Pretty Uncomfortable
Citation:   Chewy. "Pretty Uncomfortable: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp114791)". May 22, 2023.

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Mushrooms
  T+ 0:15 half g oral Mushrooms
Iíve taken acid once, vyvance once, DXM / pseudoephedrine cough syrup a few times, mushrooms twice now with about 2 grams left and waiting for the right time, and smoked weed innumerable times as well as a regular user of nicotine. Acid was by far my favorite.

1:00 AM: I prepare by getting a ton of water up to my bedroom. I mean like 3 trips back and forth of water cups to make sure I donít have to leave my room at any point. I take a gram of shrooms, figuring I probably would be ok with just a gram. My mindset is the usual, so somewhat depressed and negative but, itís more of a nihilistic depression.

1:15 AM: I take an estimated half gram more, figuring I might as well not waste them and at least get a decent trip out of it.

3:00 AM: Normally Iíd be getting to sleep within the next hour or two, so Iím starting to feel tired but obviously that isnít gonna happen. I already start to kind of regret taking them tonight as I start to feel the first effects.

3:30 AM: I start to really notice it. My bed is breathing, my ceiling (one of those weird textured ones) is now an ocean, and everything wooden in my room looks like itís flowing. I turn on the tv to take my mind off of the effects since Iím my opinion it came on a little stronger than I anticipated/liked.

4:30 AM: I already start to get kind of overwhelmed. Iím watching Solar Opposites, figuring it would be a good show to watch when youíre tripping. I could barely even follow what was happening and I had just gagged but couldnít puke. I was getting sick of the effects already, so I turned it off and tried (obviously to no avail) to get some sleep.

5:00 AM: It feels like hours have passed, Iíve been having closed eye visuals and Iíve felt nauseous for the last few hours but now itís all I can really focus on if Iím not in the realm of hallucinations. I just keep telling myself through deep breaths that itíll be over within a few hours and that I just took a drug.

5:30 AM: I roll over to check the clock, and I immediately try to go back to ďsleepĒ. At this point Iím peaking. Iíve been shivering for the last hour but Iím feeling way too hot. My heart rate feels really high. I try taking my blanket off but I immediately feel cold so I throw it back on. I went back and forth like this for a while. Iím hearing voices in my head, but none are mine.
I try taking my blanket off but I immediately feel cold so I throw it back on. I went back and forth like this for a while. Iím hearing voices in my head, but none are mine.
I canít really remember what it even sounds like and Iím too busy trying to listen to what theyíre saying to talk out loud. I hear a British guy saying something, followed by some really pissed off guy yelling at him about something, and another timid sounding one saying something too. Absolutely no clue what they were on about.

5:45: It feels like another hour or 2 has passed, but no, I roll over to check and itís been 15 minutes. I try to sleep again, and this weird bug thing is screaming at me in some demonic sounding alien language. Pretty scary but I still know Iím under the influence so Iím not phased by it.

6:00: Iím starting to come down and I still canít sleep. I have to go to the bathroom, so I get up and just like last time, the carpet is wiggling around like maggots. I now realize thereís no point in trying to sleep anymore, so I go on my phone for the next few hours and read about psychs, pretty much just about how they affect the brain. I still have some effects up until about 8 AM, but mainly just that odd pink/purple tinge to the black text Iím reading. I finally get some sleep at 8.

The next few days, I feel pretty damn tired and low but I have to say I feel less depressed than I had been. I usually am depressed, so this is a nice change for once. This whole time was very unpleasant.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114791
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: May 22, 2023Views: 1,001
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