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An Eventful Evening
by OnceDownTheRabbitHol
Citation:   OnceDownTheRabbitHol. "An Eventful Evening: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp114672)". Sep 16, 2020.

1 - 2 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  2 g oral Mushrooms (ground / crushed)


An Eventful Evening

Yesterday afternoon I had my first experience with magic mushrooms. Iíd been weighing it up for a long time, convincing myself that when the opportunity arose, Iíd take the plunge and see what I could learn from the experience. Along for the ride were two of my good friends who Iíve known since childhood (Iíll call them A and B). A has been going through a bit of a tough time recently, feeling dissatisfied with life in general. None of us had any previous psychedelic experience.
None of us had any previous psychedelic experience.

It was a glorious day, the sun was out and we sat around a barbecue in a very secluded garden, excited and a little nervous about what was to come. After a bit of food and a beer or two we decided to for it and grinded up 2 grams each of what I am told is Albino B+, dropped them into a glass of orange juice and knocked them back at around 3:45 pm. Iíll do my best to describe what happened below:

+15-30 mins:

A fair amount of apprehension knowing that I canít turn back. I try to play the Xbox with my friend but just canít bring myself to care about it and suggest going outside.

+45 mins-1 hour:

Anxiety is definitely building now. Weíre all sat around on the grass in the garden discussing whatís going on in each otherís heads. Itís agreed by all that none of us are feeling normal, and I personally feel like Iíve been hit by a train due to the heavy body high.

+1 hour 10 mins:

The first visual effects are coming on now, me and A are staring at the paved floor outside the back door of the house as it shrinks and expands. The anxiety is still there, Iím constantly having to remind myself that Iíve taken 2 grams of mushrooms and things are meant to be a bit strange.

B is messing with the jet wash, spraying water into the air and we all stand and watch as it creates a rainbow due to the sunlight shining through the water droplets. The feeling of the water touching my face is awesome and I feel like I could stand here for hours.

+1 hour 30 mins:

Things are getting very intense now and Iím starting to wonder if Iíve made a mistake. We aimlessly wonder around the garden throwing an orange inflatable ball to each other. A suggests lying on the trampoline so we jump on and stare at the tree tops and clouds. I cannot being myself to let go of the orange ball, almost diving off the trampoline if it got away from me. I feel like the ball is my anchor to reality.

Iím now at a point where Iím not sure whether to close my eyes or keep them open, I canít fix my mind on any thoughts and Iím seeing intense patterns in the sky. What feels like an eternity passes where I feel like Iím very close to losing touch with reality. I ask myself what I wanted to learn from the experience and what the mushrooms are willing to show me
I ask myself what I wanted to learn from the experience and what the mushrooms are willing to show me
and close my eyes. The closed eye visuals are insane, it feels like a river of fractals are gushing past my eyelids. These fractals form what appears to be a fox with a human arm pointing at me knowingly, almost a cheeky grin on his face. I took this crazy fox to be friendly, and felt like he was telling me to stop holding it back.

When I opened my eyes a huge rush of warmth came over me, almost as if something was giving me a hug while I leant my head on the orange ball. Things are getting very strange.

+1 hour 45 mins

The anxiety is gone, Iím off the trampoline and Iíve given the ball to A. The sunlight is an orange/yellow colour that I cannot describe in words and is absolutely taking my breath away. The grass is luminous green, the cup of water Iím drinking from is whiter than any white Iíve ever seen, and the sky is a shade of blue that nearly brings tears to my eyes. A is still on the trampoline, I beg him to get off and come see what Iím seeing. Myself and B are walking in circles, eyes to the sky in awe of the scenery surrounding us. I feel like Iíve been reborn with new eyes and the sense of child like wonder is one of the most incredible things Iíve ever experienced.

I receive a message from my girlfriend, a photo of my baby daughter laughing. I try to message back but the words are flying off my phone screen left and right, my daughters face is glowing with the insane orange sunlight and the clouds are racing at the speed of light above me. I tell A and B that this is the most insane thing Iíve ever seen.

+2 hours 15 mins:

Weíre all back on the trampoline, things have settled now and I hear A say that he now knows life is a huge joke. This resonates with me and we all come to the agreement that we shouldnít take life so seriously.

Weíre all looking at the clouds, I feel like Iím in an oil painting and Iím seeing intense fractals in groups of 3 in the cloud formations. The tree branches are the deepest shade of black while the leaves are a lovely pastel green. I am at peace with everything at this moment and canít believe how much beauty there is in staring at the evening sky.

+ 2 hours 45 mins:

Insanity mixed with increasing doses of reality. I say to B, over and over again that I feel like Iím in Alice of Wonderland. I look at A lying on the grass with a huge grin and feel like heís the Cheshire Cat and Iím Alice. Seconds later I realise how crazy this is and that Iím under the influence only for the feeling to return shortly after. Iím giggling like a child, the colours are still unbelievable but Iím aware that Iím past the strongest point.

+3 hours

Iím at a level of inner peace like Iíve never known. The moment feels perfect, the sun has started to set and the sky is an incredible mix of blue and red. The fractals have stopped but everything still looks like an oil painting.

+3 hours 30 mins:

After what feels like an eternity of trying, my friend rolls a joint. Iím not a big smoker at all but I take a couple of hits and start feeling pretty anxious again. I feel like the mushrooms are telling me not to bother with weed anymore. A decides heís hungry and eventually manages to order a takeaway.

+4 hours 30 mins:

The takeaway arrives and I realise Iím in no position to be around sober people. The delivery guy is short and plump, and as heís telling me about the benefits of ordering through the restaurants app I can see him shrinking and expanding. It takes every last bit of strength not to burst out laughing. B is in the toilet laughing to himself, looking in the mirror and saying he doesnít recognise the reflection and this guy needs to stop watching him piss. Iím in fits of giggles.

I try to wash up but get totally lost and end up in the sink with my hands in the water while I stare out of the window.

+5 hours:

Normality is rapidly returning. Weíre able to discuss the experience now, and all agree it was absolutely insane. Iím almost ready for bed, my body is incredibly tired but my eyes are wide awake.

+6 hours

Very introspective.
Very introspective.
I think about what Iíve learned and can see that life is hilarious. A tells me that he feels better about life which makes me feel great as Iíd hoped he would have a good experience. I canít shake the whole Alice in Wonderland/oil painting vibe and keep randomly laughing to myself about the insanity of whatís transpired over the past few hours.

All in all this was an absolutely incredible first time, I canít fathom how people take 5+ grams!

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114672
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Sep 16, 2020Views: 353
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Mushrooms (39) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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