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The Greatest Gift I've Ever Been Given
Mushrooms & Meditation
by Jake
Citation:   Jake. "The Greatest Gift I've Ever Been Given: An Experience with Mushrooms & Meditation (exp115496)". Jun 17, 2021.

2.5 g oral Mushrooms


I will not detail my entire trip, only the most prominent feature of it. I do think it is important to state that while I was coming up on the trip, I did 20 minutes of informal yoga/stretching. I also meditated several times during the trip before this happened. I am not an “experienced meditator” nor do I subscribe to a religious belief, but over the last 8 years or so, I’ve found myself making time to meditate at least 4 or 5 days a week. I believe this to be important because the dosage I took was not very strong compared to my previous trips
the dosage I took was not very strong compared to my previous trips
. The visual and physical effects were not very pronounced. However, the experience I had was incredibly potent. I intuitively believe that the mushroom alone did not unlock this experience, but that combined with the mild mediation practice I’ve engaged in, it synergized into something much bigger.

2 hours after eating 2.5g of p cubensis, I went to my room and put on headphones to listen to psychedelic trance music (the artist is Ott). The synths immediately triggered something in my brain - the ride was about to begin. Something completely took me over – my entire body, essence, was captured by something. The center of my forehead (what some people call “the third eye”) began to pulsate with an electrical feeling. This pulsating seemed to connect to the tip of my nose.

I was told I need to “move down” somehow. Then I was “moved down” – while laying on my bed, I felt like a force was pushing me down, backwards, and to the right. It almost felt like I was on a conveyor belt of sorts. The impression I received was “the only way we can work on you is if you go down here first”. I somehow connected this to my brainwave state- if my brainwaves were slower, this experience would be accessible. I have no clue if this is actually true, it’s only what I felt was true at the moment.

With the aide of the music pumping in my ears, I was “shown” something. I can't even say what it is, other than brilliantly bright white + gold. Almost like a cloud or a reflection. No pretty geometry, no flowers, no fractals, just brightness. But for some reason, it was literally the most incredible and beautiful and unfathomable thing I could ever experience. I honestly began to cry. I was like an infant -- I was being exposed to lights and sounds and things but had ZERO ABILITY to comprehend them. Just raw experience, no brain or model or prediction or judgement. Pure unfiltered awe. I wish I could describe it.

I felt a connection running from the base of my spine and out through the center of my forehead. It felt like I was either uploading or downloading information into something very far away. This transit system seemed old, almost crude. Like a very old system of tunnels. It seemed like a slow way to transmit information, but time seemed like something that this network had plenty of, so speed wasn’t an issue. I was pulsing with these signals. The impression I got was that I was being worked on and healed in ways I can not understand.

Something wanted me to know that there is more about humans that I don’t understand and it wanted me to know more about my own body and self. It tried to teach me about what was going on in the center of my forehead. I couldn’t completely understand, but I know this was vastly intelligent and more importantly, generous.

The overwhelming emotion was that of generosity.
The overwhelming emotion was that of generosity.
This is a gift, an incredible gift, that requires no retribution. I don’t know who the gift is from but it feels like it’s from the mushroom itself.

After this extreme epiphany, things calmed down for a bit. I did more meditating, and cried several times remembering what I was given. It was the kindest gift I could ever receive. I’ve never knew generosity or love on that level could exist. We simply don’t know what’s out there or what’s going on outside our little human existences. All I know is that I don’t know much, and that I’m very grateful for the mushroom, and my friends who got them to me.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115496
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Jun 17, 2021Views: 277
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