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One Good Day and One Bad Day
Lactuca - L. virosa
Citation:   James. "One Good Day and One Bad Day: An Experience with Lactuca - L. virosa (exp114943)". Erowid.org. Nov 16, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114943

T+ 0:00
1 - 10 g oral Lactuca - L. virosa (tea)
  T+ 13:00   oral Coffee  
I found very little information on opium lettuce experiences/doses around the internet, and none of my friends had heard of it so I decided to give it a try. I've done a lot of Kratom in the past so I was looking for something less addictive while still being relaxing. Most of the reports I saw mentioned it being weaker then cannabis but still relaxing or just having no effect at all. Decided to purchase 100 grams from a local reliable supplier and try it out.

I tried it about five times with varying results, the final one being what led me to write this report. Dosages I tried ranged from having no effects (1g), mild sedation (3g), anxiety (5g), and hallucination (10g, this report will focus on this.)

Every time the substance was prepared as a tea which was let to steep for 15 minutes in boiling water, before being strained. The lettuce itself was dried Lactuca - L. virosa which I got from a reputable source. My final experience is as follows.

To preface this, I was having quite a normal day. I'd gotten a lot of work done and wanted to relax at night. I took this dose while in my house while watching some videos.

9pm: Probably somewhere around a month after purchasing it, I'd done it 4 times with barely any results. I decided to try it one more time. I went to read some reports and saw one someone taking 30g and having a nice relaxing time. I decided to do a much more 'moderate' 10gs and put it in my tea. I let it steep for 15 minutes and drank it. It tasted very bitter.

10:30pm: Noticeable effects, I feel very tired and relaxed.

12:30am: Vision is blurred, overwhelmingly tired. Decided to go to bed.

1am: Laying in bed, same effects but moderate visual hallucinations. My blankets are "folding" into themselves which looks cool. At this point I went to sleep.

Unfortunately, the experience did not end there.

10am: I wake up, I feel very strange. Everything looks a bit "incorrect." I decide to drink my morning coffee, attributing it to the lettuce still making me feel tired. Worst case scenario I'm just a bit sleepy today.

11am: Horrible headache starts. I try to do some work but its not happening. I suspected a migraine (which I do get occasionally) but this was different.

From 11am - 1:30pm I layed around in my bed, feeling quite bad.

2pm-8pm: Terrible nausea and body temperature fluctuation. Everything still looks "off" in my vision. I puke multiple times while having a horrible headache. Symptoms sometimes fully go away for a few minutes and I feel fine, only for them to come back worse shortly after. Unable to look at my phone screen without puking. I drank a significant amount of water during this period hoping it would help which it didn't. Spent these six hours laying in complete darkness, which did not help but did not make it worse.

9pm: Nausea goes away. I get out of bed and do some research. I found a case report on Wild Lettuce Toxicity where exactly this happened to some kids who were all admitted to the hospital and kept for 48 hours with similar symptoms to mine. Also found a report of this happening to a guy where the symptoms lasted 48 hours for him.

12pm: The current time as of writing this post. Still have a horrible headache and no desire to eat, but symptoms have decreased to the point where I can look at my computer/watch some videos. Funnily enough despite being someone who has smoked cigarettes for years, I've felt no desire to smoke the entire day. I did anyway just to make sure that wasn't causing any of the symptoms. Another side not is that the anxiety caused by lower doses (5gs) was not present at this higher dose.

Overall I would only personally recommend this as a sleep aid at low doses (1-3g.) My experience was a result of my own poor decision making skills, and I do not blame the substance itself for what happened. Hopefully this information can help someone else in the future.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114943
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Nov 16, 2020Views: 2,740
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