart beat is more noticeable, but slower.

6:20 still able to do statistics work with ease, whereas an intoxicating dose of baclofen would make it impossible. However motivation to do so is much lower. No mental dulling effect associated with gaba a inhibition, so I suspect most effects are associated with GHB receptors. Writing this report is more engaging while I wait to see how my sociability is affected. (background: severe social anxiety causing flinching and tremor when eye contact is made or in meaningful conversation, esp. When pressure is applied by the other person(s), but present in most every social situation).

6:30 Got up from my seat and muscles are more relaxed. Movement feels a little more fluid, but nothing like drunkenness. Interacted with a few people and it was not as uncomfortable as usual. Observed lessening of peripheral disturbances associated with anxiety. No euphoria present, but contact is more accessible. Lovingly brushed against my grandmotherís shoulder while walking by. Slight misstep on the way back downstairs to where I abide indicating some intoxication. Sort of doing a cat walk thing, but I have poor posture and flat feet.

6:40 Slight bubble guts and gas. Maybe due to cabbage I ate with dinner, but I feel the drug in my gut.

6:50 I think I get what this drug is all about (stop me if I'm wrong). Feeling like redosing, but will wait until after 8pm to do so. Seeking euphoria. I am feeling forgetful and simultaneously a little more mentally agile. Odd. I may just be indecisive.

8:15 just finished Bible devotions and I noticed subtle tingles and overall improved reception of the message.
8:15 just finished Bible devotions and I noticed subtle tingles and overall improved reception of the message.
Some afterimages of the audio tape recording and general enhancement of spirit. Was able to receive the word but also able to imagine great spiritual feats with loved ones while the tape played (unable to go to meetings/church with the virus currently). Unable to do both simultaneously. Going to redose a little. Deliberating how much. First Iíll use the restroom as bdo has proven to have mild laxative effects and I'm peeing a lot probably due to the adderall and tea and sprite, etc.

8:30 Didnít poop just farted a lot. Redosed about 1.8 ml (a 1/4 tsp full and then half of a 1/4 tsp full) left the latter under my tongue for a second just to see how I tolerated the taste and itís really not all that bad. Grand total of 4.3ml. I like this drug so far, itís a fairly good anxiolytic for me around 2.5ml. Gonna see how a redose does me, put some headphones in, socialize with people over the phone maybe. Check back in if thereís any remarkable effects.

8:37 feeling kinda silly already. Stomach discomfort not really present this time just a nice warm sensation. My gut feels happy with me even though my bowels are a little bubbly.

8:40 gonna play some super smash bros to see if I'm better or worse. Was playing last night for the first time in months, pretty intoxicated, doing better than normal, so I have high hopes. For some reason gaba B drugs have always made me better at competitive gaming. Music sounds a little bit better, but nothing compared to my first experience with dilaudid last week where music felt like it was surrounding my head (this diminished after a few uses, maybe related to how opioid tolerance seems to return after one or two use(s)). Just more so experiencing it (music) presciently while also hanging on the words on the bdo. Cool synch that isnt typical for me, unique to this drug. Can also tune it out a lot more than usual if I want to. Good feelings transmitted. Getting a little more creative with my report.

8:45 turning the music down. It feels a lot louder and not exactly pleasantly so. Not bothersome, but like rackety in my skull. Listening to Title Fight ďLike a RitualĒ at the moment. 5 minutes after I wrote that last sentence: listening to Longest Night by Jonwayne. Okay back to 5 minutes ago: Gonna play smash now fr. I main Cloud (based).

8:50 No stomach discomfort but dang Iím gassy. Still havent started playing smash.

9:20 I dont feel overwhelmed but I certainly dont feel underwhelmed. Overall, positive experience. Hard to do two things at once such as listening to music and playing smash but I'm making do. I've realized any increase in preformance is due only to a boost in confidence, and maybe some more out of the box thinking as far as gaming goes. Iím enjoying playing but I sort of wish I was out doing something which is unusual for me! I'm producing more saliva but I'm also thirsty. Curious. Almost feel like dosing a little bit more but I may or may not refrain. Its my addictive-ness talking.

9:40 much more emotionally connected to music. Still considering a redose though. Wish I didnt have such a massive tolerance to these sorts of things. I'm really enjoying it though. Travis Scott sounds good right now.

9:50 redosed a little. I'm at about 5ml now and I might conclude my report with that. Itís a good substance for my anxiety. Not the best for recreation, but it definitely does the trick. Nothing like MDMA honestly. First time I took lyrica I definitely got MDMA vibes, but my standards are really high for things like that. Had an MDA experience was face meltingly incredible and associate those drugs with uncanny synchronicities and full body chills that make me feel like every pore of my body is climaxing. Feeling great though. Might report a little more if I get any waves of euphoria or something like that later in the night. Gonna start playing animal crossing instead and maybe lay down and close my eyes to see how that feels. Pupils are huge.

11:25 No more remarkable effects to report. In conclusion, BDO is good, but not amazing for me. I can definitely sense Iíll be forming a relationship with it for its anxiolytic effects, but not for recreational purposes. Thanks for reading, hope my report helps somebody. Start small even if youíre like me and have a stupid tolerance. Gn

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114217
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Apr 7, 2020Views: 3,325
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