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by Vindex
Citation:   Vindex. "Half-and-Half: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp114379)". Oct 18, 2020.

4 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


I did shrooms for the first time on October 28th, 2019, as a freshman in college. This was also my first time doing any psychedelics. I bought a quarter of an ounce for about $40 from someone who was recommended by other guys in my dorm, and coincidentally, my roommate also had friends over from Illinois in our dorm. We were set to party and had a few handles of alcohol, but I decided to avoid drinking and only do about 4 grams of dry shrooms instead.

I took them at about 6:30pm, after getting a small dinner in, and drank a bunch of lemonade alongside it. I hadn't researched at all about proper dosages and so I was not aware that 4 grams would be a strong dosage for someone of my weight. It seemed that I was digesting it slowly, and didn't really start to see effects until about an hour after I took it.

The initial effect was when one of my friends (who had already started drinking) noticed that I was staring at a tiny hole in the brick wall of our dorm room. To me, there was a visual effect of distortion beginning to pulse around it, as if the brick was sinking into the hole. He asked if I was feeling it, and I looked at him and said, "Huh?"

It kept building, with me laughing a lot more than usual at jokes and generally being unable to stop smiling. I can't describe the exact feelings, but although it was cold out and our heater didn't exactly work well, I don't remember being cold and remember my clothes feeling tingly on my body. So far it was a good experience, and I was yet to reach the peak. As the effects began to build, I started experiencing a bit of nausea and sweating, but nothing too extreme, minor discomfort at most. My friends began asking me to explain how I was feeling and asking questions about certain senses. I had taken off my glasses since the "sharpness" of everything was making me uncomfortable. I put my glasses back on and instantly realized my mistake when I looked at a plaid shirt my friend had on. A swift pain shot through my head and I forced myself to look away, asking him to take off the shirt. Eventually it subsided, and I was able to look at his shirt without pain. I described the smells of each of my friends, and also how they began to look. One large friend began to take the shape of the Buddha, another of a sad "Nazi-Russian", and another of a "fucking elf." I'm able to describe this in great detail since most of this experience was recorded by my friends.

They decided to go for a walk, as it wasn't that cold out, so I put on a jacket and went with them. Stepping from out of the room to the hallway felt surreal, and the hallway seemed like it had been distorted. The walls were so low I could almost touch the ceiling, and the hall was wider than the door. Feeling good and bold, I led the way out of the hall and down three flights of stairs which felt flatter than a ramp.

We started going down the sidewalk a bit, and my roommate told me to look up at the stars, to which I said, "There's like 3," and continued walking. I took great interest in a tree that was backlit by a huge floodlight, and asked if I could hug the tree. I was told I couldn't and that we were heading back inside. When we got to the door, there were 2 RAs (college students that monitor and live in the halls) dressed up as Batman and Robin, and one of my drunk friends grabs me by the shoulder and says, "Hey look! It's Batman and Robin!" This sends me into an all-out panic mode, and I try to just pass them as calmly as possible. From my POV, I walk by them calmly and go up the stairs at a normal speed. From their POV, I sprint up the stairs while looking down at my feet. I wait for them to get to the third story, and while waiting, a hallmate who was Asian (not sure what nationality) passes and looks at me strangely. I shake my head and look away. I decide to just go back in since they're taking too long, and sit down on the ground next to my bed, taking a minute to calm down.

Soon, as I began to peak, the trip started to turn bad. My nausea worsened, I was sweating profusely, and it seemed like there was an intense pain in my bladder and lower abdomen. I continued looking at my phone and it seemed that every time I looked, the clock was stuck at 10:45pm. For some reason, this number stuck with me. My panic began to build since now I wasn't sure when it would end.

I decided to ask if we could turn the lights off and I would try to "sleep it off." This immediately made things worse once I layed down and closed my eyes, as they continued to talk and I began to experience minor visuals which confused me and disoriented me. I became extremely nauseous, fell off the bed and grabbed a trash can. I began retching, and from my point of view, I was vomiting profusely and continuously into the trash can, while my friends actually reported that I wasn't vomiting
from my point of view, I was vomiting profusely and continuously into the trash can, while my friends actually reported that I wasn't vomiting
at all. Looking back, there were small droplets of brown Coca-Cola and whiskey from mixed drinks all over the bag, and I must've confused these for my own vomit. I stayed hunched over the trash can for what was maybe an hour, but seemed infinitely longer to me. Every time I closed my eyes, I had vivid thoughts that seemed like they could replace my reality at any moment. These ranged from me actually just being locked in a dark room, gone completely insane, to being taken by police to a hospital talking to my parents on the phone. It seemed like I was cycling through infinite realities. As the extreme nausea subsided, my friends brought over another guy from the dorm I kept asking for (we can call him A), and he managed to calm me down, even though he just repeated exactly what my friends had been saying to me to try to calm me down. When A arrived, it felt like he had been there all night, but I knew this wasn't accurate.

My friends put on some Jimi Hendrix and other psychedelic music, and I just laid on the floor covered in a blanket. They took turns talking to me while everyone else kept drinking, and eventually, by about 12:30am, I was coming down off the trip. I asked one of my friends to come with me to take a piss, since I was afraid I'd fall and eat shit in the bathroom if I got dizzy. As I was taking a piss, it seemed like the stall door and walls were bouncing around me still, but I could stand and knew they were just visual hallucinations. After this, the trip died down and there was nothing more intense. Overall, a 50/50 experience, still haven't done any more psychedelics since, but I'd like to try acid in a more controlled dose and safer setting.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 114379
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Oct 18, 2020Views: 289
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Mushrooms (39) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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